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Custom Inflatable Archway

Custom Inflatable Archway

One of the most popular and recognisable custom inflatables is the inflatable arch; also called an inflatable archway. Commonly used as entry points and finish lines, arches are a simple and effective way to advertise your brand at events. Arches will often be present in the backdrop of many photos, making it unforgettable in years to come.

We produce inflatable arches Australia wide, meaning they get used in many different climates and for all kinds of events. These archways can be made in many different sizes and styles; there are also options to cater for different budgets. We find many of our customers require similar, if not the same arch sizes, due to regulations and requirements set by local councils and event managements. This has made it much easier and quicker to produce compared to other custom inflatables.

While there is a lot you can customise, there are design constraints that ensure the inflatable archway remains stable and secure when in use. You would not have a very stable arch if the width and length are so far apart (e.g. 6m high and 2m wide). If you are interested in an arch, and would like an idea of where to start, we have put together a briefing below of an order we have worked on previously.

The Initial Conversation

A previous client returned to us looking for a new inflatable archway, who already had experience using them. The last inflatable arch they ordered consisted of a very basic design with detachable banners, though with a new flavour range about to launch for summer,  they wanted to make a huge impact at the launch event. At the time, they could only foresee the arch being used for the one-time event. 

We had a few weeks to go before their event, and as we were entering our peak season, production times were starting to get longer. Keeping the tight time frame in mind, we knew the client was after something a little extra, and that there were expectations to exceed. 

We had a rather open brief with this job. This is sometimes a blessing, other times a curse.  Only the size of the arch was the only known factor to work with, and of course “We want it to look awesome!”. Luckily they were speaking to the right people. 

Nailing The Artwork

With the overall themes being “Beach” and “Summer”, we got our thinking caps on to come up with a unique printed design. While some clients may know what they want, they can sometimes struggle with translating what’s on their mind onto a screen, or sometimes they just need help visualising the end product. This is where our mock up designs can really help.

Sifting through over 100 images in their asset library, layering designs on different backgrounds, we stumbled across exactly what you see here in the image and everything fell into place. After some consultation and revisions, the client took it back to their marketing department, who fell off their chairs! Minor changes were required to ensure their branding remained consistent, but seeing their overall response was, to us, priceless.

After payment was finalised and artwork signed off, we were able to start the manufacturing process. During this time, the client began to get rather concerned about how the blue in their artwork would print, as it was the feature colour for their entire theme. To settle any doubt, we organised a printed sample of the inflatable archway material and sent it directly to the client, to ensure it was a perfect colour match, and that it tied in with the rest of their event theme.

Inflatable Archway: From Start to Finish

Arches are usually rather straightforward and only take 2-3 weeks from start to finish. The actual design and production of the arch took around 14 days, however there were internal roadblocks that slowed the whole process down.

From start to finish, here is how the order went down:

Week 1

  • Initial Consultation
  • Brainstorm session 
  • Pricing Confirmed
  • Initial Designs started flowing with overall design agreed on 
  • High Resolution Artwork Started.

Week 2

  •  Invoice and payment arranged 
  • Overall concept and print ready artwork signed off 
  • Print Sample Arranged as requested by client

Week 3

  • Samples received and approved to proceed by client 
  • Production completed 
  • First production testing 

Week 4

  • Inflatable Archway has final test before being dispatched to the client for the event that weekend


Inflatable Arch Close Up
Close up of the Summer Bright Lager inflatable archway

This arch was one of the most rewarding arches; the client was open to our ideas and feedback flowed well in both directions. The inflatable archway was a huge hit at their event tying everything together, and was even used for subsequent events, creating more sponsor opportunities. There are two takeaways from this arch: go the extra mile to look good, and sometimes the only extra expense, is the extra time and effort you put in to reach into your imagination and create something exceptional.

We manufacture and deliver these inflatable arches Australia wide, so if you are looking at making a statement for your next event, contact us today!

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