Inflatable Lunar Tiger

Canterbury Bankstown Council in New South Wales geared up to launch their most exciting post-covid event yet! Since local businesses have always been the backbone of the region, the council has made it their focus on helping its businesses reach success using its own marketing strategies; this time they did it with the help of an inflatable lunar tiger. Business needs these days are so multifaceted, it’s a blessing having a local council like this who can create opportunities to boost brand awareness and bring further interest from local and abroad.

Detailed Down to the Whisker

So many people around the world are familiar with the sound of drums and cymbals with elaborate dancing dragon costumes to celebrate China’s rich history and culture. Chinese New Year celebrations are so widespread that no matter what country you’re in, you will find one just around the corner.

Canterbury Bankstown Council was looking for a catchy inflatable lunar tiger that was family friendly, with a strong impression, and a good sense of fun and culture to pull all people into the event to participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations with them.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we strive to meet every requirement of our client and help them in every way that we can in order for them to meet their goals. We explored each and every aspect of every proposed design to tailor fit it to the needs of our clients, offering more than what they need when possible. 

Seeing that the needs were again very unique, our imaginations got very stirred. Our design team immediately started working on the design concepts of the inflatable lunar tiger. We then presented several concepts for the client to choose from to stand as a symbol for the year of the tiger (2022). These had several variations in terms of overall design.

We also made the concepts to be something that they could easily set up and pack down as it was used in multiple sites that had specific dates running the Chinese New Year event.  Something that had safety within its concepts, catering to an event for families. Something catchy in terms of size, shape, and colour, that will serve as a marketing strategy to engage with the wider audience.

A Courageous Design

Inflatable Lunar Tiger 3D Concept

We finalised on the plain tiger design (3-meter height x 6-meter length) to mimic a walking tiger in the grounds.  Retaining the natural colour of the tiger, it’s stripes and its white chest. Adding in all the necessary facial features including the teeth, ears, claws, and its tail, making it as detailed as possible with a full surface print. Making sure that the material (100% PVC) that was used was durable to withstand a constant internalised blower, extreme weather conditions by securing the inflatable lunar tiger to retain its shape and size and have enough rings to ensure maximum security.

Making Something Fierce

Completing the manufacturing process within a short span of time can create some demanding situations. For us, it meant that on top of working to meet an aggressive schedule, we also had to get all the paperwork and the approved specifications sorted out in the most efficient manner and delegate responsibilities in a timely way. Our experience in the industry allowed us to work with utmost efficiency making the best out of a very limited number of days adding more extra efforts to finalise everything before the Christmas closure.

Releasing the Tiger

We managed to deliver the inflatable lunar tiger nearly two weeks ahead of their first scheduled event in Bankstown. All ran smoothly considering the short time frame, with the client having plenty of time to practice setting up, practice installing the unit, test it, and pack it down, before the event. Thankfully our team had managed to stay on track all throughout and we were able to meet Canterbury Bankstown Council’s every expectation.

As the event started, the tiger caught the attention of everyone given its massive size, colour and design. A lot of people wanted to get their photos taken with the inflatable lunar tiger, especially the kids who would stare up with amazement. Some kids were a little overwhelmed by the tiger at first, but sharing in the excitement eventually became irresistible. Overall it was a fun day for everyone, thanks to our big and friendly Chinese Tiger.

Inflatable Lunar Tiger In Use

We were stoked when Canterbury Bankstown Council came back to us, sharing about their successful event. For them, it is very important to impact the lives of other people positively, in every way they possibly can. And this was exactly what we want to achieve for our clients, ensuring many happy memories are made from our work.

If you're looking for a custom inflatable, we can help. Whether you have a very specific design in mind, or if you need some guidance, we have the experience to make you something that will be a sure-fire hit at your next event. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

And to all our Chinese families, Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Oxfam Inflatable Charity Arch

The sense of accomplishment and pride after you’ve played well in a race, for example, is exhilarating. How much better would you feel knowing not only did you trek 100 kilometres, but you got through it as a team, all to help fight against the injustices that lead to poverty? Oxfam commissioned an inflatable charity arch to signify this great feat of physical endurance and philanthropy.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we love that our units simultaneously help businesses grow and keep communities engaged. When our efforts also contribute to fantastic causes aimed at bettering Aussies’ lives, well, there’s just no higher honour! We got right to work on the inflatable charity arch.

