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John Oxley Volkswagen - Double Leg Inflatable Arch

John Oxley Volkswagen - Double Leg Inflatable Arch

Imagine you are just driving along with no urgent destination in mind. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a double leg inflatable arch. By itself, it probably wouldn’t even phase you because it isn’t as if these kinds of inflatables are that uncommon. However, you notice this arch happens to be quite wide and now your interest is piqued.

This scenario is exactly what John Oxley Volkswagen in New South Wales was hoping to facilitate when they ordered a double leg inflatable arch for promotional events and sales. Inflatable Anything is always more than happy to help out fellow businesses draw a crowd, and boy did this inflatable definitely do just that! We were ecstatic to get started!

What’s the Plan, Stan?

Double Leg Inflatable Arch 2D Artwork

For this double leg inflatable arch, the client wanted a fairly simple design: a light blue arch, the company’s name printed along the top bar, and places on the legs to attach Velcro banners corresponding with their sponsors. 

Our business has made many units exactly like this over the past 15 years, but there is 1 huge difference. A pretty standard height for arches has been 2.5 metres internally, but the client also requested that this double leg inflatable arch have 7 metres of space from leg to leg, enough room for 2 cars to pass through at once. Luckily, we knew the best solutions to achieve that right off the bat!

To achieve an arch with enough stability to accommodate this kind of request, we can create an arch with both 2 legs on each side instead of just 1, and we can make it more angular at the top. This will not only give it a more interesting shape overall, but it also means the rope used to tie down the double leg inflatable arch can be anchored from more points.

Refining the Look

Many businesses do end up going the more humble route when it comes to designing their inflatables to fit their branding as down to Earth and approachable, and the client wanted the same for this double leg inflatable arch. The main body was to be 1 single, simple and inviting colour: light blue. 

Again, we’ve made such units in the past many times and we knew exactly what we had to do, but the most challenging part of creating this double leg inflatable arch was getting the detachable Velcro banners just right. It’s 1 thing to get the client’s business logo up to par, but there is some extra pressure when it’s several logos of several businesses and entities. 

For these banners, we used a full surface print to achieve a crisp image that is printed out all at once. This is the solution we use as a standard when it comes to logos that need to be a bit more precise. 

The Makings of a Masterpiece

Double Leg Inflatable Arch Testing

For all of our units, we tend to go with 1 of 2 materials, polyester or polyvinyl chloride. Several considerations, such as weather conditions and functionality, go into deciding which polymer is best, but the sheer size of this double leg inflatable arch was also a big factor. Since it had so much space to cover, it really needed to be solid beyond just being stable enough. The more durable option is PVC, but that’s not the only reason we chose it for this project.

PVC has some great qualities to it, such as being lightweight and being resistant to most chemicals. Though this material has the ability to be manipulated in  a special way that polyester simply can’t, that method would not serve the client at all. So instead, we sewed the PVC panels together, which helps to control the flow of compressed air inside inflatables. 

Since these events and sales were unlikely to only last a few hours, going with a method that required a constant blower was also way more convenient anyway. 

The Big Reveal!

The design was quite straight forward and our years of experience ensured a smooth manufacturing process, so all that was left was making sure the unit was safe and effective through our thorough quality control protocols and to ship it off to New South Wales. John Oxley Volkswagen received the arch with plenty of time to figure out how to properly set it up in only 10 minutes, and they were quite happy with the solutions we provided them.

The next time you are looking to draw in some interest for your next event, consider contacting Inflatable Anything. We guarantee we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations!

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