Inflatable Michelin Tyre

Our team at Inflatable Anything always gets excited when we receive a request for a product replica because these inflatables are usually fun, creative, and challenging to do! Over the years we have designed and created diverse product replica inflatables. Each one has brought its own challenges and given us the opportunity to satisfy the custom requirements of our clients. 

When Imprint Promotional Merchandise approached us to create a product replica inflatable of a Michelin tyre, we knew we had an enormous task on our hands – but one that we felt confident to take-on. Our client was on-selling the product replica inflatable to Michelin as a way for them to promote their most popular range of heavy machinery tyres at tradeshows and events throughout Australia. 

Rolling Out 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre Artwork

The initial starting point for this project was an image of a real-life tyre which we translated into a 2-D artwork. This is usually the first point in the process that we use to integrate the custom requirements of a client, which here included drawing up a design element that made it possible for onlookers to view the interior of the tyre. 

This added detail would provide a discussion point between the salesperson and a prospective customer at an event or promotion. This kind of engagement around a product is exactly why product replica inflatables are so popular today and why our clients keep coming back to us for more. 

Dressing Up 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre 3D

In most of our product replica inflatable projects, we create a 3-D model before manufacturing begins. Unique dimensions and shape of the product can be viewed and assessed from all angles, and the client has an opportunity to refine details. 

In this case, the client was also specific that the colour of the product replica inflatable should perfectly match that of the original tyre. That is when we rely on a process of colour sampling to ensure consistency. It is easy to think of a tyre as a uniform black colour, but in fact there are lots of textures and details that need to be taken into consideration. These include the tyre tread patterns, the brand logo, and the name of the tyre. 

At Inflatable Anything, we pride ourselves on paying attention to these finer details. They contribute towards our vision to breathe life into a product replica inflatable that will always exceed a client’s expectations.

Rounding Off

To get a circular-shaped product to hold its shape when it is inflated is no easy task. Over the years we have gained experience with how different inflatable shapes behave so we have some nifty tricks up our sleeves. 

For this product replica inflatable, we placed “pull points” on the inside to maintain its flat-surface shape, otherwise it would have behaved more like a donut – which is not good for appearances or functionality in any tyre business! The inflatable was manufactured with three concentric rings that “pull” the shape into a flat surface, offering a much more realistic replication of the giant tyre. 

Packing a Punch

One of the reasons why product replica inflatables are so popular nowadays is that they offer an easier and more cost-effective alternative to transporting a real-life product to a promotional event, especially in the case of products that are either supersized and heavy, or fragile and awkward to handle. 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre in Action

The lightweight product replica inflatable that we created for our client of a supersized tyre that is normally used by heavy machinery was most certainly a better option for them. They wanted to take the product replica to business and promotional events across Australia. Being able to set up the inflatable in less than 10 minutes means that our client can spend more time doing what they came to do at an event – which is to promote their product. 

Up to Speed

No matter the shape or size of the product you are looking to promote, we are ready to start a conversation with you about your ideal product replica inflatable. At Inflatable Anything we believe that when imagination, ingenuity, quality materials and solid manufacturing processes are brought together, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Contact our friendly team to get the process started today!

Inflatable Batting Tunnel

Customised inflatable batting tunnels are super engaging and one of the best investments to make in sports marketing today. Ipswich Vigoro’s attention had already been captured by several online images of batting nets before they approached us to create something unique and eye-catching for them.

They wanted an inflatable batting tunnel that would promote their sport by getting people actively involved at carnivals and promotion days to be held in Queensland, Australia. 

Making wishes come true

After initial discussions to get as much detail as possible about a client’s concept, the usual next step in our process of creating a custom inflatable is the design and artwork. Ipswich Vigoro was able to give us an image of an inflatable batting tunnel they had seen on the internet as an initial starting point, as well as some hand-drawn sketches. 

This illustrated wish-list was useful in identifying some of the most important customisable details of their inflatable batting tunnel, including their ideas for a cap-shaped awning, a cricket-themed end wall and drop-down target wall, as well as the preferred positioning of their name and logo. From these preliminary images we were able to create a 3-D model that showed the full dimensions of the 3m wide, 2.7m high and 6m deep tunnel. 

