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Inflatable Lunar Tiger

Inflatable Lunar Tiger

Canterbury Bankstown Council in New South Wales geared up to launch their most exciting post-covid event yet! Since local businesses have always been the backbone of the region, the council has made it their focus on helping its businesses reach success using its own marketing strategies; this time they did it with the help of an inflatable lunar tiger. Business needs these days are so multifaceted, it’s a blessing having a local council like this who can create opportunities to boost brand awareness and bring further interest from local and abroad.

Detailed Down to the Whisker

So many people around the world are familiar with the sound of drums and cymbals with elaborate dancing dragon costumes to celebrate China’s rich history and culture. Chinese New Year celebrations are so widespread that no matter what country you’re in, you will find one just around the corner.

Canterbury Bankstown Council was looking for a catchy inflatable lunar tiger that was family friendly, with a strong impression, and a good sense of fun and culture to pull all people into the event to participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations with them.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we strive to meet every requirement of our client and help them in every way that we can in order for them to meet their goals. We explored each and every aspect of every proposed design to tailor fit it to the needs of our clients, offering more than what they need when possible. 

Seeing that the needs were again very unique, our imaginations got very stirred. Our design team immediately started working on the design concepts of the inflatable lunar tiger. We then presented several concepts for the client to choose from to stand as a symbol for the year of the tiger (2022). These had several variations in terms of overall design.

We also made the concepts to be something that they could easily set up and pack down as it was used in multiple sites that had specific dates running the Chinese New Year event.  Something that had safety within its concepts, catering to an event for families. Something catchy in terms of size, shape, and colour, that will serve as a marketing strategy to engage with the wider audience.

A Courageous Design

Inflatable Lunar Tiger 3D Concept

We finalised on the plain tiger design (3-meter height x 6-meter length) to mimic a walking tiger in the grounds.  Retaining the natural colour of the tiger, it’s stripes and its white chest. Adding in all the necessary facial features including the teeth, ears, claws, and its tail, making it as detailed as possible with a full surface print. Making sure that the material (100% PVC) that was used was durable to withstand a constant internalised blower, extreme weather conditions by securing the inflatable lunar tiger to retain its shape and size and have enough rings to ensure maximum security.

Making Something Fierce

Completing the manufacturing process within a short span of time can create some demanding situations. For us, it meant that on top of working to meet an aggressive schedule, we also had to get all the paperwork and the approved specifications sorted out in the most efficient manner and delegate responsibilities in a timely way. Our experience in the industry allowed us to work with utmost efficiency making the best out of a very limited number of days adding more extra efforts to finalise everything before the Christmas closure.

Releasing the Tiger

We managed to deliver the inflatable lunar tiger nearly two weeks ahead of their first scheduled event in Bankstown. All ran smoothly considering the short time frame, with the client having plenty of time to practice setting up, practice installing the unit, test it, and pack it down, before the event. Thankfully our team had managed to stay on track all throughout and we were able to meet Canterbury Bankstown Council’s every expectation.

As the event started, the tiger caught the attention of everyone given its massive size, colour and design. A lot of people wanted to get their photos taken with the inflatable lunar tiger, especially the kids who would stare up with amazement. Some kids were a little overwhelmed by the tiger at first, but sharing in the excitement eventually became irresistible. Overall it was a fun day for everyone, thanks to our big and friendly Chinese Tiger.

Inflatable Lunar Tiger In Use

We were stoked when Canterbury Bankstown Council came back to us, sharing about their successful event. For them, it is very important to impact the lives of other people positively, in every way they possibly can. And this was exactly what we want to achieve for our clients, ensuring many happy memories are made from our work.

If you're looking for a custom inflatable, we can help. Whether you have a very specific design in mind, or if you need some guidance, we have the experience to make you something that will be a sure-fire hit at your next event. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

And to all our Chinese families, Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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