Preparing for a Journey

Inflatable Charity Arch Artwork

The client wanted something eye-catching yet simple for this unit. Given its purpose, the inflatable needed to be humble, yet it also needed to stand out as the branded goal post it was meant to be. As with almost all our arches, another vital element was creating a designated space to advertise sponsorships that could be changed out as needed. In this case, however, we came across 2 novel requests: that the sponsors get to directly approve the artwork and that the banners wrap all the way around the legs of the inflatable charity arch for peak visibility. 

Initially, the client planned on purchasing 3 of these structures to use for the different Trailwalker events throughout Australia. But as the endurance event had grown quite a bit in popularity, and because they could snag a decent deal from bulk ordering, they decided to purchase an inflatable charity arch for each of the 8 Australian states and territories.

A Solid Foundation

In our experience, there are 2 solutions in fabric choice that stand way above the rest, and that’s why we offer them. Polyvinyl chloride and polyester possess many similar qualities, but based on other factors like expected weather conditions (good luck predicting that in Australia) and functionality needs for the unit, usually it’s pretty obvious which option dominates. 

For this inflatable charity arch that measured 5 metres internal width by 3 metres up to the angled curve, 2 needs rose to the top of the priority list. First of all, the unit needed to be very durable, since each 1 was to be reused annually. To fulfil this same purpose, it also needed to be lightweight and portable. Though polyester can fit both, the polymer is a bit too flexible for what the client desired, so we went with PVC. A big benefit to using an angled arch is that it also allows you to tie down the inflatable from more direct points, adding to its durability.

Obviously, the most solid option, welding PVC panels together, would not work because the inflatable charity arch is way too big to hold compressed air within itself. We decided to construct the unit by sewing 100% PVC panels, which regulates air flow and allows a constant blower to maintain the unit’s shape very well.

Mark the Trail

The arch itself only needed to match the main colour of the not for profit’s branding, which just so happened to be a standard shade of the material. The real work came down to creating the sponsorship banners, which again, we both had to improvise and we had to receive sponsor approval before printing. 

Inflatable Charity Arch Testing

The banners only needed to be white in this case, so the material for them had to be the option that is very easily and clearly printed on: polyester. However, we also take the time to make sure our work exceeds expectations from the top, down on every project we take part in. Therefore, we used the four colour process method, or CMYK, which can result in a much clearer print job. As opposed to spot colour, which uses plates to gradually build up a colour by layering, CMYK lays down the hues all at the same time. 

Though some spot colours come premixed and can match more precisely with branding, a four colour process is the only option that can be used on a digital printer, on which it can achieve just about any shade. To modify the sponsorship banners, instead of Velcro patches on the inflatable charity arch, we placed strips of it around the edge of the fabric, so you can wrap the banner around the legs and secure them to the adjacent Velcro on the unit.

Achieving the Impossible

Inflatable Charity Arch In Action

There were a few hold ups on this project that were quite inconvenient. However, because these Oxfam Trailwalker events were spread out over dates and locations around Australia, the client didn’t have an immediate need for all 8 inflatable charity arches. We were able to rush out 2 of them to the local area of Melbourne, and take our time completing the rest. The client must be very happy with the units we provided, because they are still used to this day!

If you want to enhance your event collaborating with people who will match your enthusiasm, look no further than our team of professionals at Inflatable Anything.

Strike Bowling Inflatable Slip and Slide

Imagine being a prospective University student. You’re attending an Open Days event to familiarise yourself with all the resources that might make up your home away from home for the next 4 years. Just when you start to feel overwhelmed, you see it: an inflatable slip and slide. Indulging in the exhilarating activity is just enough to take the edge off and start to fully embrace the next stage of your life.

Providing this kind of relief from the daily stressors of life is exactly what the marketing strategy for Strike Bowling set to focus on, and they requested the inflatable slip and slide to predominately advertise their franchise to University students.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we take pride in establishing relationships between consumers and businesses in all its forms, but especially close to our hearts is helping to provide a little something extra to make the ebbs and flows of University life a bit easier to manage. We were absolutely thrilled with the concept, and could not wait to get started on this project!

Writing Up the Outline

Inflatable Slip and Slide Original Sketch

Advertising bowling venues throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia probably conjures up a pretty straightforward idea. However, the client wanted the brand activation inflatable to be a bit more targeted to students and a bit more adrenaline-inducing. Instead of just plain, outright bowling, the plan was to effectively use your own body as a bowling ball, launch yourself down the 10 metres long and 3 metres wide inflatable slip and slide, and knock down as many of the 1 metre pins as possible.

