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Frequent Questions

About The Product

General information about inflatables.
What can I make?
As the name says it all, Inflatable Anything, anything is possible. We have really no limitations as to what you can produce and we are always up for a challenge.
How easy will it be to set up my inflatable?
It is subjective to the type of inflatable which you buy. For example, an inflatable arch can be set up in minutes with as little as two people, whereas a 20m inflatable marquee might take an hour or more.

We endeavor to produce inflatables which are simple and safe to use.
What materials are used for inflatables?
There are a variety of different choices that are based on what your expectations are regarding lifespan, durability, quality, budget, etc. Contact us to discuss.
Do I need a constantly blower running?
This depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to: your application, the size of your inflatable, where and how it is being used, and the material required to construct your inflatable.

All sewn inflatables require a constant blower to stay inflated, whereas sealed units can be inflated with an air pump.

Polyester inflatables always require a constant blower to stay set up and self regulate their internal air pressure.
How big or small can my inflatable be?
Inflatables maintain their shape through air pressure, and it requires a lot of air to give the unit its shape. This is why it is difficult to produce anything small and detailed. Most of the units we produce are approximately 1m in size or greater.

A great analogy would be like a paper plane, with a piece A4 paper it is rather straightforward, though to make the same plane with a postage stamp, it can be much more difficult.
Is there a standard size?
Every inflatable that we make is considered a once off, bespoke product and due to this every product is different, with no order ever really being the same as the last. With this in mind, there is no “official standard”.
Do you hold any particular items in stock?
Here at Inflatable Anything, we produce once off, custom, bespoke inflatables. We do not hold any inflatables in stock.
Can you replicate a real product?
We certainly can! We have replicated bottles, cans, hats, even a bag of cement!

We can replicate your product’s shape from simple images. We can also include the finer details, like bottle labels for example, extracted from the original product.


We take pride in what we do.
What is the maximum wind allowed?
Inflatables should be fun to use, though safety also is very important. Along with the recommended hold down and securing of the inflatable, a maximum of 40 km should not be exceeded.
Can I use my inflatable in the rain?
Due to the nature of mixing water and electricity, it is not recommended that you use your inflatable in the rain. Measures can be put in place to cover electrical components (blower) for light showers, but we expect you to monitor conditions and pack down quickly when needed. Sewn inflatables are also not 100% waterproof and are subject to water egress. Sealed (PVC) inflatables have a much higher level of water resistance.

Should you use your inflatable in light rain, care must be taken to ensure it is not packed away wet to avoid mold forming.
How do I secure my inflatable?
Inflatables can be secured in a number of different ways, depending on your application. All inflatables are manufactured with tether points for tying guy ropes to ballast weights and for pegging into suitable ground.
For instances where you are unable to peg into the ground (concrete or bitumen for example), ballast weight must be used.

Please refer to the recommended “Ballasting Your Inflatable” section within your user manual.
How much space do I need?
When setting up your custom inflatable, it is important to to understand you may require more space than the inflatable takes up, accounting for guy ropes, ballast weights and safe movement of people around the inflatable. We can provide you with some indication of this during the ordering stage.
I am worried about safety, how do I make sure it’s safe?
The first step in ensuring safety is to make sure that you read, and completely understand the User Manual provided before setting the inflatable up. This manual provides information and answers to many basic questions.

We also strongly recommend a practice run before your event to ensure that everyone assisting the setup is confident in the process, and to have a plan in place should you need to pack down in an emergency.

Your Event Safety Officer should have the final say and sign off the inflatable to ensure it is safe to use. Should there be any questions or concerns, please contact us on 1300 136 116.
What about engineering certification?
As mentioned previously, this question is better directed at your local council or your event’s Safety Management Team. Keep in mind that every state has different laws, and some event organisers implement stricter rules compared to others.

If you are instructed that you do require a permit, your local council can assist you through that process, and should the inflatable need to be certified (126 Certification for example), let us know and we can supply this for you.
Do I need to Test’n’Tag my inflatable?
From time to time, Test’N’Tag is a requirement for any electrical device to be used in a certain space, like trade shows or public events. This can either be done prior to an event or on the day if there is a qualified Test’n’Tag official on site. As we are not electricians, this is not a service which we provide.
Is my inflatable safe to use near water?
We all know that water and electricity do not mix. Whilst safety measures can be put in place, we do not recommend using inflatables near water where AC powered blowers are required.

Customer Service

We're here to help you.
If I call what should I expect?
You should expect someone else on the end of the line that is ready to help educate, explain, advise, and assist you in any way you need.

We may ask a number of questions to help understand exactly what it is you are looking to produce to ensure we understand your unique circumstances and requirements.

