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Hanging Inflatable Ball

Hanging Inflatable Ball

In the bustling world of trade shows where every brand vies for attention, Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, sought an innovative approach to stand out. The solution? A striking hanging inflatable ball created by Inflatable Anything, designed to capture the gaze of every attendee at the NZDA 2023 in Melbourne.

When Dentsply Sirona approached us with the idea of creating a visually impactful display, we were excited by the challenge. Understanding the significance of their mission to transform dentistry and improve oral health globally, it was crucial that the hanging inflatable ball not only attracted attention but also conveyed the essence of their brand. With its vivid, eye-catching yellow and the globally recognised logo in stark black, the design was set to leave a lasting impression.

Design and Development: Bringing Ideas to Life

Hanging Inflatable Ball Artwork

Our journey with Dentsply Sirona began with a detailed consultation process. Together, we explored various design iterations, allowing us to merge their vision with our expertise. Utilising advanced CAD design technology, our team meticulously crafted a digital prototype that embodied the client’s specifications and aesthetic goals. After a series of reviews and adjustments, we arrived at a design that Dentsply Sirona was thrilled to approve for production.

Quality Manufacturing of the Hanging Inflatable Ball

The manufacturing of the hanging inflatable ball was guided by stringent quality standards and a tight deadline. Made from high-grade welded PVC, the material was chosen for its durability and ability to hold air for extended periods, crucial for indoor use at various events like the World Dental Congress in Sydney. Our team worked tirelessly, ensuring that every seam was perfectly sealed and that the inflatable would perform flawlessly throughout its usage.

Impact and Engagement at Trade Shows

Hanging Inflatable Ball Trade Show
Source: Instragram @dentsplysironaanz

At the NZDA 2023, the hanging inflatable ball was more than just a marker for Dentsply Sirona’s stall. Suspended prominently above their display, it served as a beacon, drawing attendees from across the venue. The unique design and vibrant colours made it a conversation starter, prompting discussions about Dentsply Sirona’s latest dental technologies and reinforcing their status as a leader in the dental industry.

The success at the Melbourne trade show was just the beginning. Since then, the hanging inflatable ball has made appearances at various events across Australia, each time reinforcing the Dentsply Sirona brand and helping to cement their presence in the market. The feedback from the client and the reception from the public were overwhelmingly positive, proving that a well-executed inflatable can be a powerful tool in any marketing arsenal.

Continued Success and Future Applications

The repeated use of the hanging inflatable ball at multiple events has demonstrated its versatility and effectiveness as a marketing tool. Each deployment has allowed Dentsply Sirona to consistently deliver their message in a dynamic way, engaging potential customers and partners with an innovative approach to branding. The inflatable’s ability to be reused at different venues also highlights its sustainable value, making it a cost-effective solution for ongoing promotional needs.

Conclusion: A Lasting Impression with Inflatable Anything

Inflatable Anything is proud to have been a part of Dentsply Sirona’s journey in enhancing their brand visibility and engagement. This project exemplifies how custom inflatables can be strategically used to enhance corporate presence in competitive environments. The hanging inflatable ball not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a significant return on investment through increased attention and engagement at every event it graced.

For those looking to make a similar impact at their next event, Inflatable Anything stands ready to bring your vision to life with creativity, quality, and a commitment to your satisfaction. Whether it’s a hanging inflatable ball or any other custom design, our team is here to help you make a lasting impression. Contact us today!

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