Masters M Printed Blow Up Bottle

A great way for a brand to forge some kind of connection directly with their target audience is by participating in an activation event.  After some back and forth, this was achieved for Print Logic on behalf of Western Australia’s Masters M flavoured milk beverages with a printed blow up bottle.

The parent company that spawned these slight variations, Big M, isn’t exactly a small business by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they’ve been one of Australia's biggest milk brands since the late ‘70s. However, gone are the bikini-clad adverts of old. For the past few years, for very good reason, the beverage supplier has been rebranding itself as a more down to Earth and relatable product, “out to play since ‘78.” 

Big M Blow Up Bottle Real Product
The product we were to replicate

The client’s initial plan was quite ambitious. They wanted Inflatable Anything to create an inflatable carton complete with the logo that spun around. While creating a way for the audience to quite literally interact with the product (in this part of Oz, known as Masters M) was a fantastic idea, we knew there was quite a bit of work to be done before being able to pull something like that off. Still, we were excited to try our hand at this enterprising project!

Stirring It Up

Through our years of experience, we knew that a printed blow up bottle with moving parts had some risks that needed to be accounted for. First of all, the safety of said target audience is paramount, always. We would feel awful if one of our creations were to injure a bystander, of course, but it would be detrimental to the brand we’re trying to help elevate. With the size the client desired on top of the functionality, delivering a satisfactory solution seemed more and more foolhardy. That didn’t stop us from trying though!

However, part of our protocol for this kind of unit required outside experts to make sure the structure met certain standards and that they could officially certify it. In the end due to circumstance and time restraints, the client agreed to a printed blow up bottle that functioned as a large, stand-still inflatable replica of the brand’s Masters chocolate milk beverage. Inflatable Anything does have quite the expertise when it comes to this type of structure!

Tough as a Bull

Much like our arches that need a certain amount of durability to retain their shape, many of our replicas are made from polyester panels, and this printed blow up bottle was no different.  The polymer, though used as a sort of fabric in this case, is actually more of a plastic that holds up really well. For bottles especially, there is a lot of detail around the lid area that just can’t quite be achieved as successfully with other materials. For example, polyvinyl chloride, while fairly strong itself, tends to pucker and stretch under any kind of stress. 

Big M Blow Up Bottle Artwork
The label artwork

Another quite important quality for an event like a brand activation is a realistic appearance. The printing quality on polyester panels tends to be better anyway because there is less space in between the fibres of the material, and therefore the colour stays more uniform. But in this case, we also used dye sublimated printing, which uses heat to open up the “pores” of the polymer and allows the inks to soak into the material, giving the printed blow up bottle a vivid, crisp, and exciting look. 

As with most replica units we’ve created, we literally just up-scaled the actual product-in this case a 300 mL bottle of Masters M. The height of the printed blow up bottle needed to be 4 meters, so from there we just kept up with the proportions of the real-life receptacle.

Only Thing to Do is Jump!

Obviously, the solution we provided for the client wasn’t exactly what they had in mind. The original plan had great potential for an interesting and memorable activation event, but executing it just had too many potential loopholes to ignore. Though our thorough protocols and safety measures put a halt on this innovative design, the alternative structure we came up with was safer and more realistic. And, as you can see, the printed blow up bottle proved to be pretty engaging without the added features.

This was a rare, humbling experience for our company, but you can definitely rest assured that we will do everything in our power to bring your idea to life. Contact our team of experts today!

Festivus Printed Inflatable Arch

Nostalgia for the ‘90s is huge these days, and not just with Millennials. Who can blame us? It was a fun, trendy decade (with most of said trends promptly dying that decade as well)! It only makes sense to capitalise on that fun with a ‘90s-inspired, printed inflatable arch!

The Yarra Valley Racing Club contacted our team at Inflatable Anything about constructing a themed arch for their late-December meeting, centred around the ever-important holiday of Festivus, which started in the household of Seinfeld show writer Dan O’Keefe. Other racing clubs in the area had planned events to celebrate the traditional yuletide festivities, but the client really wanted to stand out from the crowd and play up the fun aspect to draw in media attention and more members.

Who would even want to pass on an awesome opportunity like this? We were delighted to help them put their own spin on the pop culture phenomenon!

For the Rest of Us

In case the audience is not familiar, the Seinfeld episode featuring Festivus is called “The Strike,” in which the characters choose to forego the glitz, glam, and gross over-commercialism of Christmas, instead celebrating the alternative holiday created by George Costanza’s father Frank on December 23rd.  