Inflatable Batting Net 3D Artwork

As the client wanted their inflatable batting tunnel to reflect their brand-specific colours of red, white and green, we also used 3-D modelling to assign these colours to various parts of the structure. 

Going with the flow

Unlike inflatables that are used for decoration and show, an inflatable batting net or tunnel has more interactive purposes. For this reason, we needed to ensure that the client’s inflatable batting tunnel would stand securely, hold its shape well, and that the materials used were robust enough to handle the activity. 

An inflatable batting tunnel is a focused game space. A participant stands at the entrance facing into the tunnel towards the drop-down target wall. They use a club or bat to hit a ball towards the target wall, aiming to get the ball into the holes that are visible. If the ball goes through a hole, it drops down behind the target wall where it is retrieved and returned to the player. 

Inflatable Batting Net Wall

An important consideration in the design of this inflatable batting tunnel was health and safety. Since the inflatable would be set up in an outdoor space, and participants would be active inside it, the sides of the tunnel were made of mesh netting to allow proper air flow.

Mix and Match

One of our top priorities at Inflatable Anything is to respect our client’s budget and offer ways for them to maximise the value of their custom inflatable. In this case, by printing the company name and logo onto removable banners that attach to the main structure with Velcro, we offered our client the opportunity for extended use of their inflatable. Even if Ipswich Vigoro were changed in the future, they would still be able to use their inflatable batting tunnel for grabbing the attention of participants at events. This was also the motivation for a detachable target wall, making it easy for our client to print and attach newly themed ones to match the needs of future events. 

Up to speed

We have plenty of quality checks built-in throughout the design and manufacturing process, but the final quality control always takes place when the completed inflatable is set up at our facilities for the first time and we can breathe a sigh of relief as it ticks all the boxes. One of the boxes we like our inflatables to tick is ease of use and speed of set up. 

Inflatable Batting Net Test

This lightweight inflatable batting tunnel made us all smile when we were able to set it up in 10 minutes because we know that when a client is setting up for a promotional event, the last thing they need is something that is heavy, clumsy, and takes forever to install! 

Gear Up Your Game

Inflatable Batting Net In Action

Eye-catching and engaging products like an inflatable batting tunnel are perfect for sports promotion and marketing. They can be fully customised to reflect branding titles, logos, colours, and images ensuring that your company stands head and shoulders above the rest. Give us a call and let’s get cracking on creating your ideal sporting inflatable. 

Inflatable Coil Replica

Here at Inflatable Anything, we understand that marketing involves grabbing and holding the attention of passers-by. That is why so many customers return to us for the design and manufacture of their business productional inflatables.

That is also why we were excited when Vinidex, a leader in the manufacturing and supply of advanced pipe systems and solutions in Australia, approached us to bring their idea for a business productional inflatable to life.

Vinidex aims to connect water and energy to people in Australia. When they decided to take part in a trade show for advertising purposes, they had the idea to display one of their massive piping coils on the back of a truck. These coils average a width of 2.2m with an outside diameter of 4.9 m. Imagine the effort involved in getting a coil of that size and weight into the back of a truck!

Replicating Reality

Business Production Inflatable - Actual Product
Photo of the actual product we replicated

That’s where Inflatable Anything entered the scene. Based on our skills and years of experience, it was easy for us to offer our services in designing and manufacturing the business productional inflatable that would replicate the exact dimensions and appearance of the real-life coil, but without the weight and added effort involved. 

Our initial discussions with the client made it apparent that they were expecting nothing less than perfection in how the inflatable coil was to be replicated. From scale and proportion to colours and design, our task was to ensure that the business productional inflatable captured everything about the real-life coil down to the last detail. 

This was a challenge in perfection that our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle, and we offered our client two methods of quality-control before proceeding with the manufacture of the business productional inflatable – a print sample for colour matching, and a 3-D model for consistency in shape and dimension.  

Matching Expectations

Business Production Inflatable Concept
The concept we were provided

Vinidex was very particular about the yellow trim on the piping being replicated, so no further action was taken on our part until they were completely satisfied that the yellow on the print sample exactly matched the yellow on the real-life coil. 

After that, we were able to use a photograph of the coil as well as a design concept supplied by the client to create a 3-D model for the business productional inflatable. The design concept showed the exact measurements of the coil as well as how it would be positioned in a scoop on the back of a truck, which provided us with the necessary detail to satisfy our client’s requirement for precision. 

