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Moonlight Cinema's Event Inflatable Arch

Moonlight Cinema's Event Inflatable Arch

At Inflatable Anything we are used to keeping our clients happy – it’s what we do – but our latest challenge for an event inflatable arch was all about making sure that not just one, but two clients were happy with our work. 

Moonlight Cinemas wanted a bespoke event inflatable arch to mark the entrance to its outdoor cinema events. Set up in the summer to make the most of the beautiful weather in Queensland and Victoria, the concept brought people together to watch films outdoors with food and drink stalls providing refreshment, as well as complimentary bean bags with tables to create a sense of comfort. 

An Event Inflatable Arch That Ticks All the Boxes

Outdoor Cinema

As outdoor events have become increasingly popular in recent years, the number of corporate sponsors have grown. As well as showcasing the entrance to the event, it was important that the sponsors of the occasion were featured prominently in the end product. 

The particular sponsors of this event, which was held in the stunning setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria, were NAB. As one of the biggest banks in Australia, it was vital that their branding was strongly featured on the event inflatable arch

Practical elements also had to be taken into account. These included the fact that the event inflatable arch needed to clearly mark the entrance to the event and welcome guests at the same time. 

We  certainly had our work cut out for it with this project but we jumped at the opportunity to create a truly memorable event inflatable arch for our client and couldn’t wait to get started.

Audition Time

The event inflatable arch was to be the first point of contact for guests arriving at the Moonlight Cinemas event, so it was absolutely fundamental that the design had the ‘wow’ factor that the client wanted. And not just Moonlight Cinemas, but the corporate sponsors too. 

Our designers had to make sure they took into account multiple factors when brainstorming their ideas for the finished article. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we soon settled on a number of themes to make sure we not only fulfilled, but exceeded, our clients’ expectations.

The main objective was to make sure the event inflatable arch had suitable visual impact, so this had to be incorporated into both the practical design and the final colour of the inflatable arch.

Event Inflatable Arch artwork
Artwork concept for the event inflatable arch

The key to good design is to know when to hold back. Rather than flooding the arch with lots of colours and images, the client decided to go for a more minimal design that let the branding and the wording speak for itself. 

And so, the design they came up with incorporated the simple slogan: “Enjoy the movie” – simple, yet highly effective. The branding of the bank was equally stripped back, so it really stood out. The NAB logo and their corporate message: ‘More than money’ had real visual impact, creating the perfect marriage between a subtle and meaningful message, and ensuring the sponsor received top billing.

Deciding to go for a stark black colour was a bold move, but as always, the client was delighted with their choice. Once again, we had nailed the brief and the client felt that the end design went over and above anything it could have imagined. 

Event Inflatable Arch Test Run

Lights, Camera, Action!

Taking the design from concept to reality, we made sure that we delivered everything we had promised. Ensuring the clients were happy with the overall design, we set to work manufacturing the event inflatable arch ready for the spectacular event in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

On completion, the event inflatable arch was set up on site, which only took around 10 minutes. The clients were able to see it in situ right away and to say they were delighted with the inflatable arch, is something of an understatement. 

Event Inflatable Arch at Event

The event inflatable arch created a truly stunning entrance to the Moonlight Cinema’s signature event and the pictures emphasised its visual impact, particularly enhanced by the beautiful backdrop of the gardens. Our design team at Inflatable Anything certainly achieved their aim to create a lasting and visually impactful event inflatable arch which highlighted both the entrance to the event and its sponsors’ branding. Job done.

Create Something Memorable

If you have a special corporate event or launch coming up and you want a truly memorable icon to mark the occasion, then you can’t go wrong with a bespoke inflatable from Inflatable Anything. The enduring images speak for themselves, so get in touch today.

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