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Light Bulb Promotional Custom Inflatable

Light Bulb Promotional Custom Inflatable

True to our name at Inflatable Anything, we really can make anything out of an inflatable. So, when Nestle Professional approached us with a rather unusual brief for a promotional custom inflatable, we didn’t hesitate in saying ‘yes’!

Nestle Professional is an organisation which helps support food service operators through the provision of operational knowledge, promotion of the finest ingredients and general advice to help businesses succeed.

With a very special promotional event coming up on a P&O cruise ship, Nestle Professional wanted a truly one-off promotional custom inflatable that would provide a suitably eye-catching focal point to advertise their business.

And what better visual image to promote an organisation that nurtures entrepreneurship and business success, than a light bulb? Having come up with the basic idea, it was now up to us to turn the concept into a reality.

Light Bulb Moment

Having agreed with the client to produce a promotional custom inflatable in the shape of a light bulb, our designers now had to cover all the technical specifications to ensure the product worked in real life.

Promotional Custom Inflatable Artwork
The initial concept for the promotional custom inflatable light bulb

The client wanted the promotional custom inflatable to float in a pool on the cruise ship. It’s not often that we have to come up with a product that floats, but always keen to rise to the challenge, the design team set to work.

It was decided to incorporate a separate ‘donut’ base to the light bulb which would create a sturdy base for the light bulb to sit on. This also meant that the light bulb could be removed so the promotional custom inflatable could be used on it’s own. 

Designing the promotional custom inflatable so it was in two parts gave the product even greater flexibility.  The light bulb could be used on its own or together with the base, so it could be put together in various ways depending on the event and the occasion. Another light bulb moment for Inflatable Anything!

The light bulb inflatable measured two meters in height ensuring it had real visual impact and was 1.2 meters across.

Switching It On

As always, we made sure the client was completely satisfied with the design before going any further. 

The beauty of using state of the art CAD technology meant that the client could see an exact replica of their design before it went into production, so any glitches or difficulties were ironed out before the inflatable was actually made. 

This made for a much smoother and problem-free production process and ultimately, meant greater satisfaction for the customer who knew they were getting exactly what they asked for.

Having secured a firm ‘yes’ from Nestle Professional to go ahead and make the promotional custom inflatable, the production process was able to begin. 

Thanks to our experience and investment in the latest technology, we ensured the promotional custom inflatable was made quickly and flawlessly and was delivered to the client in plenty of time for their promotional event.

Promotional Custom Inflatable Test
The first test run

Making the Switch

The client was excited to see the end product and was super impressed with the results. The promotional custom inflatable created a real talking point at the cruise ship event and has since been used in a few different guises at other advertising events and occasions. 

The ability to switch the look of the promotional custom inflatable was a real selling point for Nestle Professional and has given the product a real sense of longevity and durability.

Another advantage to the promotional custom inflatable is the fact it only takes around 5 minutes to set up, a real bonus when the client is at a busy event. Being able to get set up quickly and easily is a complete win for Nestle Professional and they have been delighted with the product’s performance at numerous events.

Promotional Custom Inflatable Bulb Only
Without the base

Once again our team nailed the brief. It made sure the client not only received a promotional custom inflatable that ticked all the boxes with regard to visual impact and practical application, but it could also be utilised in a number of different ways at various events. 

Going over and above our commitment to deliver complete customer satisfaction is something we have become known for and we believe it goes some way to explain why we are one of the most trusted companies for custom-made inflatables in Australia. 

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