The club’s Festivus for the Rest of Us Day at Yarra Glen Track was to include popular Seinfeld-inspired events, such as the Feats of Strength-in this case including sumo wrestling and a mechanical bull ride-, Airing of Grievances for a prize, a Soup Nazi, the customary nondescript and non-distracting Festivus pole, and a DJ spinning classic ‘90s jams.

For our part, we were tasked with crafting a printed inflatable arch that not only advertised the fun yet forlorn anti-Christmas Christmas event, but also played up the nostalgia factor for the witty, comedic genius that is this show about nothing. 

The Letter

Printed Inflatable Arch 2D Artwork

The driving force behind choosing this ace, made-up holiday is the love the club’s chief executive has for the 9-season sitcom. Because of this, the client already had a good idea of what artwork they wanted on the printed inflatable arch, which stood at a whopping 2.5 meters high and 3 meters wide. Our expertise was needed to make sure the artwork fit nicely on the legs of the printed inflatable arch and maintained a nice polished look for the publicity this event was sure to receive. 

The top of the arch was to be printed in the style of Seinfeld’s logo, with the legs in white and covered in images and quotes that related back to the nearly cult-status TV show.

What’s the Deal with Construction?!

We have many years of experience bringing ideas to life overall, but we are especially adept at constructing arches. As per usual, we here at Inflatable Anything used sewn polyester for this printed inflatable arch. The material retains its shape very well, which is the biggest reason we utilise it for this kind of structure; no puckering or stretching, just a solid, durable arch that can last up to a decade if well-maintained. This quality also makes it portable and reusable, which is exactly what most of our clients do. Polyester is also UV resistant and perfect for any outdoor event. 

Again, this Festivus-themed Christmas meeting of the racing club was a fairly big deal. The popularity for the show plus the nostalgia for the ‘90s all but guaranteed extensive media coverage, so every aspect of this event absolutely had to look good including the printed inflatable arch. With our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we were more than happy to deliver!

The fibers in polyester material are very close to each other, which accounts for many of the above listed qualities. However, it also makes the fabric very easy to print on, and the finished product very vibrant, which is exactly what the client sought out for their meeting.

The Finale

Printed Inflatable Arch

Typically, building and testing our inflatables plus shipping takes between 2 and 3 weeks after everything is finalised. We were contacted about this project in November, which gave us quite a tight deadline, and yet we pulled it off with fantastic results and time to spare!

In fact, the club’s Festivus for the Rest of Us Day was such a smashing success that it is now an annual tradition for the Victoria organisation, and the printed inflatable arch we created for them continues to greet attendees every year.

We take great pride in doing our part to make an event meaningful and memorable. Contact our experts, yada, yada. We love a challenge!

Inflatable Rainbow Arch

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community has had to endure a long struggle in Oz, with many laws banning relations between people of the same sex still being officially on the books as late as 1991. To celebrate their resilience and accomplishments over the past few decades, the marketing team at Wyndham City Council commissioned an inflatable rainbow arch to help promote inclusivity in its governing area outside of Melbourne.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we take great pride and pleasure in helping to celebrate the beautiful diversity within the communities we serve. The thing about using structures such as this inflatable rainbow arch for events is that it normalizes not only tolerating but embracing the different characters around you, and that is something to be admired. We were beyond honoured to be asked to help out on this project!

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Since the late 1970s in San Francisco, the rainbow flag has been slightly modified and used to represent the diversity of the LGBTI community, with the Aussie community adopting the symbol shortly after in the 1990s.  Because of this well-known cultural association, the client knew exactly what they wanted. For their inclusive series, they wanted a simple arch, big enough to walk through and pose with at events, in the seven colours and shape of a rainbow. This clarity made the process from approving a design to our team working out the details of construction pass by without a hitch.

Viva La Vie Boheme

Inflatable Rainbow Arch Test

After our many years of experience, we knew how a bold structure like this inviting, inflatable rainbow arch would look best. With the vivid colouring our experts know how to achieve, we were sure to provide the client, and the Wyndham LGBTI community, with the perfect solution. To apply this design, we used our inkjet printer. It can achieve more saturation because the ink can be distributed all at once instead of in sections. 

Beyond the colour scheme, we also had to figure out how best to get a rounded shape for this inflatable rainbow arch. Now, don’t get us wrong. We’ve perfected the construction of this kind of inflatable at this point in our business. However, the arches we’ve made in the past tended to be more angular, so we had some planning to do. We never back down from a challenge, though!