We have made quite a few inflatables in the past that could be considered a bit more interactive than most. We knew that a big part of executing this inflatable slip and slide correctly was by paying very close attention to safety. For example, the last thing we would want is for these students to slide down the unit and develop a rash or worse from their skin coming in contact with an irritating material.

Working On the Fine Details

Inflatable Slip and Slide 2D Artwork

The client has fairly straightforward and uncomplicated branding anyway, but on top of that, for these Open Days events, there were different avenues for advertising the 10 pin bowling alley (+++).  The unit was to be mostly in black, with proper pin placement and logo in white. Since the detail wasn’t necessarily of utmost importance on this project, we went ahead and used surface printing on the inflatable slip and slide.

In this technique, an image is transferred onto a fabric from the flat surface of a stone or metal.  Usually the material passes through several rolls of ink, each layering down different colours, but in this case, it was only black. As opposed to other printing techniques that create patterns by etching designs into the plate, typically this one allows for raised areas to allow the ink to deposit everywhere but the elevated design.

Throw In a Little Elbow Grease

Again, safety was very high on our minds. Not only did we want to make sure students wouldn’t get burns sliding against the polymer, but we also wanted to make sure they didn’t barrel right off of the inflatable slip and slide and into a bike rack or lecture hall. Another safety consideration was after all those different bodies launching themselves down the unit, being able to clean the unit in between activations.

First of all, to address that second concern, it was easy to build up a little barrier around the edge. Both of the options we provide for material on our projects, polyester and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), provide great details to a unit, like weather-resistance and durability. Though very much comparable, on the latter feature, PVC does have a slight advantage. Overall, the material can basically be hard plastic. Meanwhile, though polyester can hold complex shapes better, it still has a bit of flexibility to it. Largely because it has that hardness to it, polyvinyl chloride can also be very easily washed and, surprisingly, the material is lightweight enough to be carried around from campus to campus.

To fit all these requirements plus to ensure the inflatable slip and slide was cushioned against any hindrances on the ground underneath, we ultimately constructed this unit using a .6 millimetres thick roll of 100% PVC.

The Fruits of Your Labour

Just as with our other projects, we meticulously ran this inflatable slip and slide through our manufacturing process and quality control before shipping it out to the client. It seems to have been very well received, because Strike Bowling has used the unit several times thereafter and the business is still going strong!

We love bringing ideas to life, especially when they’re so tailored to an audience. Let our team of professionals help you reach yours!

UNE Inflatable Spider Tent

This job can still surprise us every now and then even after all these years, especially when we are tasked with creating an inflatable spider tent!

A client we’ve worked with quite a few times over the years, the University of New England in New South Wales, was after the tent to use at university open days and other events meant to inform students of the resources available to them on campus and in the area. Not only is the institution persistent about finding new ways to positively engage with the student body, but their student services department had also recently gone through a rebrand and anxiously anticipated establishing the new association.

Each time we work with this client, it brings us back to our own university days when we were just starting out on our own, that was both the best and most terrifying time of our young adult lives. We could not wait to get started on this challenging inflatable spider tent!

Planning Out the Future

Inflatable Spider Tent 2D Concept

This unit was meant to be like an informational booth. Obviously, it’s an inflatable spider tent, but by ‘spidered,’ they implied an inflatable that could be thought of as 2 separate pieces on top of each other. The first piece would act as a four-footed frame that stretched out like a spider. The second, a tarp-like outer layer displaying the department’s new branding efforts, with detachable walls. The somewhat novel detail of this inflatable spider tent was the awning lip the client requested be on the front entrance, giving the structure the same look of an igloo or snow hut. 

Here at Inflatable Anything, we quite enjoy taking on brand new ideas and unfamiliar tasks for our inflatable units. We couldn’t wait to create the structure, add in the lip, and recreate the support service’s logo and colours to the best of our ability, all in support of a fantastic cause!

A New Home Base

When creating this inflatable spider tent, we had to decide with the client which material would best serve their purposes out of our 2, top quality choices. Both polyester and polyvinyl chloride have quite similar qualities, but depending on what the bespoke and custom inflatable is to be used for, 1 polymer can rise to the top. 

Inflatable Spider Tent 3D Mockup

For this specific inflatable spider tent, the most important quality was PVC’s durability, needed in different ways for both the outer layer and the spidered frame. The first outer layer piece needed to be durable enough to block out sound, sun, and other outside congestion. The frame piece, on the other hand, required this material because it needed to be good, solid, and sturdy. The last thing the university needs is for the inflatable spider tent to entice students in with the promise of help adjusting to student life, just for the structure to collapse in on them.

