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University Inflatables

University Inflatables

A bespoke inflatable is a fantastic way to turn an average event at your University into a memorable one. 

Whether it be an inflatable arch way to identify the entrance to an event, as a start finish line for sporting days, or something more complex like a mascot recreated as a huge inflatable to be used as a social media tool; the possibilities are endless!

UNE University Dome Marquee

Over the years we’ve worked with a number of Universities who were struggling to deal with storage and transport of large items on campus and to external events. They wanted to develop something that provides a unique experience to drive social media traffic for their events, without the logistical hassle they’ve encountered in the past. 

Two birds, one stone

Universities are designed to be a place of learning, although many people remember their university days as some of the most joyous times in their young adolescent years. With events, social clubs, and parties; it is a place where futures are shaped and memories are made! 

Universities hold a variety of events for students every year. Inflatables are often a popular choice for O-Weeks and graduations, but having a custom inflatable arch for every event is possibly not going to be a viable option due to budget constraints. Here at Inflatable Anything, we love to show you how to maximise the use of University Inflatables and save in the long run; two birds, one stone! 

With the ability to customise your inflatable in a number of different ways, there are ways to re-use it for anything from O-Week through to sports events and other on campus events, while keeping your costs down.

One of the very best ways to do this, is to opt for an inflatable with removable banners. These are simply stuck on for the event, and removed and replaced where needed. These banners can be placed practically anywhere on the inflatable. For the example shown below, we have them on the top and sides (currently not applied) and can be swapped out whenever needed.  

Swinburne University Inflatable Arch

This is not just applicable to arches; banners can be custom made to suit any inflatable product!

Scale Up For Maximum Impact

Scale is one of the largest advantages of using an inflatable at a university event. 

It is very common for us to create inflatables that are 3m, 4m, 5m, or even larger in height. It’s never an issue for us and that is what inflatables are admired for. Aside from making a big impression, large inflatables also bring out the children in us and invite a sense of fun!

Inflatable Concept Brought To Life
Inflatable Concept Brought To Life

Above we have the ANU Alumni Duck.This idea actually grew from a foam stress toy which is given as a gift by the University. All students identify with the duck, as it has become a symbol of their graduation. It was decided to create a giant version for photos which provided the opportunity for it to be posted all over social media, as the small palm sized stress toys were just not giving the impact to the images they were looking for. 

We make it simple.

We work with our clients all the way from concept stage through to the delivery of the final University Inflatables. No matter how big or small or simple and complex, we work with you throughout the whole process to ensure that there are no surprises. 

What we need from you to start off is a concept. A drawing, sketch, or a photo is always a good starting point. It is also helpful to have an indication of where the unit is being set up, how long for, and what kind of environments it will be set up in (e.g. indoors, outdoors, high wind exposure etc.)

Once we have this concept in hand, we can consider what the most appropriate construction method is and advise you on the feasibility of your project. 

Custom Made Inflatable Photo Wall

The above concept all started because they had been using conventional backdrops and wanted to develop something which was more fun and that could be used and stored between events.

All we started with was the artwork itself and the dimensions of the spaces they intended on using it. 

Ideas and concepts were passed back and forth before the wall you see above was agreed on. Now, you might think, “That looks like a very simple concept to produce”. Think again!

What you don’t see here is all the internal structure keeping the wall from turning into a giant sausage, as well as the internal lighting which they requested for when it is used at twilight events down the track. Additionally, the wall had to be free standing, so engineering was required to ensure it wouldn’t fall over, but also had a curve flat enough that it wouldn’t impact the design any more than the pillowing already was.  Luckily for our clients, we look after all the hard stuff and work to provide a simple purchasing process. We look after everything for you from start to finish!

Speak To Us About Your University Inflatable Needs

We’ve available during business hours on weekdays to discuss your ideas and concepts for your next project.

Get in touch with us now and let us know what you’re thinking of. With plenty of experience delivering different art display inflatables, we’ve got your back and are certain that if we partner together we can bring your craziest or simplest University Inflatables to life!

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How It All Works

We don’t have anything already made – every inflatable that we build is custom to you, and your needs. So below is an overview of the standard process that it takes to bring an inflatable to life.


Decide exactly what you want to build and how you want to use it.


Contact Us to discuss what's possible and get us to provide you with a quotation.


Approve your quotation to go ahead and we'll get started on your inflatables design.


We get to work and start bringing your idea to life in our state of the art facility.

Get Inspired

Here is a small selection of past concepts we’ve brought to life.

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