Something to Point to

The client has ensured that their actions over the past few years have aligned with their desire to openly and enthusiastically show their support for the LGBTI community in their Victoria district, and they have absolutely no plans of stopping anytime soon; in fact, they’re always looking to support the people in their governing area as best as they can. Armed with this information, we knew we had to make an inflatable rainbow arch that would really stand the test of time.

One of the strongest materials we use in our manufacturing is polyvinyl chloride, more-commonly known as PVC. Not only is it resistant to abrasion and most chemical damage, but this material is also extremely versatile and easy to mould to achieve the shape you want. Another advantage for using this polymer, especially for this particular inflatable rainbow arch, is that PVC is lightweight and very easy to transport from one inclusive event to another.

Standing at 2.5 meters high and 4.5 meters wide, we decided to construct this rainbow out of 100% PVC panels, sewn and fitted together in sections to avoid the rigid, squared shape we usually end up with for our event arches. As you can see, this material decision also gave the colourful arch quite the pleasant, glossy finish as well! 

Defying Gravity

Rainbow Inflatable Arch In Use

These LGBTI inclusive events, the latest of which was for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia, have been huge successes. Not only is it great that the client has been able to meaningfully engage with the people in their district as a governmental entity, but it’s also serving as a way to bring awareness and acceptance between all members of the community together. We are thrilled to think our inflatable rainbow arch helped facilitate those bonds.

This particular job went over so well that Inflatable Anything has partnered with Wyndham Council several times since, because they know they can trust our commitment to customer support and care.

Contact our team today to see how we can help you foster connections of your own, big or small!

Melbourne Airport Promotional Inflatable Balls

As a top destination, thanks in part to our wildlife and ecosystem, a good chunk of Australia’s economy is made up from the revenue earned through tourism within and into the nation. Inflatable Anything knew when the marketing team at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport contacted us about supplying them with promotional inflatable balls, we had to jump on the opportunity! 

According to Tourism Research Australia, in 2014, international and domestic tourism added $102 billion to our economy, so it only made sense to promote popular televised sporting events in and around ‘Straya directly where nearly every single visitor to Victoria would be able to see it. That’s where we came in. We were beyond thrilled to be included in this genius plan to keep our country’s gross domestic product abundant and thriving!

The Game Plan

Promotional Inflatable Balls Test

For this specific project, the client wanted us to make promotional inflatable balls to coincide with the 2015 Australian Open, the first of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments every year which is considered one of the top sporting events in the entire Southern Hemisphere. This event typically draws in upwards of 600,000 spectators anyway in recent years, and targeting travellers’ right as they step foot in the terminal was a way to hopefully pique even more interest in the tournament.

Prepping the Court

The Melbourne airport is one of the busiest airports in all of ‘Straya, second only to the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport in New South Wales. This fact was largely why this specific location was chosen for this marketing strategy, and also points to why certain features were solicited for the promotional inflatable balls.

First off, while Tullamarine is quite large (almost 2.37 square metres), foot traffic can still occupy it from wall to wall on any given day, so marketing and promotional materials would definitely need to be as compact as possible. The client also specifically requested that, for the Australian Open inflatable tennis balls, they look as near to the real things as we could manage. Here at Inflatable Anything, we have quite a few years of experience under our belt of replicating objects, yet we still had some planning to look forward to.

Proper Dress

Typically this kind of structure either calls for a solid print or a simple logo, but these inflatable promotional balls had to be way more detailed than what we were accustomed to. We decided to take an actual tennis ball and use the green textured pattern as a reference for the detail we digitally printed on the material for the inflatables, plus the logo for Tullamarine. The pattern was used over the entire surface of the spheres to really bring the promotional inflatable balls to life from every angle. 

The Perfect Spin

Promotional Inflatable Balls Testing

In general, one of the best materials for inflatables that need to last is polyvinyl chloride. Since these promotional inflatable balls needed to hold up before and during these sporting events, we went with the durable and long-lasting PVC. Using this particular polymer was also best for this project because the material is lightweight and portable, perfect for a continuing marketing strategy at different busy airports and a great way to further capitalize on the huge boost to our national economy that is tourism!

The construction of these promotional inflatable balls was similar to that of a soft plastic beach ball, in which the material is stretched, fused together, and circumscribed, in this case by white material to mimic the lines where the fuzz attaches to the tennis ball itself. 

Each of our custom inflatable balls is manufactured with the option to be able to fill up and seal off the structure instead of requiring a continuous blower and just topping it off as needed, which was obviously the right choice here. To make the best use of the space available, in this instance, we included D-rings so the promotional inflatable balls could be easily hung from the ceiling in the Melbourne Airport, leaving Tullamarine’s nearly 21,000 passengers a day-on average- unencumbered.