Sizing Up

Business Production Inflatable 3D
3D Mock Up

Once we were all satisfied with the print sample and 3-D model for the business productional inflatable, we moved onto the manufacturing process. Despite the large dimensions of the inflatable replica, this was a standard part of the process for us. As our name suggests, we are committed to making any inflatable you can imagine. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured bespoke inflatables on both small- and large-scales for a diversity of events and purposes. From sports tunnels to stage props, we have brought inflatables in all shapes and sizes to life.

Although we do have our prior experience to rely on, we never take any aspect in the process of creating a custom inflatable for granted. Our team will always go the extra mile to double-check all the details. That’s why we were both nervous and excited to get the 4.9m high business productional inflatable set up for the first time to test how it would hold its circular shape and maintain its appearance as the real thing!

Business Production Inflatable In Action

Seeing the smile on the face of our client standing beside their supersized business productional inflatable was proof enough that we had met their requirements. We were pleased to have offered a much easier way for them to promote the value of their company. Taking 5 minutes to set up this life-like inflatable certainly seems less effort than heaving the massive real-life pipe coil onto the back of a truck!

Adding Value

Whether you have an idea for a custom inflatable that is big or small, our team at Inflatable Anything love to work according to precision requirements. A business productional inflatable is an ingenious way to draw attention to your brand and to add value to any promotional event. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your idea in more detail.

Cancer Council: Inflatable Sunflower

Half-time shows at rugby games have become an excellent way for companies to grab the attention of spectators for a few minutes and promote their brand or their involvement in a special event. This is what Cancer Council Queensland wanted to do when they were invited to be part of the half-time show for a rugby match at the Suncorp Stadium, a local sporting arena in Queensland, Australia. What better way to promote a fundraising event for Daffodil Day than to bring a giant inflatable sunflower out onto the field to enthuse the crowds and encourage them to pledge money to the Cancer Council cause. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

As always, before our team at Inflatable Anything starts any work on the design and manufacture process, we spend a good deal of time in consultation with a client to ensure we completely understand their requirements. We believe that custom inflatables have unlimited possibilities. We also believe that every custom inflatable we make should be 100% unique and suit the individual purposes of a client. 

Inflatable Sunflower Artwork

These preliminary discussions between a client and the Inflatable Anything team are how we get to the heart of a concept ensuring that the final inflatable will bring together quality in design, material, manufacture, and visual impact. 

Moving Mountains

Making over-sized replicas of familiar objects has become one of our specialities. The client in this case added a twist by asking us to build a custom cart for the inflatable sunflower that was powered by batteries and could be wheeled out at half-time. Since most of the inflatables we have created in the past have been static, this was a first-time request for us but one that we felt confident to pull off successfully.

In the end, apart from delivering a 4m high inflatable sunflower to our client, we also delivered a custom cart with integrated car batteries, power inverter and everything else required to turn their bespoke inflatable into a mobile display. This also satisfied the client’s need to reuse the inflatable sunflower as a photo opportunity for people at future fundraising events. It pleases us immensely to offer our client ways to maximize the use of their inflatable without breaking their budget. 

Adaptable Artwork

The Cancer Council supplied several concept photos which we used to do the artwork and 3-D modelling. These included an image of a previously created inflatable daffodil on a stem. The client did not want their inflatable flower to stand upright in this way, so the artwork depicted only the flower with its base flat on the ground. We always use detailed artwork together with a 3-D model in cases where creating an inflatable is not based on a standard shape, giving us the option to refine the design.

Problem Solving Under Pressure

Inflatable Sunflower Test

Years of experience in an industry gives any company the advantage in terms of delivering reliable and high-quality products. But risk is never completely mitigated – especially when you are involved in creating bespoke and custom inflatables. In this case, the size of the finished inflatable sunflower meant that the individual petals, which measured nearly 4m each, were not able to stand upright on their own accord which had been the client’s original intention. This was only realised once the product had been manufactured and set up for the first time since it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy what a custom inflatable will do under pressure. This was certainly not a problem that our team had ever encountered before. 

However, tackling problems quickly and creatively, and coming up with practical solutions for our clients, is something that we are often called upon to do. Once again, the Inflatable Anything team rose to the challenge and designed a reasonable solution by attaching ropes between the main part of the flower and each petal.  