A Whole New Design

Since this inflatable spider tent called for the use of such a hard material, there was only 1 way to transfer the new branding onto the structure. While the older method of screen printing does a great job quality-wise, especially when it comes to colour matching, only a digital printer can replicate an image on the polyvinyl chloride panels.

Digital printers use CMYK (or cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black) ink to achieve different shades of colour, all laid down at the same time-also known as full colour. Though the colour matching system can come up with a lot of great hues, it actually doesn’t have the ability to get them quite as specific as the standardized Pantone matching system. Luckily, the branding colours were perfectly attainable using CMYK four-colour process anyway.

The Big Reveal

Inflatable Spider Tent Testing

Approving the artwork took no time at all since the University of New England already had the more professional looking, brand new logo already drawn out and planned. The production, quality control protocols, and preparation for shipment from Melbourne to New South Wales went along smoothly, and before we knew it, the client was already getting back to us about the event turnout. The unveiling of the rebrand went over very well, and the university was very pleased with the solutions we came up with for the inflatable spider tent.

Helping fellow businesses and institutions provide services to the communities they serve is near and dear to our hearts; it’s what ultimately propels us to continue after nearly 2 decades of business. With all that experience under our belt, we’d love to see you try to throw us off of our game with your bespoke project. Call us today!

Trail Running SA - Inflatable Running Event Arch

One of the easiest ways to create and bring together a community is by emphasising the special interests its members have in common. To promote the cause at one of their events, the not for profit Trail Running South Australia commissioned an inflatable running event arch.

Starting in 2014, this independent and 100% volunteer organisation decided to create a space for trail running enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Since really hitting their stride with the community, running events have become much more frequent, up to weekly occurrences all throughout the Australian state.

We here at Inflatable Anything are passionate about bringing people and the entities meant to help them closer together in every capacity, but we especially love supporting smaller community organisations. We were thrilled to provide the client with only our very best marketing solutions for their inflatable running event arch!

Perfect Running Schedule

Inflatable Running Event Arch Artwork

As with smaller, community-focused events like Trail Running SA, the 3 metres tall by 4 metres wide unit was meant to be above all else humble and promotional of local businesses. To achieve both, this inflatable running event arch was to be as close to a dark green colour as possible-listed as PMS 569c—and unadorned besides Velcro, for detachable sponsorship banners.

To add more stability to the structure due to it having more points from which to secure the inflatable running event arch, we also constructed it to be more angular through the top bar, as opposed to a simple squared off arch. This also gives it a nicer, more interesting look.

Something to Look Forward to

The client specifically requested the inflatable running event arch to be as close to a certain shade of green as we could, to match their established branding. Though most of our work is achieved on a digital printer, which only uses four colour process printing or full colour, we are still able to use the same colour matching system the client was hoping for.

In this standardised system developed in the 1960s, called Pantone, exact colours are easier to be copied and replicated across different mediums. Instead of being laid down all at once, these Pantone inks are applied to a material in layers, so a hue can be custom adjusted to match with the reference materials as closely as possible. This ability is typically what a business wants for their logo, but again, it can’t be achieved on a digital printer. Since the event organisers’ budget solely comes from sponsorships and other community donations, the better branding option won out anyway, but primarily because it is way less expensive to print both the banners and the unit itself this way using spot colour.

A Solid Foundation to Build Upon

Here at Inflatable Anything, we strive to provide our clients with only the very best solutions in the industry for their units. When it comes to constructing our inflatables, the 2 materials we offer are top notch. Both polyvinyl chloride and polyester are extremely durable, resistant to most extreme weather conditions, and lightweight, but typically 1 rises above the other based on the needs of the particular project. 

For this inflatable running event arch, PVC was the superior choice. Though the above 2 qualities are true for both, this polymer possesses them slightly more. Since it comes in different levels of rigidity, PVC can basically be selected with the correct amount of durability depending on what you want. As for weather-resistance, the material is actually fully waterproof and UV resistant. On top of that, in case of muddy conditions, it is also very easy to clean.