Promotional Inflatable Balls In Action

As mentioned, these promotional inflatable balls were passed around between several Australian airports as part of an effort to further profit off of already profitable events, and it definitely paid off. The marketing strategy we helped execute was so effective that these inflatables have been reused several times to promote subsequent televised tennis and cricket tournaments.

Do you have a great idea brewing? Call our team of experts to turn that idea into a reality, no matter how big or small! 

KIIS Giant Inflatable Snow Globe

Riddle time!

Why in the world would a giant inflatable snow globe be just south of the Yarra River, in a convention centre, in the first few days of February?

Prime time radio station KIIS FM planned on holding an activation event at the Melbourne stop of the World Travel Expo, and they wanted a snow globe that could be walked into, with a themed backdrop, for photo opportunities. This giant inflatable snow globe, while ultimately promoting the event, was to be used largely as a tool to further brand recognition for the radio station. 

This project was very unique and seemed like quite the challenge. Our team here at Inflatable Anything couldn’t wait to take a whack at it!

A Change of Surroundings

From the get-go, there were a lot of things we had to take into consideration to make this giant inflatable snow globe work. It presented an obstacle first and foremost, of course, because this project does not exactly call for a traditional inflatable. However, the client knew how experienced we were at working with certain materials, and hoped that we could figure out a way to make it happen.

Since this unit was supposed to be made to have people inside it, the structure of the globe had to be sound. The last thing we wanted was for a family to enter through the zipper on the side and go home with happy memories of a giant inflatable snow globe collapsing in on them. After a bunch of trial and error, we finally found a way to keep the globe stable.

Around the World

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is one of the most versatile industrial materials there is. It’s also extremely durable and resistant to things like puncture, weathering, and chemical damage. For the globe structure, we decided this would be the best choice, secured to the ground with D rings. However, even this was a bit more flimsy than what we were expecting. We ended up constructing a small metal frame to which to form the giant inflatable snow globe and achieve a nice, round, and stable shape.

The intense problem solving didn’t end there though!

Giant Inflatable Snow Globe 2D Artwork
2D Artwork

Yet Still Staying Grounded

Now that we had the basics of the giant inflatable snow globe structure sorted out, we realized we couldn’t even consider it secure without looking down. Again, typically, we aren’t exactly equipped for that sort of thing, but that’s never stopped us before. With our expertise of manipulating the material to fit our purposes, we again used PVC for the globe base. Our team worked with the material to produce a thick slab that held everything in place. Overall, the giant inflatable snow globe measured up to 3.9 meters tall.

Splash of Colour

When it came to the overall design of this giant inflatable snow globe, at least as it pertains to activation events, there were 2 main elements with which we needed to concern ourselves. The client wanted the ability to rebrand the giant inflatable snow globe from the start, which wasn’t at all difficult to do since it just involved switching out banners on the base of the globe. 

What we needed to work through was how to apply a backdrop to the unit that can easily be switched out for different events. We decided to print a custom banner and attach it bit by bit to the inside of the PVC globe using several clear D rings so as not to take focus away from the themed image.  

Final Boarding Call

Before we could call this project a success, there was one more thing we had to account for.

Even though the material is generally safe and can’t harm anyone at the levels found in most construction, PVC has a quality that can potentially be a bit of a disadvantage. At high enough temperatures and in enclosed spaces, PVC can do what is called outgassing. Plastics, like polyvinyl chloride, can give off trace amounts of volatile organic chemicals, usually through odours.

In this case, it was very unlikely that the continuous blower would produce enough heat to even come close to causing any outgassing, but in such an enclosed space, and with so much of it, we really preferred not to even risk it. The health and safety of the attendees is much more important than rushing an order through to quality control, so the giant inflatable snow globe was delivered with a carbon dioxide detector.

Bringing it home

Giant Inflatable Snow Globe Test
The test run

With all of the precautions we had to take, unfortunately we were not able to deliver the unit in time for the Melbourne Expo, but our client at KIIS FM was very pleased with the amount of care we took tending to every detail. The giant inflatable snow globe rebranded and safely made it to plenty of other activation events, most recently for the Australian Football League Women’s Western Bulldogs.

When Inflatable Anything says it works tirelessly to meet every need of our clients, we really mean it. Contact our team today to bring any fantastical idea you may have to life!