We suggested to the client that they use transparent fishing-line to make the ropes less apparent, but they were satisfied with using plain white rope. So, despite a few unforeseen challenges, the inflatable sunflower finally found its place at the Suncorp Stadium.

Causing a Stir

Inflatable Sunflower In Action

Supersized inflatable replicas are bound to draw the attention of a crowd and will give any company the opportunity to promote their brand at a special event. We have gained plenty of experience with finding innovative ways to keep large inflatables safe and stable – even under pressure. When you are next looking to promote or raise funds for your good cause, get in touch with us. We guarantee an inflatable replica that will cause a stir. 

Giants Netball Arch

When you are a professional netball team like the Giants of New South Wales, then making a grand entrance in front of the crowds is not something to be taken lightly. As we were also making their inflatable balls for crowd entertainment, Netball NSW also turned to us for a self-standing inflatable arch, trusting that our years of experience with creating custom inflatables would give them the eye-catching entrance they were looking for to start their netball games.  

After initial discussions with our client to determine what they had in mind, and where and how they imagined seeing their bespoke inflatable come to life, it was agreed that a customised inflatable arch that could be used for both indoor and outdoor sporting events was the best option. 

Streaks Ahead

The T-frame used in the design of this self-standing inflatable arch is already well tried-and-tested, which gave our team the chance to show-off their refined skills in standard design and manufacturing processes. Since we are known for creating custom inflatables that breathe life into any brand, Netball NSW felt confident to add a dash of flair and excitement to their project brief by requesting two additional elements for their self-standing inflatable arch: a run-through banner and a removable banner.

Self-Standing Inflatable Arch Artwork

The run-through banner essentially functions as a curtain hanging down from the top of the inflatable arch with a slit down the middle through which team members can run. It was important for the banner to offer no obstacles or risks to the players running through so its edges were sewn to the arch rather than being attached by means of Velcro or zips. The banner was the same striking orange as the rest of the inflatable arch and printed on both sides with an extra-sized NSW logo filling for spectacular effect.

The 3m high by 4m wide dimensions of this self-standing inflatable arch also ensured that the Giants had plenty of space to run through the banner and onto the playing field to fire-up their supporters. 

Signs of Success

As requested by the client, the full surface of the Netball NSW self-standing inflatable arch was printed in their brand-specific orange colour. Matching the colour of an inflatable product to a client’s signature colour is something we pride ourselves on, which is why we used colour samples in this project to ensure consistency between the arch and the Giant's branding.  

Self-Standing Inflatable Arch Test

At Inflatable Anything, printing the entire surface of an inflatable has become second nature for us, as is adding custom logos and text to ensure the visibility of client branding. In this instance, the logos were printed onto removable banners and attached to the legs of the inflatable arch with Velcro. This provides our client with the option to change the branding in the future, which can become a requirement when different sponsors need to be represented. 

Our success as a business lies in paying attention to details like this, using inventive solutions to deliver custom inflatables that are versatile and robust. 

Standing the Test of Time

In the design and manufacture of bespoke inflatables that do not have a standard shape or design to fall back on, we usually create a 3-D model in addition to the 2-D artwork. As we were using an inflatable arch as the base structure in this project, it was only necessary to draw up 2-D artwork to ensure that the dimensions, trimmings, and colours of the custom inflatable met the client’s requirements as well as our own standards of delivery. 

One advantage of any integrated T-leg archway design is the stability. The self-standing inflatable arch takes this stability a step further by attaching to the ground by means of a single rope that connects to a D-ring on one side of the arch. This simple mechanism always keeps the arch in contact with the ground. In just over 10 minutes, our client can set up this reliable self-standing inflatable arch and have it ready to use as an impressive entranceway adding excitement and prestige to any of their sporting events.  

Rising to the Challenge

We have years of experience customising inflatable arches to meet the branding, promotional and entertainment needs of our clients. Self-standing inflatable arches are excellent for use at both indoor and outdoor events, offering ease of use, stability, and reliability. Give us a call to discuss your next design- even if you think your idea is off the wall! Our team at Inflatable Anything would love to have another opportunity to live up to their name. 

