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Inflatable Coil Replica

Inflatable Coil Replica

Here at Inflatable Anything, we understand that marketing involves grabbing and holding the attention of passers-by. That is why so many customers return to us for the design and manufacture of their business productional inflatables.

That is also why we were excited when Vinidex, a leader in the manufacturing and supply of advanced pipe systems and solutions in Australia, approached us to bring their idea for a business productional inflatable to life.

Vinidex aims to connect water and energy to people in Australia. When they decided to take part in a trade show for advertising purposes, they had the idea to display one of their massive piping coils on the back of a truck. These coils average a width of 2.2m with an outside diameter of 4.9 m. Imagine the effort involved in getting a coil of that size and weight into the back of a truck!

Replicating Reality

Business Production Inflatable - Actual Product
Photo of the actual product we replicated

That’s where Inflatable Anything entered the scene. Based on our skills and years of experience, it was easy for us to offer our services in designing and manufacturing the business productional inflatable that would replicate the exact dimensions and appearance of the real-life coil, but without the weight and added effort involved. 

Our initial discussions with the client made it apparent that they were expecting nothing less than perfection in how the inflatable coil was to be replicated. From scale and proportion to colours and design, our task was to ensure that the business productional inflatable captured everything about the real-life coil down to the last detail. 

This was a challenge in perfection that our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle, and we offered our client two methods of quality-control before proceeding with the manufacture of the business productional inflatable – a print sample for colour matching, and a 3-D model for consistency in shape and dimension.  

Matching Expectations

Business Production Inflatable Concept
The concept we were provided

Vinidex was very particular about the yellow trim on the piping being replicated, so no further action was taken on our part until they were completely satisfied that the yellow on the print sample exactly matched the yellow on the real-life coil. 

After that, we were able to use a photograph of the coil as well as a design concept supplied by the client to create a 3-D model for the business productional inflatable. The design concept showed the exact measurements of the coil as well as how it would be positioned in a scoop on the back of a truck, which provided us with the necessary detail to satisfy our client’s requirement for precision. 

Sizing Up

Business Production Inflatable 3D
3D Mock Up

Once we were all satisfied with the print sample and 3-D model for the business productional inflatable, we moved onto the manufacturing process. Despite the large dimensions of the inflatable replica, this was a standard part of the process for us. As our name suggests, we are committed to making any inflatable you can imagine. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured bespoke inflatables on both small- and large-scales for a diversity of events and purposes. From sports tunnels to stage props, we have brought inflatables in all shapes and sizes to life.

Although we do have our prior experience to rely on, we never take any aspect in the process of creating a custom inflatable for granted. Our team will always go the extra mile to double-check all the details. That’s why we were both nervous and excited to get the 4.9m high business productional inflatable set up for the first time to test how it would hold its circular shape and maintain its appearance as the real thing!

Business Production Inflatable In Action

Seeing the smile on the face of our client standing beside their supersized business productional inflatable was proof enough that we had met their requirements. We were pleased to have offered a much easier way for them to promote the value of their company. Taking 5 minutes to set up this life-like inflatable certainly seems less effort than heaving the massive real-life pipe coil onto the back of a truck!

Adding Value

Whether you have an idea for a custom inflatable that is big or small, our team at Inflatable Anything love to work according to precision requirements. A business productional inflatable is an ingenious way to draw attention to your brand and to add value to any promotional event. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your idea in more detail.

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