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Trail Running SA - Inflatable Running Event Arch

Trail Running SA - Inflatable Running Event Arch

One of the easiest ways to create and bring together a community is by emphasising the special interests its members have in common. To promote the cause at one of their events, the not for profit Trail Running South Australia commissioned an inflatable running event arch.

Starting in 2014, this independent and 100% volunteer organisation decided to create a space for trail running enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Since really hitting their stride with the community, running events have become much more frequent, up to weekly occurrences all throughout the Australian state.

We here at Inflatable Anything are passionate about bringing people and the entities meant to help them closer together in every capacity, but we especially love supporting smaller community organisations. We were thrilled to provide the client with only our very best marketing solutions for their inflatable running event arch!

Perfect Running Schedule

Inflatable Running Event Arch Artwork

As with smaller, community-focused events like Trail Running SA, the 3 metres tall by 4 metres wide unit was meant to be above all else humble and promotional of local businesses. To achieve both, this inflatable running event arch was to be as close to a dark green colour as possible-listed as PMS 569c—and unadorned besides Velcro, for detachable sponsorship banners.

To add more stability to the structure due to it having more points from which to secure the inflatable running event arch, we also constructed it to be more angular through the top bar, as opposed to a simple squared off arch. This also gives it a nicer, more interesting look.

Something to Look Forward to

The client specifically requested the inflatable running event arch to be as close to a certain shade of green as we could, to match their established branding. Though most of our work is achieved on a digital printer, which only uses four colour process printing or full colour, we are still able to use the same colour matching system the client was hoping for.

In this standardised system developed in the 1960s, called Pantone, exact colours are easier to be copied and replicated across different mediums. Instead of being laid down all at once, these Pantone inks are applied to a material in layers, so a hue can be custom adjusted to match with the reference materials as closely as possible. This ability is typically what a business wants for their logo, but again, it can’t be achieved on a digital printer. Since the event organisers’ budget solely comes from sponsorships and other community donations, the better branding option won out anyway, but primarily because it is way less expensive to print both the banners and the unit itself this way using spot colour.

A Solid Foundation to Build Upon

Here at Inflatable Anything, we strive to provide our clients with only the very best solutions in the industry for their units. When it comes to constructing our inflatables, the 2 materials we offer are top notch. Both polyvinyl chloride and polyester are extremely durable, resistant to most extreme weather conditions, and lightweight, but typically 1 rises above the other based on the needs of the particular project. 

For this inflatable running event arch, PVC was the superior choice. Though the above 2 qualities are true for both, this polymer possesses them slightly more. Since it comes in different levels of rigidity, PVC can basically be selected with the correct amount of durability depending on what you want. As for weather-resistance, the material is actually fully waterproof and UV resistant. On top of that, in case of muddy conditions, it is also very easy to clean.

Finally Hitting the Trail

Inflatable Running Event Arch

Even with design approval, construction, quality control, and shipping from Melbourne to South Australia, we still made pretty decent time on this inflatable running event arch. The clients were quite happy with everything Inflatable Anything was able to achieve in the timeframe of the deadline. In fact, they must have enjoyed working with us as much as we did them. With the financial generosity provided by sponsors and community members, they keep coming back to us every time the same green arch needs new detachable banners for an event, or they need some other kind of promotional product. 

We have truly loved what we’ve done to support fellow businesses for the past 15 years, and every single project we take part in deepens that passion. Our team of experienced professionals can’t wait to see what we can do to help you and your community. Call today!

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