Inflatable Entry Archway

Moonlight Cinema has been one of our customers for several years now. This year Aussie Home Loans was the new sponsor for the event, and they wanted us to create a fully printed custom inflatable entry archway that would align their branding with the regular Moonlight Cinema event.  

Our team at Inflatable Anything is always up for a challenge when it comes to creating bespoke inflatables, but every so often we also enjoy working on a brief that is more conventional in design and manufacture. The standard T-frame used for the Aussie Home Loans inflatable entry archway and the uniform colouring in their branding made it super simple for us to deliver a quality product within the required budget and timeframe. 

Pure and Simple

The full surface of the Aussie Home Loans inflatable entry archway was printed in their unique purple colour. When it comes to branding, matching the colour of an inflatable product to a client’s signature colour is critically important. We used colour samples to perfectly match the inflatable entry archway with the Aussie Home Loan’s Pantone colour. 

When we are asked to print the entire surface of an inflatable for any client, then adding logos or text poses no problem at all. Such was the case for this project which meant that adding the welcoming words ‘Enjoy the movie!’ across the top of the arch, and the company’s logo on both the front and back of each leg of the arch, didn’t slow down our production time at all. 

Back to Basics

We have successfully manufactured so many inflatable arches over the years, and the design is so standard, that it is no longer necessary for us to create a 3-D model before manufacture. A 2-D artwork is sufficient to ensure that the dimensions and design meet the client’s requirements and our own standards of delivery.

Congestion is certainly not what any client would want at a public event, so we designed the final inflatable entry archway to be approximately 3m high by 5m wide ensuring that there was plenty of space for groups of people to walk through at the same time. The integrated T-legs also increased the stability of the arch - which is another important consideration for an inflatable arch that is being used at an outside event with large groups of people moving through. 

Inflatable Entry Archway Tested

We pride ourselves on offering quick and easy ways for our clients to set up their custom inflatable products. Another advantage of the integrated T-legs in this design is that they provide added stability to the structure, making it safer and easier to secure. While ropes are an additional cost, they are still required to ensure the arch is prepared for any potential changes in weather conditions and/or unexpected events.

Like so many of our other inflatables, this inflatable entry archway can be set up in less than 15 minutes – leaving more time for the Moonlight Cinema events team to focus on improving the cinema experience for their guests!

Walk This Way

Inflatable Entry Archway Close Up

The simple overall structure of the inflatable entry archway does not mean that our team paid less attention to detail. The use of text on any inflatable with promotional or branding purposes is meant to engage and inspire onlookers. The printed wording on the inflatable entry archway needed to be crisp, bold - and most important of all, aligned! 

The logos printed on both sides of the two legs also needed to be aligned with each other and sized for visibility. We took the execution of these details in our stride, creating a simple but striking archway that would welcome and impress the avid moonlight-cinema goers! 

Get Ready to Promote Your Brand 

Inflatable Entry Archway In Action

At Inflatable Anything, we believe that the creativity coupled with an innovative design process is the key to the quality of inflatable products. Whether the custom inflatable you are looking to have designed is large or small, elaborate or simple, we can’t wait to hear about it. We will use our years of experience to make sound recommendations ensuring that the product you receive suits your purpose and matches your creative requirements. If you are looking to promote your brand and wow the crowds with a bespoke inflatable entry archway, contact us today! 

Genie Bottle Inflatable Theatre Prop

Imagine being able to have your ultimate wish for a magical inflatable theatre prop come true? That is what ‘Wish’, a group acting under LACT Holdings, received when they approached us at Inflatable Anything to create an interactive Genie Bottle with walls for use at various shows and children’s parties throughout South Australia.

Bringing our client’s ideas to life in custom and bespoke inflatables is our primary intention, and we believe the only obstacle to our success in this is the limit of our imagination. The Genie Bottle with walls project offered our team at Inflatable Anything a creative challenge as the client was only able to supply a single photo of a bottle as inspiration for the artwork. 

On first appearances, the client’s request seemed simple, but it required some imaginative design and manufacturing processes from our side. As is the case with all the projects we tackle, the Inflatable Anything team was ready to provide a bespoke inflatable theatre prop within the budget and on time, and one that would delight participants at our client’s shows and children’s parties. 

