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Parade Inflatables

Parade Inflatables

Parade inflatables are a great way to add that extra something to your parade. 

In fact, they are one of the most recognised applications. If you ask just about anyone, you will find that they associate inflatables as a popular and common site amongst the wide variety of parade floats.

We've worked with a range of different organisations over the years to create their custom parade inflatables and have worked on projects ranging from mascots, characters, artist displays, and even giant insignias too. 

These have been used in a variety of different ways from either being static displays in a thoroughfare to being giant helium balloons that are walked around by people. Either way, we’re excited to discuss your project so get in touch with us now to discuss your ideas. 

Promote Your Event In A Big Way

Parade inflatables are a great way to make a big impact for a reasonable budget. 

We work at scales of meters, not just smaller promotional inflatables, and the majority of items that we produce range from 3m to 5m in height.

Inflatables easily achieve that wow factor at this scale. We find the larger the inflatable is, the better it will turn out. Inflatables tend to “round out” due to the nature of pressurised air, so by making the unit larger, you have greater flexibility in fine tuning the overall design. Additionally, big inflatables come with an even bigger impact on your audience. Inflatables give you the creative freedom to make something unique; something that no one has ever seen before!

Granny Smith Parade Inflatable

There are many different ways you can use an inflatable, provided you take the right precautions for each kind of use. Parade inflatables can be static, mobile, or even helium filled so it just really depends on how you want to promote your brand at the event. 

For the units that are not helium, they will require a constant power source to run. We prefer to make sewn inflatables over sealed units, as we generally find they’re much more user friendly and require less work overall. Sewn units also provide a more refined and detailed shape. This works a lot more favourably for a majority of our clients who want to achieve a more accurate inflatable shape, which let’s be honest, is what we all want to achieve!

Engage With The Audience

Another great way to use an inflatable for parades is to bring to life a brand mascot or character that you have into a custom inflatable costume. 

A person can enter these units and walk around and engage with your attendees to really promote your event, brand or cause at the parade. 

They are safe and easy to use when walking alongside the display, and/or having them actually going out and interacting with the crowd for a more interpersonal experience.

Parade Inflatable Boost Cup

Either way, these inflatable costumes are a great method to increase the engagement with the audience and help you promote your brand or organisation at the parade. 

The units run from a battery and can last for hours as they use low voltage circuitry.

Make Anything You Want

Every project that we work on is completely bespoke and custom to the client. We don’t have any inflatables “on the shelf” to choose from. We work with you right from the beginning to bring your concept to life, however you envision it.

Of course at times there are some limitations as to what can be achieved with parade inflatables, but we will be upfront and honest about what can and cannot be achieved. We always prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. 

While inflatables are safe and easy to use, it is still very important to read the instructions carefully and understand that they can become a liability if you go against these instructions. We always make sure to nut out all the details of your event before the design stage, including looking into any additional certifications that local councils or event management may require from you to participate. We won’t leave you stranded, we want to make sure all bases are covered!

Cancer Council Activation Flower

No project is too large, or too difficult to us, and we love creating unique and engaging parade inflatables. 

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How It All Works

We don’t have anything already made – every inflatable that we build is custom to you, and your needs. So below is an overview of the standard process that it takes to bring an inflatable to life.


Decide exactly what you want to build and how you want to use it.


Contact Us to discuss what's possible and get us to provide you with a quotation.


Approve your quotation to go ahead and we'll get started on your inflatables design.


We get to work and start bringing your idea to life in our state of the art facility.

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