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Inflatable Entry Archway

Inflatable Entry Archway

Moonlight Cinema has been one of our customers for several years now. This year Aussie Home Loans was the new sponsor for the event, and they wanted us to create a fully printed custom inflatable entry archway that would align their branding with the regular Moonlight Cinema event.  

Our team at Inflatable Anything is always up for a challenge when it comes to creating bespoke inflatables, but every so often we also enjoy working on a brief that is more conventional in design and manufacture. The standard T-frame used for the Aussie Home Loans inflatable entry archway and the uniform colouring in their branding made it super simple for us to deliver a quality product within the required budget and timeframe. 

Pure and Simple

The full surface of the Aussie Home Loans inflatable entry archway was printed in their unique purple colour. When it comes to branding, matching the colour of an inflatable product to a client’s signature colour is critically important. We used colour samples to perfectly match the inflatable entry archway with the Aussie Home Loan’s Pantone colour. 

When we are asked to print the entire surface of an inflatable for any client, then adding logos or text poses no problem at all. Such was the case for this project which meant that adding the welcoming words ‘Enjoy the movie!’ across the top of the arch, and the company’s logo on both the front and back of each leg of the arch, didn’t slow down our production time at all. 

Back to Basics

We have successfully manufactured so many inflatable arches over the years, and the design is so standard, that it is no longer necessary for us to create a 3-D model before manufacture. A 2-D artwork is sufficient to ensure that the dimensions and design meet the client’s requirements and our own standards of delivery.

Congestion is certainly not what any client would want at a public event, so we designed the final inflatable entry archway to be approximately 3m high by 5m wide ensuring that there was plenty of space for groups of people to walk through at the same time. The integrated T-legs also increased the stability of the arch - which is another important consideration for an inflatable arch that is being used at an outside event with large groups of people moving through. 

Inflatable Entry Archway Tested

We pride ourselves on offering quick and easy ways for our clients to set up their custom inflatable products. Another advantage of the integrated T-legs in this design is that they provide added stability to the structure, making it safer and easier to secure. While ropes are an additional cost, they are still required to ensure the arch is prepared for any potential changes in weather conditions and/or unexpected events.

Like so many of our other inflatables, this inflatable entry archway can be set up in less than 15 minutes – leaving more time for the Moonlight Cinema events team to focus on improving the cinema experience for their guests!

Walk This Way

Inflatable Entry Archway Close Up

The simple overall structure of the inflatable entry archway does not mean that our team paid less attention to detail. The use of text on any inflatable with promotional or branding purposes is meant to engage and inspire onlookers. The printed wording on the inflatable entry archway needed to be crisp, bold - and most important of all, aligned! 

The logos printed on both sides of the two legs also needed to be aligned with each other and sized for visibility. We took the execution of these details in our stride, creating a simple but striking archway that would welcome and impress the avid moonlight-cinema goers! 

Get Ready to Promote Your Brand 

Inflatable Entry Archway In Action

At Inflatable Anything, we believe that the creativity coupled with an innovative design process is the key to the quality of inflatable products. Whether the custom inflatable you are looking to have designed is large or small, elaborate or simple, we can’t wait to hear about it. We will use our years of experience to make sound recommendations ensuring that the product you receive suits your purpose and matches your creative requirements. If you are looking to promote your brand and wow the crowds with a bespoke inflatable entry archway, contact us today! 

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