Finally Hitting the Trail

Inflatable Running Event Arch

Even with design approval, construction, quality control, and shipping from Melbourne to South Australia, we still made pretty decent time on this inflatable running event arch. The clients were quite happy with everything Inflatable Anything was able to achieve in the timeframe of the deadline. In fact, they must have enjoyed working with us as much as we did them. With the financial generosity provided by sponsors and community members, they keep coming back to us every time the same green arch needs new detachable banners for an event, or they need some other kind of promotional product. 

We have truly loved what we’ve done to support fellow businesses for the past 15 years, and every single project we take part in deepens that passion. Our team of experienced professionals can’t wait to see what we can do to help you and your community. Call today!

Specsavers Inflatable Cricket Balls

To engage crowds both in a direct and indirect way, some leagues break up the main matches by putting on games for fans to participate in. Twenty3 Group hoped to do the same at stadium cricket games while also advertising their client’s service, so they commissioned inflatable cricket balls.

For this particular game, they planned to have participants on 2 teams try to get their ball to the opposite end of the ground before the other team.

We here at Inflatable Anything have partnered with these marketers’ clients on previous brand activations, and we have always been thrilled with the results. We could not wait to collaborate again on these inflatable cricket balls!

Friendly, Fun Concept

The plan for these units was quite simple and familiar. The balls were really just meant to be large replicas with the client’s logo centred on each side, however unlike past similar projects the shapes were to be completely smoothed over, with no hindrances, for example, like D rings. The replicas were meant to function as big sports balls that would be reused over and over for different instances for interactive, energising games.

In this game, participants were to roll and pass the inflatable cricket balls down the stadium pitch as fast as they could. Therefore to ensure fairness, the perfectly round shape for each sealed off inflatable was quite imperative.

Bringing the Balls to Life

Inflatable Cricket Balls Testing

The 2 balls the client commissioned were to have a straightforward design. The cricket balls themselves were to measure 2.5 metres in diameter and would mostly be plain white, which luckily was a standard and easily-obtained colour of the constructing material. On the surface of these inflatable cricket balls was to be stitching consistent with the real deals, which barely took effort. The part we really had to focus on in this project was the logo.

With Specsavers' artwork in hand, and outfitted with top of the line equipment at our factory, all we had to do was feed the image into our computer assisted design software, on which we were able to modify and size up or size down the image as needed. We could also from there estimate the dimensions that would best serve this project.

In our business, we always use our expertise to ensure every client receives the very best solutions for their unit anyway, but it’s especially important when a good chunk of your marketing strategy comes from connecting a brand or logo with a desire in consumer’s minds. We used a full print, meaning laying down the whole branding and image at once. Since we can only achieve that method on a digital printer, that zeroed in on other options too, like using the four process CMYK inks. Thankfully this matching method works quite well for most logos.

A Secure Foundation

Since the inflatable cricket balls had to be able to last at least through a few rounds of games, one of our top priorities was durability. However, the functionality of needing to be able to move it around freely sealed the deal on material selection.

Polyester and PVC are both surprisingly durable on their own. The latter can be both manipulated in a way that makes it even stronger and ensures convenience, though. Welding polyvinyl chloride panels together can be thought of as heating plastic, letting it melt, and allowing 2 ends of the material of the inflatable cricket balls to dry and deeply bond together on a molecular level. By welding the panels together, because of PVC’s tensile strength, the air held within the inflatable will stay put for at least a few hours without risk of deflating. To further directly serve this project, PVC is also very lightweight and portable, and the polymer holds onto a round shape perfectly.

Putting Them to the Test

Inflatable Cricket Balls In Action

The deadline for these inflatable cricket balls was already extremely tight from the beginning, so while the project went from design approval to quality control in a flash, we still had to send out the units on an express same day delivery service. While we don’t typically have to rush out products quite so soon, it was a nice and exciting change for us to go from construction straight to receiving images of the inflatables in action.

We here at Inflatable Anything have been passionate about assisting businesses in creating memorable experiences for their prospective customers the past 15 years, and that zeal just intensifies with each new project. Contact our team of professionals today!

P&O Inflatable Helium Baloon

Imagine you have travelled all the way to the southeast coast of China to attend a travel-centered event. You are already a bit off kilter by being so far away from home and being thrust into this brand new culture. Your car slows down in front of a gorgeous hotel, and you lay your eyes on it: a huge inflatable helium balloon.

The international event was hosted by a British travel agency at the Sheraton Grand Macao on the “Las Vegas of Asia” Cotai strip in Macau. Australia’s P&O Cruises knew they had to ensure their marketing strategy for the occasion was just as impressive. 