Imagining the Impossible

Replicating the inflatable theatre prop from an image required a process of conceptualising and designing the custom shape from scratch. The image supplied by the client showed a solid bottle, without a tunnel or extra walls.  It was up to our team at Inflatable Anything to integrate the appearance of the genie bottle with the client’s wishes for an inflatable theatre prop that children could walk through. A 3-D model was created to ensure consistency in appearance and establish the manufacturing requirements. 

Inflatable Theatre Prop 3D with Colour

We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail, so the 3-D model showed an elaborate bottle neck with a sophisticated stopper to capture the features associated with a Genie Bottle. When our team was satisfied that the model represented the client’s image and initial brief, and the dimensions were suitable for an interactive inflatable, we set to work on manufacturing. 

Staging the Possibilities

An important consideration in the design of any prop being used for travelling shows is that it is lightweight and quick to set up, but still sturdy. This is especially true for props that are handled regularly, as was going to be the case with this inflatable theatre prop. It was critical for us to meet this need by making the right recommendation for materials and construction methods. 

Our years of experience creating inflatable stage props with diverse materials meant that we could quickly come up with a viable solution. We were pleased to produce an inflatable theatre prop with compact design and integrated blower making it possible for our client to set up in less than 15 minutes! Getting the show on the road and bringing magic to children around South Australia is now that much easier for our client to do. 

Revealing the Magic

Inflatable Theatre Prop Test Run

The first inflation of the product is always an exciting time for us. It is when we see what we have imagined and designed come to life – and whether it will stand the combined tests of pressure and gravity! The inflated Genie Bottle did not disappoint us – or our client. 

In alignment with our design, the 4m high structure has the appearance of a bottle and functions as a tunnel, with one door at either end. The 1.8m high doors are attached to the main structure with Velcro, making them fully detachable. The bottle appears solid when the doors are attached and transforms into a tunnel when the doors are removed.

The purple, teal and gold colours of the bottle in our client’s original photo were replicated in the inflatable theatre prop to once again capture the magic associated with a genie bottle. The walls on the outside of the bottle, measuring 2.4m high by 2.4m wide, were purposefully left unprinted to maximize the special lighting effects that our client wanted to use during performances. 

This unique feature of the design allowed LED lighting to illuminate the inflatable theatre prop from the inside. By leaving the walls white we were able to ensure that when the lights were adjusted during a show, this would be visible to the spectators, creating an atmosphere of dazzling delight. 

Inflatable Theatre Prop LED Wall

Freeing the Genie

Satisfying our customers with bespoke inflatables is more than a job – it is our passion. The Genie Bottle with walls project offered our Inflatable Anything team a challenge that they couldn’t wait to tackle. If you are in the business of travelling shows, then give us a call – we look forward to creating your next inflatable theatre prop within your budget and time frame.

Inflatable Entrance Arch: 4X Gold

We were excited beyond words when Lion Co, one of the country’s leading food and beverage companies who is most well-known for their XXXX beer range, contacted us with a golden opportunity to promote none other than their XXXX gold product, with a unique inflatable entrance arch. What were the chances! 

Besides the popular XXXX beers, Lion Co. also marketed premium brands in other categories, ranging from non-alcoholic beverages such as dairy, juice, and soy milk, to cider, wine, spirits, and alcoholic-ready-to-drinks beverages. If there were a jack of all trades in the food and beverage industry, Lion Co. was no doubt a name to be associated with the term. 

How a Great Inflatable Entrance Arch Began

We sat down with the client and talked about the advertising strategy they had in mind and how Inflatable Anything could make an excellent contribution to the effort. Lion Co. wanted an inflatable entrance arch to use in the Tamworth Country Music Festival, placed right at the entryway to welcome the crowd to the event. 

In this project, having years of experience creating custom inflatables for many clients played to our great advantage. Our portfolio of inflatable arches was given to the client to allow them to visualise the work we have done previously. From the pictures provided, the client pointed out features they would like to be included in their own inflatable entrance arch, which guided our perspective through the design process. 

Creativity in Action

Inflatable Entrance Arch Artwork

Our creative team poured their imagination and innovation into the 2D drawings, inspired by the client’s vision while noting their preferences for the inflatable entrance arch. The unit had an internal width of 2 m and internal height of 2.4 m, which was quite small compared to the regular entrance arch, but this feature was requested by the client. As they wanted a modest walkway into the Tamworth Country Music Festival, we were all too happy to comply.