Alice Springs Running Festival Blow Up Arch

What could possibly be better than that electrifying and energising jolt of endorphins after a nice, long run?! Considering only a select few people actually enjoy this form of physical activity, some other motivation, after up to a gruelling 42 kilometres in this case, would probably be much more appropriate. Perhaps seeing an attractive and glorious finish line, in the form of a blow up arch, would be more appealing?

A man named Jason from the organising committee for the annual Alice Springs Running Festival called to ask the team here at Inflatable Anything to provide just that extra bit of motivation for their 2016 walks, fun runs, half-, and full-marathon events. We could not wait to team up with them to promote habits that lead to happier and healthier lives!

Looking to Level Up

The previous blow up arch the client was using for these events worked out perfectly fine for their overall purposes of course, but it just didn’t quite capture what they were ultimately going for. The plain white material didn’t stand out enough against the Northern Territory backdrop for their liking.

This community-focused festival meant to promote the benefits of movement, regardless of ability level, deserved so much better, and we couldn’t have agreed more. Since it was basically just a replacement, the client already had a crystal clear idea for what they wanted in its place. The perfect Alice Springs Marathon blow up arch called for the same basic structure, but standing at 3 meters high and 5 meters wide, with stabilising 1 meter long T feet, in a more vibrant and inspiring colour—blue. Now, it was just up to us to bring this idea to life!

Blow Up Arch 2D Artwork

An Elite Unit

The blue sewn-PVC was standard enough for our company, and really cut down on the overall costs for this blown up arch, but the quality of this material provided some great added benefits that were a bit perfect for this kind of event. Out of all the materials we use, polyvinyl chloride is one of the most durable, thanks to the polymer’s resistance to tearing, temperature extremes, and UV damage. It’s also a favourite for many products because of how light-weight, easy to store, and portable it tends to be. Using PVC for a blow up arch really gives it a nicer, glossier finish as well.

There are multiple benefits and disadvantages to sewing PVC as opposed to welding it that we had to consider for this project. Although a welded seam is generally more durable and leak-proof, sewing can give a unit much more flexibility, which is ultimately what the client prioritised. This blow up arch had to be built to last!

Rounding that Final Lap

Blow Up Arch in Testing

This particular unit was still not complete, though. Most events solicit sponsorships, and this was no different. We were requested to also include the option to Velcro on custom made banners to the blow up arch, to advertise them to the community they best serve.

We know from experience that the best printing quality would be on our polyester fabric, due to its density in the fibres. However, we know this organisation wasn’t looking for any old Band-Aid level fix. They wanted to provide the very best, long-term solutions for their community. Instead of just the event name promotional and current sponsors’ banners, we also went ahead and produced matching blue polyester banners, in the off-chance that future running festivals secured fewer sponsorships. 

A Test of Endurance

Blow Up Arch in Action

The ease of communication between ourselves and the client, in addition to our expertise in problem-solving and constructing inflatables, ensured that the entire process went smoothly and quite quickly. Before we knew it, we were already moving swiftly through our quality control protocols and preparing our product for shipment and prompt delivery.

Despite having the foresight to invest in extra PVC banners, in the end, the starting / finishing line arch came in under budget and made its way safely to the client right in time for that year’s festival. 

In the years since, this blow up arch has been used over and over again, and we here at Inflatable Anything are so pleased about how well our product served this client and this community! As anticipated, the organising committee continues to come back to us year after year for their new set of custom banners, because they know they can trust our standards of quality and care.

Contact our experienced team today to take your next event the extra mile!

Wine Machine's Inflatable Wine Bottle

There are very few experiences better than a day full of live musical performances. One way to improve upon it is to add some grub and a bit of responsible imbibing, though! 

The Start of a New Harvest

Sydney-based Falcona contacted us here at Inflatable Anything about a very unique opportunity. One of Australia’s hottest DJs, Hot Dub Time Machine, was launching a wine, food, and music festival called Wine Machine. The client wanted us to make an inflatable wine bottle with some interesting features to really make it, and the event, larger than life.

We were ecstatic to be asked to help this annual event hit the ground running! 

The Process

We are very used to creating scaled-up replica inflatables, but this situation called for something a bit different. The design was overall a standard wine bottle, but the colouring and the label were created specifically to go along with the details for the series of 6 day-long festivals. 

This custom inflatable bottle was to be a focal point of Wine Machine, so it really needed to be done up just right. 

Instead of just a cool, on-theme inflatable wine bottle, our creation was to act as a kind of signpost, letting everyone know exactly what was going on within these Australian wine regions. It had to be big. It had to be bold. It had to be attractive. It had to be attention-grabbing!

