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Nulon Oil Bottle

Nulon Oil Bottle

When we say we can make anything into an inflatable, we mean it. So when Nulon Products Australia approached us with the ultimate challenge to make a custom inflatable product replica, this was to be one of our most challenging tasks to date.

The client wanted an exact replica of a Nulon Oil bottle, which they wanted to use at promotional events in New South Wales, in order to advertise their product in a fun and effective way. 

The only problem was the bottle was ‘flat’ on two sides. The laws of science dictate that inflatables always want to be round, due to the way pressurised air moves. However, this didn’t put our team off. We don’t bottle things up that easily, but to us there are no problems, only solutions!

Unbottling Ideas

Thanks to years of experience in the industry,  our team of designers already had a number of ideas ready for how to get over the challenge of the custom inflatable product replica’s shape.

Custom Inflatable Product Replica - Nulon Bottle

Using a real bottle to get an exact scale of its dimensions, the designers made sure that the measurements were precisely replicated into the design of the custom inflatable product replica. This meant that all the proportions were completely accurate and guaranteed to fulfil the client’s demands for an exact replica of the product.

But it wasn’t just about being able to produce an exact reproduction of the bottle. We had to also make sure the end product had the desired ‘wow’ factor to ensure maximum impact when it was in use at promotional events. 

Making the custom inflatable product replica supersized made sure that it was suitably eye-catching. Measuring 2.5 meters in height and 2 meters in width guaranteed it was big enough to create a real stir at any promotional occasion.

Custom Inflatable Product Replica - 3D

Having finalised the dimensions of the custom inflatable product replica, the real work began. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail – this is why we have such a highly regarded reputation in the industry and why our clients come back time and time again.

Getting every last detail of the product onto the custom inflatable product replica was quite a challenge for us, but we love a challenge as it only opens up more opportunities in future. We spent a great deal of time making sure we copied each and every detail of the actual bottle onto the replica and the results were absolutely outstanding. 

Apart from the sheer size of the replica, there really was no detailed missed between the original bottle and the end result. 

Time to Open Up

Even though the client was already delighted with the draft designs, we needed to be sure the custom inflatable product replica delivered on everything it promised, so we didn’t relax until we had set it up at our facility to check it over. 

Custom Inflatable Product Replica - Reverse Side

We had to ensure that not only did it look as sensational as it did on the design, but that it stayed upright and kept its shape. Thankfully we needn’t have worried – it looked every bit as good as we’d hoped and we couldn’t wait to take it to the client to show them what we’d come up with.

Blowing Off the Lid

Seeing how pleased the client was with their custom inflatable product replica made all the hard work worthwhile. Not only did the inflatable only take around 10 minutes to set up making it incredibly easy to use, but it was designed to be used time and time again, ensuring the client got real value for money from their product. 

They couldn’t have been happier and the bottle has been used successfully at many promotional events, helping to highly effectively spread the organisation’s corporate message.

Uncap the Possibilities

If you’d like to become one of our many satisfied customers, then give us a call or drop us a line today. Creating bespoke product replicas for promotional purposes is what we specialise in and we pride ourselves on the authenticity and accuracy of our products – guaranteed!

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