Another feature of the inflatable entrance arch that set it apart was the customized 3D shape at the top of the archway. The truly unique feature of the unit was an ingenious strategy to make the product branding stand out. After we matched the color of the archway with the raw logo the client provided for our perusal, the artwork was then sent to the client. We didn’t forget to include the position of the banners and their designs, as well as placement of the metal D rings required to secure the unit.

The client signed off on the 2D mockups without a hitch, thanks to our attention to detail which made certain that the design was created according to their specifications. Without much ado, we moved on to the production stage, very much impatient to see how the initial design would translate into the final product.

A Gold Arch for a Gold Product

The manufacturing process began with the printing of colour samples to ensure we had the distinct shade of XXXX Gold right, then we proceeded with the printing of the material. In this stage of the inflatable entrance arch production, we needed to print the logo at the top of the archway. We faced some difficulties as the logo was curved around the face of the sphere, but we successfully navigated our way through the challenge with the help of our previous experiences and persistence. 

Inflatable Entrance Arch

Lion Co. had plans to reuse the inflatable entrance arch for other events after the Tamworth Country Music Festival, a fact we accounted for in the creation of the arch. The banners were made with Velcro backing which meant they could be removed and replaced accordingly, should the sponsorships change in the future. The client would only need to order new banners to adjust, and not allocate cost to purchase a new inflatable.

Prior to its delivery to New South Wales, Australia, the unit underwent thorough quality control procedures and met all the standards set by our team.

A Brighter Tamworth Country Music Festival

Inflatable Entrance Arch Test

With the blower tube and blower that were delivered with the inflatable entrance arch, the client only needed 5 minutes to set the unit up. No time to waste at all! They especially applauded our success in printing the XXXX Gold logo and the flawless execution of the unique shape of the design. But it wasn’t only our team and the client who were delighted with the result. The people who came to the festival walked under the spectacular archway and spent their evening in a blast—listening to good music with a cold 4X Gold beer in hand.

Have a Design in Mind?

Contact us today to have an inflatable uniquely tailored to your idea!

Sony Xperia Event Arch

Sense Group Australia is an industry-leading design and event management agency that has experience working with notable brands such as YouTube, Google, Amazon, and Uber. When they landed a contract with the technological company Sony to market and advertise their newest product, Sony Xperia, Sense Group Australia specifically chose Inflatable Anything to work with them and create a visually stunning inflatable that would deliver their message brilliantly. The magnificent custom event arch they commissioned from us was to be used across Australia, in festivals of various kinds. 

Not only were we honoured to be trusted with the responsibility, but we were also thrilled about the opportunity to bring the client’s vision to life! Arches were one of the inflatables we had the most experience in designing and manufacturing, and we couldn’t wait to get started with our next custom event arch.

Coming Up with The Concept

Before we started drawing up any designs for the custom event arch, we made sure to align our priorities with what Sense Group Australia was looking for. Since communication was crucial in this stage of the process, our team discussed and brainstormed ideas together with the client’s representatives to see what kind of arch would suit their needs best. In one of these productive meetings, the client conveyed the specific idea they had in mind: they wanted the custom event arch to project a clear statement to all visitors of the festivals. Such important detail could never be overlooked, so we noted it down and incorporated it into the design process. 

Making a Statement with the Artwork

Custom Event Arch 2D Artwork

What better way to make a statement than with a custom event arch so grand in size that it simply couldn’t be ignored? The arch’s internal width of 7 m and internal height of 5 m made it bigger than what we usually worked with, though with our years of experience in inflatable production, dealing with the large dimensions proved not to be much of a challenge. In the 2D mock-ups our team sent to the client, we included details of the sizing. 

Another way to catch the attention of the crowd of onlookers was to choose an arch colour that pops out—in our case, we followed the client’s request to have a custom event arch with a yellow base colour and black writing. The elegant dark writing was emphasised by the light background colour and helped achieve the client’s goal of delivering their message to the target audience. Much to our delight, the 2D drawings were exactly what the client envisioned for the unit and we obtained their approval in no time.  

