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Alpine Cycling Club's Giant Inflatable Arch

Alpine Cycling Club's Giant Inflatable Arch

We were contacted by Peter from the Alpine Cycling Club, which is sponsored by Bright Brewery for their events. Peter was looking to create a giant inflatable arch for his events, which Bright Brewery, as one of their major sponsors was keen on getting into also. They also sponsor a number of other events, so for them it was a no brainer. 

We had recently done some work via one of our other brands, Canopy Outdoor, where we made a number of marquees for the Brewery to Run events from. We had a clear understanding of the Brewery’s style, and they agreed that the giant inflatable arch and marquees would often be used at the same events, so brand consistency was very important to them. 

Because we had the previous artwork on file, we were able to make a quick start on putting the design together. A  great example of how good branding can be mirrored to other products!

Designing a Giant Inflatable Arch

Being that we had done a number of marquees for the brewery in the past and understood their requirements in terms of branding, we got together and worked on laying the artwork down onto the template for the arch required. 

This structure was large, but certainly not the largest arch we have produced. Due to the 8m span and 5m height it was required for this customised inflatable arch to be manufactured with thicker tubing, to ensure it would stand up to the wind up on the mountains. Additionally, the angled corners were used to create more strength, something which is often required for large span arches. 

Giant Inflatable Arch corners
Angled corners is one of many styles you can choose to customise your giant inflatable arch

Artwork Approvals

With the overall design approved in principle, we got working on the official designs. This involved taking assets from the previous jobs we had some for the Brewery and laying things out for the client to see and understand so they could approve. 

Details including dimensions of the arch, banners and locations for D Rings are outlined, even down to the colour of velcro used for the banners. 

Giant Inflatable Arch Artwork

After some minor tweaks to make everything work, this was handed through to the Branding Team at Bright Brewery. Being a company who takes their branding seriously, they were 100% satisfied with the proposed designs and gave us the go ahead to start printing and sewing the arch together. 

Manufacturing: Where the Magic Happens

With the designs approved the next steps were to have the a quick print sample done; this is to ensure that the orange colour of the giant inflatable arch is matched to the brewery’s branding guidelines. With the pantone provided, this was a simple process and was confirmed by both us and the client. We were now good to pull the trigger and start printing the rest of the design. 

Materials were then printed, cut and sewn together with the velcro sewn for their banners and all D-Rings for tethering sewn in. Just a handful of days after we began, the arch was completed and final checks done before sending the arch to us to hand over to the client.

The Customised Inflatable Arch in Action

As is typical with us, we finished the giant inflatable arch ahead of schedule which gave us plenty of time to do some testing on the unit and ensure it was perfect, as the brewery was coming down to collect and use it the same weekend! 

Giant Inflatable Arch Cycling Event
The ACC customised inflatable arch; a prominent display for one of their many events

As always, we love having the opportunity to work with our regulars; the ACC is no exception! We know that our return customers always come back to us with honest feedback, which ensures we are able to provide the best service possible.

If you are thinking of doing something a little different for functions or events; something that will speak volumes to a big audience, our friendly team will be more than happy to brainstorm ideas for a customised inflatable with you and come up with a solution that meets your budget. Contact us today for a free, non-obligatory quote! What have you got to lose?

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