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Inflatable Entry Arch: Southport School

Inflatable Entry Arch: Southport School

Our team was beyond thrilled when we got the call—the Southport School had reached out to us and wanted to commission an inflatable entry arch. In creating their curriculum, the Southport School takes into consideration research that shows students have better academic performance when they are exposed to cultural and sporting activities. As such, the school offers several sports for the students to choose from, among which are basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis. And this is where we came in! 

The inflatable entry arch we provided was used in the sports field during one of their sporting events. With the eye-catching design and the large dimensions, our inflatable arch can easily be spotted from a distance away which helps the students to find exactly where they need to go. What better arch to place at the entry of the field?

Understanding Their Vision

An essential part of any project is to align our vision with that of the client’s. We needed to make sure we understood their idea perfectly and had taken down notes on their specific requirements and needs, so the final inflatable entry arch would not fall short of the client’s expectations. For this purpose, we had discussion sessions with the client before we started working on the design. 

Original Inflatable Entry Arch

At the time, the Southport School had an existing inflatable entry arch commissioned from another supplier, but they wanted another one: bigger and better. Of course, we were more than happy to provide!

2D Mockups Of The Inflatable Entry Arch

After thorough discussions with the client, our creative team began drawing up 2D designs for the inflatable entry arch. The internal dimensions of the arch were set to be 5 m wide and 4 m high, which was signed off by the client. They had put forward a special request for the design feature: the angled corners were to be steeper than a regular arch. We had no trouble accommodating this request since all of our creations are bespoke and tailored to individual client’s wishes. 

Artwork For Inflatable Entry Arch

A part of the design process required us to perfectly replicate the Southport School’s distinct school colours on our inflatable entry arch. Our team utilized the use of Pantone Matching System (PMS) to carry out this task. The blue is a PMS 281 shade while the red is a PMS 200 shade, information which was supplied in the 2D Drawings we sent to the client. We also included the position of the D rings needed to hold the arch up upon set-up, so the client would have an idea of their placements.

The Start of Something New

The design was a big hit with the client, and we proceeded by rendering 3D drawings with our CAD software for the manufacturing team to work with. Based on our recommendation, PVC was used as the material for the inflatable entry arch. 

Since the arch was fully printed, we ordered colour samples before the main production process took off to make sure the print came out exactly as we wanted. Then it was time for printing, cutting, and sewing together the components to create an outstanding arch that would stand tall and proud to welcome excited boys to Sports Day.

After 2-3 weeks of production, the inflatable arch was completed and ready for quality control and testing procedures. 

Tie Down Of Inflatable Entry Arch

Our team inflated it for the first time before delivering it to the client. This was done to make certain that there were no problems in setting up the inflatable arch. It’s no surprise, given the high quality of our work, that no issues were encountered. 

The inflatable entry arch passed the quality check with flying colours and was delivered to Queensland, Australia.

A Festive Sports Day!

We know how hectic a Sports Day could be. Students running here and there, impatient to see their friends perform their best on the field or perhaps play one of the sports matches themselves. The Southport School would have a lot on their plate without us adding to it, so we made the setting up of the inflatable entry arch as hassle-free as possible. 

Following the instructions and equipment we gave to the client, it took only ten quick minutes for the arch to be inflated. The time efficiency was especially highlighted in the customer’s stellar review to us and we were delighted to hear that we had contributed positively to their event.

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