We here at Inflatable Anything love meeting the challenge of enhancing any event into something exciting and memorable, and we really could not wait to try to match this inflatable helium balloon with the grandeur of the locale!

Mapping the Strip 

The client wanted to have a brand activation of sorts. The plan was to create a 30 kilogram, plain white inflatable helium balloon with a branded banner secured to the end of it. Overall, it was simple enough. Though we had no previous experience creating this kind of unit, it basically followed the same formula we are accustomed to—a sealed off inflatable prop.  The greatest obstacle we faced on this project was actually waiting on and replicating the artwork for the 5.2 metres high by 6 metres wide banner.

Big City Lights

Again, the balloon part of this inflatable was just a standard white, so the only artwork we had to worry about was printing the client’s branding onto the banner. After we received the file, we entered it into our computer-assisted designing software to superimpose the image to fit the dimensions of the banner.

We make it a point to only offer our very best solutions from start to finish on all of our projects, and when it comes to printing logos, both Pantone and four colour process inks do an excellent job at colour matching. However, only the latter can actually be used on a digital printer, which ultimately provides the best print since the method has the ability to lay down inks all at the same time. This results in an aesthetically pleasing and perfectly vivid image to represent your business

Inflatable Helium Balloon Rises to the Occasion

As mentioned, this larger-than-life, 6 metres high inflatable helium balloon very closely resembled a bespoke and custom product we have frequently made over the last 15 years. Out of the 2 best-solution materials we offer, polyvinyl chloride is the more durable option because the polymer is very similar to plastic.

The material can be manipulated with direct heat to weld together panels, adding even more oomph to the inflatable helium balloon’s durability. This mechanical strength allows PVC to hold the supplied air in place well enough that it does not require a constant blower to stay upright. The most upkeep the inflatable requires during an event is a quick top off of air, or in this case helium, every few hours if it starts to deflate a bit.

As far as this time consuming banner goes, the material that best holds a print is polyester. In this case it was especially important because it was the only part of the inflatable helium balloon with the cruise line’s branding on it. The polymer also, while a bit more flexible than polyvinyl chloride overall, retains its shape really well and can easily resist things like fading, puckering, or wrinkling.

I Want to Get Away!

Inflatable Helium Balloon Testing

Waiting on the artwork from the client definitely pushed us back a bit, which was mostly worrying in this case because not only did we have to produce the unit and send it through quality control and other protocols, but the deadline absolutely had to be met to ensure that the inflatable helium balloon would catch its international flight to Macau.

Luckily, the structure made it just in time for the trip, and when it got to the venue, we’d already arranged for assistance in installing the unit, using locally sourced helium we helped advise on so they would not have to pay for international shipping of that too. We tried our hardest, and we hope P&O Cruises appreciated just how much effort we put toward trying to relieve some of their stress.

We absolutely love a good challenge here at Inflatable Anything, and we can’t wait to see what ideas you have in store for us! Contact our team of experienced professionals today.

John Oxley Volkswagen - Double Leg Inflatable Arch

Imagine you are just driving along with no urgent destination in mind. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a double leg inflatable arch. By itself, it probably wouldn’t even phase you because it isn’t as if these kinds of inflatables are that uncommon. However, you notice this arch happens to be quite wide and now your interest is piqued.

This scenario is exactly what John Oxley Volkswagen in New South Wales was hoping to facilitate when they ordered a double leg inflatable arch for promotional events and sales. Inflatable Anything is always more than happy to help out fellow businesses draw a crowd, and boy did this inflatable definitely do just that! We were ecstatic to get started!

What’s the Plan, Stan?

Double Leg Inflatable Arch 2D Artwork

For this double leg inflatable arch, the client wanted a fairly simple design: a light blue arch, the company’s name printed along the top bar, and places on the legs to attach Velcro banners corresponding with their sponsors. 

Our business has made many units exactly like this over the past 15 years, but there is 1 huge difference. A pretty standard height for arches has been 2.5 metres internally, but the client also requested that this double leg inflatable arch have 7 metres of space from leg to leg, enough room for 2 cars to pass through at once. Luckily, we knew the best solutions to achieve that right off the bat!

To achieve an arch with enough stability to accommodate this kind of request, we can create an arch with both 2 legs on each side instead of just 1, and we can make it more angular at the top. This will not only give it a more interesting shape overall, but it also means the rope used to tie down the double leg inflatable arch can be anchored from more points.

