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Prontosan Custom Inflatable Bottle

Prontosan Custom Inflatable Bottle

B. Braun Australia contacted us to discuss the creation of a custom inflatable bottle that they wanted to use as they often participated in medical and pharmaceutical trade shows to promote their company and line of service.

They had a particular product in mind that they wanted to create a custom inflatable bottle of on their products, which was called Prontosan. The product was recently launched at the time and B. Braun Australia wanted to highlight it during trade shows. The uniqueness of the custom inflatable bottle would no doubt make for an interesting talking point to start a conversation with healthcare professionals, industry partners, or even journalists. 

Starting With The Concept

Although we have created custom inflatable bottles in previous projects, no two units are alike, and we need to start from scratch every single time a new project comes along. 

Since B. Braun Australia wanted a replica of their Prontosan bottle for their promotional prop, our team was given the real product to work with. In terms of aligning our creative perspective with that of the client, this certainly helps us to do just that. 

Once we had communicated our recommendation on which material to use to create the custom inflatable bottle and the approximate production cost, the client gave us the green light to proceed with the design process. It was a fascinating project to undertake and we could not wait to create their vision, so we wasted no time in carrying on!

Measurements To 3D Model

Our creative team took a range of measurements from the Prontosan bottle B. Braun Australia delivered to us and used 3D CAD software to create full-coloured digital renderings of the custom inflatable bottle. 

We scaled up the size of the bottle and settled with a height of 2 m, ensuring the inflatable would stand tall enough to be seen by the audience at trade shows and catch their attention, but still be small enough to be easy to transport and set up. 

Original Bottle To Replicate

The question of how we designed the label for the bottle might arise in one’s mind. Through excellent communication with the client, we were able to procure the real Prontosan bottle’s label from their packaging company. 

It aided us in creating the flawless replica, all we had to do is meticulously copy the detail from the real label to our design. Although there were small adjustments made to improve the design, the artwork was incredibly similar to the real label and our client signed off on it without a hitch. 

Creating an Exact Custom Inflatable Bottle Replica

In no time the final approval was given by the client, then we handed the baton to our manufacturing team, who was just as thrilled to begin the production process. We decided to construct the Prontosan bottle as a sealed inflatable. This means the unit is inflated with a pump that can be disconnected, after which point the inflatable will be sealed. 

Equipped with years of experience under our belt, we masterfully printed the required materials and cut them to meet the design specifications. Then, we welded the material together and finally brought the Prontosan custom inflatable bottle to life. 

Wide Shot Of Custom Inflatable Bottle

To ensure customer satisfaction, no unit leaves our production facility without proper quality control testing. We inflated the bottle for the first time and took documentation before dispatching it to their office in New South Wales, Australia.

Real-Life Prontosan Bottle

The sealed custom inflatable bottle takes no time to set up—5 minutes and it was ready to go! The bottle was designed with a flat base to be free-standing, meaning the client did not need any ropes to set it up. 

Normally, we would not recommend this because of the instability of the unit but considering the relatively small dimensions of the bottle and its strictly indoor usage, it was acceptable to use the unit without securing it with ropes. As a bonus point, deflating the unit is just as easy as inflating it. All the client needs to do is use the pump in reverse. 

B. Braun Australia was on cloud nine with the final product; it was everything they wanted, and we were ecstatic to have delivered another incredible custom inflatable bottle. 

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