Inflatable Wine Bottle 2D Design

Wine Not?

After a very brief back-and-forth, and only one revision later, our team was entrusted to make this inflatable bottle come to life by any means necessary. With a very tight deadline, we knew we had to get right on it!

With this kind of shape, and for its purposes, typically we would create a unit that could be sealed off sans a clunky blower, but the standard material used for these just wasn’t good enough, so we went back to square one. We use sewn-polyester panels for all our arches and tents, and that’s what we ended up utilising to construct our durable inflatable wine bottle.

The Call for a Finer Vintage

A huge benefit of our standard polyester panels is that you can achieve a much more defined shape, which is exactly what the client insisted on. Not only would polyester form the bottle neck more seamlessly, but it would also better represent the details of the inflatable wine bottle’s lip, because the material is generally very resistant to stretching and puckering. To accommodate the 6 events throughout Oz, polyester is also very lightweight and easy to transport. 

The client desired 2 other features for their custom inflatable wine bottle that had to be adjusted for, but of course, we were all too happy to incorporate for them!

Inflatable Wine Bottle 3D Artwork

These particular festivals lasted from just after noon until 10 p.m., so we were tasked with making sure our design would keep the chardy vibes going even after sundown. What better way to do that than add a small touch of sparkle? We installed LED lighting on the inside of the unit, to line up perfectly with acts such as the festival’s namesake. 

Although all of our creations are bespoke and custom-made, we do usually follow certain protocols when it comes to inflatables by product. The inflatable bottles we produced in the past were manufactured to measure 4 metres high. However, when we mentioned this unit was expected to be larger than life, we meant it quite literally! Standing at a whopping 8 metres tall, with the width adjusted to scale, this inflatable wine bottle was so big and heavy (35 kg!) that it had to be tied down with ropes just to stay properly upright! 

One reason we tend to use polyester, say, for our arches, is because it’s an easy material to print on because there is very little space in between the polyester fibres, especially logos, which will look pretty ace for a while because polyester is generally more UV-/fade-resistant. If you’ll remember, the client wanted an improvised wine logo on this promotional bottle, and it had to be perfect, so we used a full surface print to really make it pop! It’s possible we succeeded with how many pictures from the event featured this inflatable wine bottle in the backdrop!

Inflatable Wine Bottle in Action

Just a Splash of Magic

Now that our team at Inflatable Anything had a very solid plan, and with the client’s blessing, it was time to put in a little elbow grease. Our team typically requires 2-3 weeks to manufacture bespoke inflatables, and though the inflatable wine bottle missed out on a few events, it added a fantastic backdrop to the ones it didn’t.

Contact us directly to add a hint of excitement to your next event! 

Inflatable Wine Bottle at Event

Alcatel's Large Inflatable Headphones

There’s a reason EDM festivals are so popular. 

In general, live music is a fun and exciting experience. Performers get to improvise a bit on stage, interact directly with their fans, and even dress up their show with staging, lighting, and special effects if they want. Perhaps even pull a spontaneous wardrobe change. On top of all of that, adding an electronic element? It typically injects way more energy into the music, which in turn enhances how the crowd reacts to it. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Closer Marketing Agency contacted us about creating a unique inflatable for one of their clients, Alcatel Mobile.  As a major sponsor of this competition for years, they really wanted to pull off a cool and relevant marketing tool primed for photo ops to further their brand recognition online: headphones!

With quite the task at hand, and with such a great opportunity to contribute to an event dedicated to launching potential dream careers for young Aussies, we couldn’t wait to get started on bringing this particular idea to life!

Using What We Know

To go along with the theme of the DJing Event Days, the client wanted us to create branded large inflatable headphones for display. There was only one potential problem with this project: the shape. Headphones are quite awkward, so the initial design briefs were a bit confusing and nearly impossible to implement. We went back and forth with the client a bit on how best to achieve this shape, when it finally hits us! Large inflatable headphones do look an awful lot like an inflatable arch with T feet, don’t they?

Large Inflatable Headphones 3D sketch

However, when we suggested this design, the client also mentioned they did not want all the extra noise from an air blower to distract from the “Your Shot” competitors DJing sets. We can all appreciate that immensely. The solution we finally came to an agreement on for the Alcatel large inflatable headphones was something between our inflatable arches and our inflatable props. The latter have the option to be filled up with air and then sealed off instead of having to be continuously filled with the loud blowers, a bit similar to a beach ball. 

