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Crossfire's Trade Show Arch

Crossfire's Trade Show Arch

In the bustling and competitive atmosphere of annual trade shows like Agfest in Tasmania and Farmfest in Queensland, where rows of marquees and stalls compete for attention, Crossfire Motorcycles knew they needed something distinctive to make their booth stand out. They approached us at Inflatable Anything to create a custom trade show arch that would serve as a powerful visual beacon, helping them draw attention to their high-quality recreational and farming vehicles.

Inflatable Anything is known for its innovative inflatable designs and understands that a trade show arch must be striking and perfectly tailored to the brand it represents. Inflatable arches are one of the most popular inflatable structures we sell, and each one is carefully customised to meet specific requirements. Our team collaborated with Crossfire Motorcycles to bring their vision to life.

Crossfire Motorcycles' Mission

Crossfire Motorcycles is an Australian-owned business with a mission to "make the outdoors accessible to more people by offering affordable high-quality off-road recreational, work and farming vehicles." Their outdoor-focused ethos and dedication to customer satisfaction made it essential for the inflatable arch to not only be visually compelling but also embody the rugged and reliable nature of their brand.

Designing the Trade Show Arch

Trade Show Arch Artwork

The custom trade show arch stood 4 metres high with a width of 5 metres, providing 4 metres of clearance height. Crossfire Motorcycles chose a sewn PVC construction for the arch with an external blower to ensure consistent air pressure and stability. The use of T-legs added extra support to the structure, making it a reliable and secure feature that could withstand variable outdoor conditions.

The black colour scheme was a practical choice, as it concealed dirt and wear that the inflatable might pick up at the field-based trade shows. The arch prominently displayed the Crossfire Motorcycles logo at the top, while their signature product names adorned the upper half of the legs. This design ensured that visitors from afar could instantly identify the Crossfire booth.

Seamless Collaboration

Trade Show Arch in Production

Creating this trade show arch was a collaborative process between Crossfire Motorcycles and Inflatable Anything. Our design team worked closely with Crossfire to ensure that the arch's aesthetic was consistent with their branding while being practical and highly durable. The iterative design process involved translating the initial concept into detailed CAD designs, with several rounds of adjustments to meet Crossfire's exact specifications. Once the final design was approved, our team moved swiftly to production.

The decision to use sewn PVC with an external blower allowed for self-regulated air pressure, minimising the risk of bursting or collapsing that could occur with welded units. This construction method provided a sturdy and consistent structure that stayed inflated throughout the events.

Impact on Trade Shows

The inflatable trade show arch was an undeniable success at both Agfest and Farmfest. Visitors could spot the towering structure from across the fairgrounds, and its distinct branding helped draw them into the Crossfire Motorcycles booth. The arch was a magnet for enthusiasts, farmers, and outdoor lovers alike, allowing the Crossfire team to engage with visitors who might have otherwise missed them in the sea of stalls.

This impactful and memorable trade show arch became an integral part of Crossfire's branding, reinforcing their reputation for quality and innovation. It provided the perfect entryway to their marquee, inviting people in to explore their range of vehicles and connect with their mission.


Trade Show Arch In Action
Source: crossfiremotorcycles.com

Creating a custom trade show arch requires a careful blend of creativity, technical precision, and a deep understanding of a client's brand identity. Crossfire Motorcycles' arch stood as a proud landmark at their trade show booths, thanks to the collaborative effort with Inflatable Anything. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses shine at their events with bespoke inflatable structures that capture attention and embody their unique brand values. So, if you're looking to make a lasting impression at your next event, consider a trade show arch from Inflatable Anything – where our creativity meets your brand vision.

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