Refining the Look

Many businesses do end up going the more humble route when it comes to designing their inflatables to fit their branding as down to Earth and approachable, and the client wanted the same for this double leg inflatable arch. The main body was to be 1 single, simple and inviting colour: light blue. 

Again, we’ve made such units in the past many times and we knew exactly what we had to do, but the most challenging part of creating this double leg inflatable arch was getting the detachable Velcro banners just right. It’s 1 thing to get the client’s business logo up to par, but there is some extra pressure when it’s several logos of several businesses and entities. 

For these banners, we used a full surface print to achieve a crisp image that is printed out all at once. This is the solution we use as a standard when it comes to logos that need to be a bit more precise. 

The Makings of a Masterpiece

Double Leg Inflatable Arch Testing

For all of our units, we tend to go with 1 of 2 materials, polyester or polyvinyl chloride. Several considerations, such as weather conditions and functionality, go into deciding which polymer is best, but the sheer size of this double leg inflatable arch was also a big factor. Since it had so much space to cover, it really needed to be solid beyond just being stable enough. The more durable option is PVC, but that’s not the only reason we chose it for this project.

PVC has some great qualities to it, such as being lightweight and being resistant to most chemicals. Though this material has the ability to be manipulated in  a special way that polyester simply can’t, that method would not serve the client at all. So instead, we sewed the PVC panels together, which helps to control the flow of compressed air inside inflatables. 

Since these events and sales were unlikely to only last a few hours, going with a method that required a constant blower was also way more convenient anyway. 

The Big Reveal!

The design was quite straight forward and our years of experience ensured a smooth manufacturing process, so all that was left was making sure the unit was safe and effective through our thorough quality control protocols and to ship it off to New South Wales. John Oxley Volkswagen received the arch with plenty of time to figure out how to properly set it up in only 10 minutes, and they were quite happy with the solutions we provided them.

The next time you are looking to draw in some interest for your next event, consider contacting Inflatable Anything. We guarantee we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations!

Inflatable Milo Mugs

To add a bit more family friendly entertainment to a sports game, many times a league or event organisers will host short games spectators can play in between the match itself. From a business standpoint, it is meant to engage the audience more directly. Nestlé wanted to take advantage of this strategy during Australian Football League matches with inflatable Milo mugs.

We’d actually previously worked with this client before on another brand activation, and we were thrilled to be asked to help them again!

The Game Plan

For this game, the event organisers wanted to have participants “make a cup of Milo”, combining a giant milk jug with a tin of Milo in a branded mug, and stir it together.  These AFL matches were going to take place all throughout the different states of Australia, starting in Sydney. Therefore, in total, the client wanted 10 of these things.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we have almost two decades worth of experience with all sorts of inflatables. Although we have created our fair share of large replicas, mugs were a bit of a new challenge for us. Bring it on!

Mapping Out the Plays

Inflatable Milo Mugs Artwork

Since we had worked with this client before, we already had all their branding files on hand, so it was just a matter of feeding it into our computer-assisted designing software and projecting it to fit the desired 90 centimetres high by 75 centimetres inflatable Milo mugs. Then we had to decide how best to print the logo and colours onto the fabric. As with all the business logos we’ve been tasked with recreating over the years, the quality of this label was of utmost importance for us because we knew accuracy would really help spectators make the association between the brand and the positive experience they had.

Typically, because of this regard, we offer our highest quality solutions, starting with the colour matching method and inks. Whereas CMYK can achieve a wide range of colours by layering cyan, magenta, yellow, and black over each other, it isn’t quite as precise as Pantone. This former method already has a standardised collection of shades and hues, and it’s added to constantly. 

The second part of the process, obviously, is actually printing onto the fabric. For these inflatable Milo mugs, we used a full print, meaning the printer laid down all the ink at the same time.  This is quite beneficial for a logo and branding for 2 reasons. Firstly, laying all the ink down at once leads to a more vibrant result. Secondly, this allows you to print an entire image, so a logo would appear uniform without a mismatch across seams.

Fine Tuning the Strategy

Now that we knew which inks and printing method would work best for the client’s needs, we had to choose between our 2 best-quality fabrics for constructing these inflatable Milo mugs: polyester or polyvinyl chloride. Both have very similar and very important qualities, so the decision really falls down to which polymer best supports what the inflatable is intended for. 

These events and these inflatable Milo mugs called for polyester. The deciding factors ultimately were the ability to retain its shape, its ultraviolet resistance, the ease with which you can wash it, and its portability. That last one is especially important for any unit planned on being moved from state to state, reused over and over again.