Bringing a Dream to Reality

The full surface print design our client wanted digitally printed on the large inflatable headphones was pretty simple and only called for 2 colors of ink: 100% cyan and white. The artwork process took very little time to complete since both the headband/arch and headphone cushions/T feet were mostly 1 color with just the brand name and logo in the opposite. 

Large Inflatable Headphones 2D Design

Even though our plan was to make it not-quite a full arch and not-quite a small prop, since it was supposed to draw brand awareness through photos on social media and news outlets online, it still had to be big enough for festival-goers to pose under. It took some effort finding dimensions that would work for these large inflatable headphones, but we came up with a headband that reached 2.5 meters high, and an internal space between the 2 headphone cushions that measured 2 meters long.

Since we really had to improvise on this project, instead of our standard polyester panels sewn together, we went for a material that could easily be manipulated in a way that made it more durable and less likely to leak air-and therefore, wouldn’t need the blower; 100% PVC. 

Large Inflatable Headphones In Testing

Welding the PVC panel seams together forms a direct bond, so these large inflatable headphones won’t only hold up perfectly for the two days of DJ and artist sets at “Your Shot,” but likely for at least a decade. If they do happen to get damaged, they’re also easily repairable. 

Another beneficial quality of this material is that it’s very lightweight and portable, which is why it is a favourite option for people seeking to buy inflatable boats; moving them from one lake or venue-to another is a piece of cake.

The Big Shows

We actually completed these large inflatable headphones with plenty of time to spare, including thorough quality control protocols. All that was left now was to fill her up and let her loose, starting with the Brisbane show. Going by all the posts shared online, we definitely passed the vibe check!

Large Inflatable Headphones In Action

Here at Inflatable Anything, we are always up for a good challenge. Do you have an idea that might take your event to the next level? Contact us, and we’ll be sure to take it above and beyond!

Seiko's Interactive Inflatable Tent

When foreigners think of 'Straya, there are approximately 4 things that come immediately to mind: the Outback, Steve Irwin (rest in peace), Hugh Jackman, and the Australian Open.

The latter is thought for a very good reason, and it is equally embraced by Aussies. Since its inception in 1905, then known as the Australasian Championships, the tournament has grown in popularity, so much so that it is considered one of the top sporting events in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

A Part of Something Grand

Given how huge this sporting and now-cultural event has become over the years, you can imagine the kind of exposure you can get from event marketing at the Australian Open. For the business choosing this platform to angle such an ambitious boost for their brand? It’s a huge deal, and their marketing strategy definitely has to be attention-grabbing and larger than life.

Funkified Entertainment contacted us about an exciting venture they were planning, including some global heavyweights. It was a fantastic collaboration between the client, Seiko watches, Initiative, and interactive entertainment service provider Rentertainment. The concept was to set up a virtual reality experience at Federation Square as part of the 2019 Australian Open in Melbourne, in which attendees could take part in a VR tennis tournament inside of an interactive inflatable tent.

For our part, Inflatable Anything was tasked with creating this interactive inflatable tent with all the specifications our client could possibly need. We were absolutely honoured to be chosen to be part of such a big, collaborative project on the world’s stage!

Creating a One of a Kind Experience

Interactive Inflatable Tent 3D Design

The purpose for this interactive inflatable tent called for quite a bit of space. Though players would enter the inflatable cube and participate individually, there had to be enough room to serve virtually with decorated Serbian tennis pro Novak Djokovic on a Seiko-themed tennis court, thanks largely in part to an endorsement deal with the watch brand, established in 2014.

As an event that typically attracts 600,000+ spectators in non Covid-restricted, recent years, special consideration also had to be taken to ensure that participants would not be bothered by the distractions outside the cube during their game-play for a fair shot at the $1,000 cash prize and Djokovic special edition watch. We tweaked our design to include an interior space that measured 6 meters long by 4 meters wide by 2.7 meters high. These dimensions gave enough internal room that someone could take part in the tournament protected by the dark nethers of the interactive inflatable tent.

Meeting Every Need

Interactive Inflatable Tent in Testing

Our team rallied ideas with the client about the overall design and placement for the continuous blower that every one of our units require to stay up. Ultimately we came to the agreement that the standard pillowed effect was not suitable for all the coverage this project was very likely to receive, so we also created a sleeve that would slide over the unit to give the interactive inflatable tent a sleeker, smoother, and overall more attractive look as a media wall.

This decision was also more cost-effective than printing the brand name directly on the cube, because the plain black sewn-polyester tent underneath could just be reused for future events with swapped-out sleeves if need be. We were also asked to create different points for inflation so when it is reused, the position of the continuous blower can be adapted to fit the client’s needs best. 

