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Inflatable Health Drink Bottle

Inflatable Health Drink Bottle

Physical health and wellness may not exactly be at the top of everyone’s priority list, but surely we can at least all agree that paying attention to the quality of the food and drink you put into your body is important. To promote their turmeric elixir specialty beverage, supplement supplier and health food brand Liquefy contacted us about constructing an inflatable health drink bottle for an upcoming trade show. 

Here at Inflatable Anything, we are quite passionate about bringing ideas to life, especially when they benefit a product and a purpose we can really get behind!

Setting Out On a Journey

Actual Product

The client wanted, ultimately, a promotional unit we are very experienced at making: a product replica. However, to get the biggest bang out of their buck, they desired for the main label to adorn all 4 sides of the squared off inflatable health drink bottle for maximum exposure. Since this was to be for a trade event held indoors, the client was also very conscious about the nuisance it might be so specified that they wanted to reduce the noise of the inflatable by foregoing an external blower altogether. All were simple enough requests. We just had to make sure we got the proportions right on the inflatable health drink bottle once the artwork was approved.

Walking the Path

Standing at 2 meters high, with the width adjusted to stay proportional with the dimensions of the actual product, we knew there was an obvious superior material to meet the client’s needs for this inflatable health drink bottle: polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC!

A full colour print is a technique by which ink is directly applied to a fabric all at once instead of in layers, and it happens to work really well on this particular plasticised polymer. It can also be referred to as 4 colour or CMYK printing, named so because of the inks used to achieve its wide variety of hues: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. The process really matches and blends colours together well, so the end result is quite striking and attention-grabbing, which I’m sure you’ll all agree was exactly what was called for with those fantastic shades of orange. All you really need is a quality digital inkjet printer and a team with experience on how best to operate it!

Building Yourself Up

The specific quality of PVC material that immediately drew us to our conclusion was the fact that the polymer can be seam-welded, which is a process wherein seams are basically fused together on a molecular level. There’s no separating that puppy, and if it does happen to split up, the welding process makes it effortless to repair! With this strong and lightweight structure, you can just blow up an inflatable once, seal it off, and go about your day sans blower, internal or external.

This method is also how we construct our inflatable balls and some inflatable props, and the material plus the technique is quite popular for inflatable boats. From our conversations with the client, it was very clear how well the solution would work for this inflatable health drink bottle.

Although there are several great options we could have used in this regard, PVC is the most durable fabric thanks to its tensile strength. It is also anti-microbial, easy to store, naturally flame-retardant, and resistant to chemical damage. For this inflatable health drink bottle, polyvinyl chloride really did an ace job of capturing some of the details of the turmeric elixir bottle as well, and we couldn’t have been more pleased. 

Staying Grounded

Building these creations typically takes us here at Inflatable Anything anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, and a bit more time for quality control protocols. By the time the client finally approved the artwork and all the other specifications, the day of the trade show was quickly approaching. Tight deadlines have never intimidated us before, though! Somehow, we still got the inflatable health drink bottle to them just in time.

At this point in our business, we have nearly had to perfect every single technique under the sun to construct the perfect inflatable unit, yet we see every new project as a new opportunity to improve and better our business practices.

We dedicate ourselves to bringing your idea, and your brand, to life every single minute of every single day. Contact our team of highly trained experts today to see how we can facilitate your vision!

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