We chose not to use PVC largely because of the print quality, and that meant we could not use a sealed off inflatable. The next best thing was sewn polyester panels that allow air to smoothly flow through the unit. Instead of being pumped full of compressed air and left for hours or somehow lugging both the inflatable and an external blower onto the field when we were ready to host the game, we opted to include a constant blower inside the inflatable Milo mugs themselves. This would have the added bonus of eliminating all the distraction of a noisy external blower.

Let’s Go!

Inflatable Milo Mugs In Action

We were put on a fairly tight deadline for this project, considering the amount of inflatable Milo mugs the client desired. Luckily, Nestlé only needed 3 of the inflatables for the first match in Sydney, so we definitely had time to focus on the quality of the final 7.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we are stoked to be able to help our fellow Aussie businesses provide their audiences with a fun and memorable experience. Contact our team of dedicated professionals today!

Lynx Inflatable Sports Marquee

What in the world does The Red Cross have to do with a men’s grooming brand? Basically nothing, but the 2 decided to partner up anyway. The latter was quite popular with a younger crowd, so the former was hoping to capitalise on that while promoting the brand’s new line of products. They commissioned an inflatable sports marquee from Inflatable Anything for use during an upcoming blood drive event, which would act as a tent for people to relax in while waiting to make sure they didn’t react negatively to donating blood.

The overall marketing message behind this activation “Love is in the Blood” focused on performing loving acts, in this case such as 85,000 Aussies donating blood that could help save 10,000 lives. This mission especially made us feel honoured to be a part of this project, and we couldn’t wait to get started!

Planning It Out

Lynx Australia wanted this inflatable sports marquee to resemble some of the inflatable cubes we’ve created in the past, with a pillowed texture on the outside and 2 windows, both to allow for air to pass through the inside and outside (respectively) of the unit. This is especially important for inflatable sports marquees.

Since these units are fairly enclosed, the air that circulates inside them tends to get very hot very quickly, which isn’t good for the people walking in and out of the inflatable. On top of this, we also made the door into the unit quite large at 2 metres high and 2.5 metres wide, as well as including fans in the interior space during operation to help cool down the structure.

Applying the Dressing

Inflatable Sports Marquee Artwork

The client insisted on an interesting design complementing their branding that wrapped all along the outside of the inflatable sports marquee, which they graciously provided themselves. Once we have the artwork for a unit, we feed it into our computer-aided design software to superimpose it onto a model that helps guide us through the production process.

As far as printing went, our standard is a digital printer, on which we typically try to discern through conversation which colour matching methods/inks would best serve our clients’ vision. Since this was a professional, custom-made design, we opted for the very best solutions to achieve the best optics. We went with a full surface print for the external panels of this inflatable sports marquee, which requires having the material ready to be printed on all at once, as to avoid any gaps in the image itself (such as 2 sides of a seam that don’t line up).  

Ironing Out the Foundation

Inflatable Sports Marquee Inside
Inside the recovery tent

As with some of our other units we’ve created in the past, this inflatable sports marquee can be thought of as 2 different parts. The actual inflatable cube had to be sturdy especially for safety concerns, but it was also way too big—at 3 metres high by 5 metres wide by 5 metres long—to last on anything other than an external constant blower. Besides, trapping air in a welded structure made from insulating material would just add to the overall heat inside the unit.

We decided the best solution would be sewn polyester panels, which have the ability to regulate compressed air flow really well. This polymer also adds some other great benefits to inflatables, such as a somewhat flexible yet durable shape, UV resistance for outdoor events, and ease of washing in case of any mishaps.

The base of the inflatable sports marquee, on the other hand, wasn’t as imperative to safety standards, or at least not in the same way. Though we could have constructed the entire marquee in the same way without too much worry, we decided it would be best to install a more solid base for the bottom of the unit. This would make absolutely sure that it would hold steady for the duration of these donor’s relaxation and monitoring periods.

Special Delivery!

Inflatable Sports Marquee In Action

We already had an extremely tight deadline for this inflatable sports marquee, and with all the extra considerations for the project, we had to work a bit of magic to meet the deadline. We made it though! Instead of the usual 2 to 3 weeks required for shipping, we ensured same day delivery of the unit from Melbourne to Sydney. We’re glad we made it happen, too, because the grooming brand was absolutely stoked about everything we were able to achieve in that short period of time. Another satisfied customer pushes us to work even harder to provide ace support to fellow Aussie businesses.

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