Interactive Inflatable Tent in Action

Another Ace in the Bag

We put time and effort into perfecting every project we participate in, and the Seiko interactive inflatable tent was no different. After lengthy consultation with our client, we managed to manufacture the inflatable cube with enough accommodations that it can be swiftly and conveniently utilised for years to come.

With another satisfied customer, and with the expected amount of media coverage surrounding the interactive inflatable tent, partially due to the fact that Novak Djokovic himself graciously stopped by between matches to visit his virtual likeness, the event was a smashing success. Over 400 attendees competed in the virtual tournament over the 2 days it was operational! We were beyond pleased to team up with some of the best of the best to deliver an unforgettable, once in a lifetime virtual reality experience for the 2019 Australian Open

Interactive Inflatable Tent on Site

Your Serve

We would not put nearly as much work into delivering satisfactory inflatables if we didn’t truly love what we do, from the largest collaborations to the smallest business get-togethers. Contact our experienced team today to bring your dreams to life! 

Giant Inflatable Props

What was the last concert you went to? Given the pandemic, it might have been quite a while ago, but do you remember how ace it made you feel? Being around all that energy and all these people who share this random passion with you?

Obviously, the performers are the main reason you go out to a show, but have you ever imagined what a set would be like if there was no effort put into the lighting? An uninspired wardrobe? No set decoration? Most people would probably demand their money back! Live music is a fantastic experience, but it wouldn’t be half as meaningful if people behind the scenes slacked off on setting up an energetic and lively environment for it to take place in as well.

Adding a Little Something Special

5/4 Entertainment contacted Inflatable Anything about creating custom giant inflatable props for the annual Splendour in the Grass music festival in North Byron Parklands, and we could not wait to get started! Here at Inflatable Anything, one of the jobs we love most is helping put that little extra oomph in a live set!

Zimbabwean-born Australian singer and rapper Tkay Maidza was set to perform alongside acts such as Wolf Alice, Death Cab for Cutie, Tame Impala, and Mark Ronson, but the stage behind her just needed a little something to spruce it up and really knock her set right out of the park. We were on the job!

Giant Inflatable Props Design

Creative Solutions

Maidza’s staging had a theme, and they really wanted us to produce giant inflatable props that would go along with it. We closely consulted with their graphic designers over a series of phone calls and emails, and after a lengthy back-and-forth of approving artwork, looking over designs, and making sure they would even be compatible as giant inflatable props, the client finally approved 4 custom designs to be digitally printed on a durable fabric.

The main thing they needed our help with, though, was figuring out how to incorporate them on the stage. With the size of these giant inflatable props, the client knew they would most likely look best if they were suspended in the air, but therein lies another problem. If Splendour in the Grass was simply one act, it would be perfectly acceptable to anchor them from the roof of the aluminium stage. However, the Australian singer was set to perform on day 1 of a 3-day festival, and they needed to be able to be easily installed before and quickly moved after she was through with her set.

No worries!

To solve this pressing conundrum, we provided metal stands that were sturdy enough to hold the giant inflatable props up, effortless to install, and easy to maintain. The best thing about them, though, was that the inflatables could be easily swapped out with different ones and the whole prop could be reused for future events.

Giant Inflatable Props Testing

Standing Out from the Crowd

Since the client really wanted these little guys to stand out during the up-and-coming singer’s performance, they also requested that each giant inflatable prop contain LED lights inside of them that could change between different colours during the set. The larger inflatables stood at 4.8 meters, stand included, with a diameter of 2.5 meters. On the other hand, the smaller props stood at 2.4 meters, with a diameter of 1.2 meters. With the sizes of these giant inflatable props, this was quite the easy task to add a bit more magic to opening night of the festival!

To reduce congestion on stage, instead of our standard, somewhat-clunky external blower that has to be constantly going to keep our inflatables afloat, we also included an internal blower.

Mic Check 1, 2

This particular project had a tight deadline, but we worked tirelessly to make sure Maidza had a fun, attractive space in which to delight her fans. Following the success of the festival, we were contacted by 5/4 Entertainment and told how stoked they were about just how well the giant inflatable props worked for this staging.

Giant Inflatable Props in Action

Here at Inflatable Anything, our slogan is ‘We Bring Your Ideas to Life,’ and we really strive to live up to that promise every single day. If you give us the chance, we will work our little fingers to the bone to make sure our product delivers on every wish you have to take your event to the next level and beyond.

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