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Art Display Inflatables

Art Display Inflatables

Art displays can be very costly to produce; easily reaching costs of $5,000, $10,000, or more. We appreciate that for a lot of artists this cost is not too important because they enjoy the process of creating the art display, but we know from experience that for others the main goal is to make an impact and communicate a message. 

In those instances, art display inflatables are a great item to include in the exhibition because they can be made quite large, for a very reasonable price. 

Over the years we’ve worked with many different artists and organisations to help them deliver highly impactful displays and pieces that delight everyone who sees them, while still keeping true to the artist’s original vision.

We constantly receive positive feedback from our artist clients that their events have been a bigger success than they could have ever imagined and we’re ecstatic to have been just a small part of that success.

Bespoke Displays That Are Awe Inspiring

Art displays are not only about creating a beautiful space, but also about the audience finding meaning and inspiration. 

Using a custom inflatable for this purpose can help add a whole new dimension to an artist’s creation. 

Inflatable Dolls Art Display

The art display inflatables are completely customisable and every single project we work on is bespoke and unique to that project. We very rarely ever make the same inflatables twice, so we are expertly positioned to be able to assist you with creating an awe inspiring display. 

Inflatable art displays are typically made with a full surface print. Whatever creative patterns, textures, or designs you’d like to use, it can be done. We are used to doing this, and so you can be sure that we will nut out every detail with you to get it right.

As an optional feature, these inflatables can also be lit up using either internal or external lighting, to create that extra degree of impact during night time or low-lit exhibition spaces.

Scale Up For Maximum Impact

Scale is one of the largest advantages of using an inflatable for an art display display when compared to other custom made methods like metal, fibreglass, or paper mache. 

It is very common for us to create inflatables that are 3m, 4m, 5m, or even larger in height. It’s never an issue for us and that is what inflatables are great for. 

Inflatable Camp Dog In Action

A successful art display will always be one that makes a ‘wow’ impression on the audience. 

And regardless of the size that the art display inflatable is made, it doesn’t become any harder to use. Typically for these sizes, we will recommend “constant air” inflatables that have a fan running all the time (like a jumping castle), and their set up is a breeze. 

The only thing that is required is 240V power, to which the fan is connected and once turned on the art display will basically inflate itself. Once inflated, all you have to do is secure it to the ground from the tie down points on the unit and make sure the unit is safely installed, and then you’re good to go!

Concepts Come To Life

We work with our clients all the way from concept stage through to the delivery of the final art displays. 

What we need from you to start off is a concept. A drawing, sketch, or a photo is always a good starting point. It is also helpful to have an indication of where the unit is being set up, how long for, and what kind of environments it will be set up in (e.g. indoors, outdoors, high wind exposure etc.)

Todd Fuller How to Raise A Siren

Once we have this concept in hand, we can consider what the most appropriate construction method is and advise you on the feasibility of your project. 

We have very rarely ever turned down a project, but for the ones we have, we always recommend an alternative way to achieve the client’s concept that they haven’t thought of doing. We are always excited to work on new projects that range anywhere from inflatable doors to be used outdoors to inflatable animals that are hung from the ceiling. 

Dugong on Instagram

With plenty of experience delivering different art display inflatables, we’ve got your back and are certain that if we partner together we can bring your vision to life without much hassle.

Speak To Us About Your Art Display

We’ve available during business hours on weekdays to discuss your ideas and concepts for your next project.

Get in touch with us now and let us know what you’re thinking of, and we will advise whether it’s a project that art display inflatables are an excellent candidate for. 

Look forward to speaking to you. 

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How It All Works

We don’t have anything already made – every inflatable that we build is custom to you, and your needs. So below is an overview of the standard process that it takes to bring an inflatable to life.


Decide exactly what you want to build and how you want to use it.


Contact Us to discuss what's possible and get us to provide you with a quotation.


Approve your quotation to go ahead and we'll get started on your inflatables design.


We get to work and start bringing your idea to life in our state of the art facility.

Get Inspired

Here is a small selection of past concepts we’ve brought to life.

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