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Harrop Inflatable Race Arch

Harrop Inflatable Race Arch

Harrop Engineering contacted us with a request for an inflatable race arch for events such as auto expo’s and races. Harrop engineering are an Australian based company who manufacture car parts. 

Harrop’s formula for customer fulfilment is afforded to good Australian hard work and integrity; we wanted to provide the same for them when creating their custom race car arch.

Arches being a specialty of ours we were confident we could create something truly special for them. 

Creating the Inflatable Race Arch Concept

Harrop Engineering wanted something a little more special than a standard arch, so they went with a completely customised design - as are all our inflatables. The arch needed to big enough for a vehicle to be parked comfortably underneath to showcase their work at events.

Our client also wanted to make the arch stand out and have a 3D effect for their logo. The design team decided a cube effect on the bridge of the arch would be the best way to make the logo really come alive. 

Inflatable Arch Concept

This meant the cube was a little wider than the rest of the arc, drawing major focus to the branding. Our design team knew from experience, that in order to keep the arch stable due to the expansion of the cube on top that T style legs would be the best for this project.

The Finishing Touches

To fit in with the clients brief the inflatable race arch was made in their custom colours of red and black which were bright and vibrant. The use of these colours meant the display would stand out against any backdrop, the arch was unmissable. 

Harrop’s also wanted us to consider longevity when manufacturing their inflatable arch. When it came to the banners, they wanted to be able to attach and detach them should branding, sponsorships or partnerships change. 

If they could not be interchangeable it would mean they couldn’t use the arch at every event, and we really wanted them to get their money’s worth. 

We came up with the ideal solution! 

The banners on both the top and sides would be made with removable Velcro so they could be changed to correlate with any new branding. Thus making the inflatable race arch a long term and viable investment for our clients.

Once design and costs had been confirmed it was over to our manufacturers to bring it to life. 

Harrop Inflatable Archway

Manufacturing Features

In order to make the arch big enough for a car to sit underneath the arch was 4m in height and 7.5m wide. We had to design the legs in a 2.5m ‘T’ shape as the client needed to ensure that the arch would remain stable, the ‘T’ style makes set up easier without requiring as many ropes to tie it down. 

The cube at the top measured 1.4m in height as it had to be a little wider than the rest of the arch to give it the 3D effect that Harrop’s wanted. In all, the arch was very large, making it a spectacular display of advertising and created the perfect photo opportunities on race days.

T Leg Inflatable Arch

To ensure the inflatable race arch met our high-quality control standards we added metal D rings to the bottom so the arch could be secured and stabilised. The general set up time takes around ten minutes. 

The blower and zips are located on both feet of the arch to afford the maximum flexibility when it comes to placement at events. The zips also open to help to deflate the arch, making it very quick and easy to pack away. 

Delivery and Feedback

We delivered the unique inflatable Harrop’s arch to their team in Melbourne Victoria, just in time for a racing event. They were really pleased with our team’s special design and the customised variables that went into it to make it so unique and adaptable. 

A race car could comfortably fit underneath the arch, while showcasing the Harrop’s Engineering logo. The 3D cube really stood out from the standard structure and looked amazing in promotional photos. Over the years Harrop’s have used the arch on so many occasions and it has been really effective each and every time. 

Skid Pan Inflatable Arch

If you are considering buying an inflatable race arch for your event, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are so often asked if we have any inflatables in stock but as a team we endeavour to create and design our products to solely fit you and your event. 

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to make an arch so it’s a fairly quick process that we are more than happy to help with. Our design team can be involved in the brainstorming to really make your brand stand out and when it comes to shapes and sizing our manufacturing team are always up for a challenge!

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