The Creation of the Arch

Our manufacturing team received the final approved design, and they made certain every detail was correct before starting the production process. The material for the custom event arch itself was yellow PVC, a better option in terms of durability than having a white base PVC which is then printed yellow. In the latter scenario, the arch would have an increased risk of wear and tear as the print could get scratched off in the long term. Considering the arch was going to be used in several festivals, we wanted the unit to withstand the test of time. 

To further make the arch long-lasting, the writings at the top of the archway and on the legs of the arch were painted onto the base PVC material with a stencil. Other than complying with the client’s requests for the designs, we also kept in mind the purpose of the arch throughout the production process. 

Upon completion of the printing, cutting, and sewing process, we completed quality control testing before delivering the final unit to the client.

Festival Day with the Custom Event Arch

Custom Event Arch in Action

The custom event arch was an absolute big hit with Sense Group! As with all our products, the unit came with a blower and user manual, which made the setup process quick and easy. It only took 5 minutes of inflation time, along with time to secure the event arch with some ropes, for the client to be free to wander off and enjoy the festival. There was no need to worry about the inflatable losing air, either, since the arch blower was constantly running and regulating the air flow. This means that the custom event arch would look just as great at the end of the day as it did at the beginning of the festival. 

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Kraken Rum: Inflatable Character

Based in Sydney, Flying Ruby Events are an event production and brand activation agency and they came to us at  Inflatable Anything with a very unusual brief – to create an enormous and lifelike inflatable character.

Flying Ruby Events create bespoke events for their clients and pride themselves on their attention to detail. Having this commitment in common was what made them come to us in the first place, because they knew we shared the same passion for making sure every last detail was perfect.

The kraken was to form the centrepiece for the launch of a new release from Kraken Rum. It was the feature mascot on their rum label, so it was crucial to bring together the brand with the kraken and was to be suspended in a net from the ceiling in pubs and clubs throughout the launch.

The challenge for us was to come up with a kraken that had a real ‘wow’ factor but with very little information to go on and a highly complex inflatable character to create, we certainly had their work cut out for us.

From Myth to Reality

Working from a grainy photograph, our designers at Inflatable Anything got to work right away and had to use all their expertise and knowledge to come up with an exceptional design for the client.

Not only was it a question of getting the inflatable character as anatomically accurate as possible, but it was also necessary to have space for the branding of the product on it too. 

Inflatable Character 3D

It needed to have real impact and this was something we made sure was an absolute priority throughout the production process.

It was one of the company’s most complicated inflatable characters to date, due to the fact that it was a very detailed design and there were lots of seams required throughout. At four meters in length, it was also very big!

As an additional technical feature to factor in, we had to design a kraken that didn’t need the blower to be attached permanently. This was to make sure the product gave maximum visual impact and was to be incorporated into the design without detracting from the overall look. 

Making sure the client was happy with the design was crucial and so getting their approval for the initial design was the first hurdle. Having overcome this, we now had to make the design into a reality.

Bringing the Inflatable Character to Life

Inflatable Character with Artwork

Once the overall design had been approved, it was a question of getting the artwork of the inflatable character absolutely perfect. The brand colours were monochrome, so the stark contrast between the black and white helped to create a real sense of drama to the inflatable character.

Knowing the inflatable character was to be the focal point for the brand launch, which took place in three states over the course of three weeks, it added an element of pressure for us to get this done in a timely fashion. They wanted to create something truly special to fit in with the dramatic and impactful theme of the brand activation. 

We certainly rose to the challenge, perfecting every last detail of the inflatable character from the complexity of the body, to incorporating the branding into the design and making sure the overall look fulfilled the client’s brief.

Release the Kraken

We had to make sure the inflatable character was manufactured in time for the first launch event and despite the complexities of the production process, they delivered the inflatable kraken on time and on budget. 

Inflatable Character Test

We couldn’t wait to see the client’s reaction to the unveiling of the creature at the event and it certainly didn’t disappoint, creating a truly stunning visual which tied in perfectly with the rest of the branding. 

The team here at Inflatable Anything love a challenge and really enjoyed creating this epic inflatable character. For a mythical creature, the kraken was so lifelike that the team got quite attached to it during its creation! 

True to our name, Inflatable Anything makes absolutely anything out of inflatables. From marquees to mascots, and from animals to arches, and just about everything in between, the possibilities are endless. Why not give us a call today with your idea and we’ll bring it to life for you?