We are committed to 10/10 service with every single client, because we’re only in business because of YOU.
If I make an enquiry, how soon should I expect a response?
Our team will get in touch with you within 24 business hours. Can’t wait? Give us a call on 1300 136 116 now!
How long does it take to get a price?
Getting a price on your custom inflatable can take up to 24 hours, as we need to consider many different factors, including size, shape and construction method. For more complex and detailed inflatables, this can sometimes take 48 hours or longer.
How quickly do you dispatch orders?
Once your order is completed, and provided we have all your delivery details on hand, we typically dispatch goods the next business day.
What are your opening hours?
We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM AEST.
Do you have a showroom?
Yes! We do. Our address is Unit 2, 2 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Melbourne.

Call us on 1300 136 116 to discuss dropping in.

Graphics & Pre-Production

Behind the scenes, our team work tirelessly
How can I customise my inflatable?
Anything is really possible! From Adding T-feet to an inflatable arch, or a wooden base to an inflatable can so they are more stable, as well as adding removable banners to make it possible to rebrand for your next event: there are a myriad of ways to customise your inflatable.
How long does the printing last?
It mainly depends on the choice of material and how much use your inflatable will get. Things such as UV, friction, and rough handling can affect the lifespan of your print. To get the maximum life out of the printing, we recommend doing your best to protect your inflatable during installation, transporting, and storage.
Do you care about what I want to produce?
We care about our work and want to do everything we do well. We give you free reign over ideas and then work out the best way to make it happen whilst not compromising safety.
Does anything get produced before I approve artwork?
Short answer, no. All inflatables are custom, and so we do not provide anything until you have signed off on your Order Confirmation.

We provide extensive designs and specifications to ensure that you are satisfied with what we are producing before we cut or print the first piece of fabric.
I have unique colours that I need to match, is that possible?
Yes, we can pantone match your unique colours to ensure brand conformity.

If this is important, please ensure that we have these references so we can meet your requirements.
How long does it take for a final design to be produced ready for my approval?
Depending on the complexity of the project, the final design averages between 1 and 7 days to be completed.


How we bring your dreams to life.
How long does it take to make my inflatable after I have signed off?
Production times for inflatables can depend on a number of factors including (but not limited to) size, complexity of design and total quantity. Inflatable Arches for example can take around 14-16 business days, whereas something more complex like an inflatable marquee or structure can take over 30 days for production alone.

Call us on 1300 136 116 to discuss the exact date you need your custom inflatable.
I have a really tight deadline, can you help?
We have procedures in place to facilitate expedited manufacturing.

Because every situation is different, please call us on 1300 136 116 to discuss the exact date you require your inflatable, and we’ll work out how to make it happen for you.


Getting your inflatable into your hands
Do you deliver Australia wide?
We certainly do! We have a wide range of services which can suit a range of budgets and priorities!
Can I pick up?
Upon the completion of your order, pick up is available by appointment from our office located at Unit 2, 2 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Melbourne.
How quickly do you dispatch orders?
Once your order has been completed and quality checks have been completed, orders are dispatched the following day.
How long does delivery take?
Our standard freight services takes the following days:

- Melbourne (1-2)
- Sydney (2-3)
- Adelaide (2-3)
- Brisbane (3-4)
- Perth (4-5)
- Add on a couple extra days extra for regional locations near those cities
- Overnight services available Australia wide at an additional cost.
Do you have overnight freight?
Yes. We’ve sent pallet loads of inflatables from Melbourne to Darwin before.
Do you deliver to residential addresses?
Because we use couriers, they generally require a signature to receive the goods.

We can deliver to residential addresses, but we request an “Authority To Leave”.
What happens if no one is available to receive the delivery?
Your inflatable​ will be taken back to the couriers local depot and will be available for you to collect.

Alternatively, if you choose, we can re-deliver the consignment for a small fee.


Getting your custom inflatable into your hands
Do you provide a User Manual/Installation Guide
Yes, all inflatables are provided with a User Manual/Instruction Guide. For proper understanding of safety and warranty information, this instruction guide should be read from front to back. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on 1300 136 116.
Are inflatables easy to install?
Inflatables are not difficult to install if you follow our instructions, but it will never be as simple as plugging in the blower and you’re done. Setting up and packing down can be the most dangerous time whilst using the inflatable. Pegs and other anchors may not be 100% set, so ensure these are properly secured. Extreme care and common sense is important during this time. If the weather conditions are looking precarious on the day, reconsider setting up.
Can you make a waterproof inflatable?
Whilst every effort can be made to make an inflatable with a high level of water resistance, it is not always possible to create an inflatable completely impervious to water. Please contact us if it is important for your unit to be waterproof so we can discuss options.
How much weight does my inflatable require?
The size, shape, and dimensions of your inflatable will impact the amount of ballast weight or hold down equivalent to ensure it is being used safely. These will be calculated specifically for your product and listed in the provided user manual.
Can I set up my inflatable on uneven ground?
It is recommended that your inflatable is set up on flat and even ground.
What maintenance is required for my inflatable?
Like anything, your inflatable may need maintenance or repairs over time. This could be as simple as a clean, a small hole patched, or a replacement blower unit.

If there are any concerns about repairs or maintenance, please contact us on 1300 136 116.
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