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Bikes and Bulls 3D Logo Inflatable Arch

Bikes and Bulls 3D Logo Inflatable Arch

What’s a person to do when they have two overwhelming passions? Combine them, of course! That was the inspiration that fuelled Brodie Carmichael to found the adrenaline junkie’s dream-come-true Bikes and Bulls, an extreme sports event combining rodeo bull riding and freestyle motocross, in 2010. Inflatable Anything was tasked with constructing a 3D logo inflatable arch for the entrance to the showgrounds, to prepare the attendees for the impressive, adrenaline-filled family show that lay ahead.

It sounded like a fantastic challenge for us, and quite the exciting idea for an event. We couldn’t wait to take a crack at it!

Saddle Up

This unique 3D logo inflatable arch with internal dimensions of 3 metres high and 6 metres across had an overall very simple, basic design that we are quite familiar with: a 45 degree angle bend arch.  These types of inflatable arches are not only more interesting to look at, but they also provide a little more stability because there are more points from which we can attach D Rings and tie the unit down to stakes in the ground. This added stability was especially helpful for the feature we absolutely had to make sure exceeded the client’s expectations: a customized logo in 3 dimensions.

Throughout the body of the 3D logo inflatable arch, the client wanted the name of the event and original artwork of bulls, as well as spots where Velcro detachable banners could be placed to coincide with different sponsors over the years.

Apply the Dressing

3D Logo Inflatable Arch 2D Artwork

We are more than equipped to guide our clients through the process of designing their custom inflatables, but it always helps when they already know exactly what they want, especially if they have original artwork ready to go! The founder had such a deep connection to this combination event that we could bypass a good chunk of the process and get right down to the nitty gritty details of creating the 3D inflatable logo arch.

Using computer-aided design software, we fed in the artwork provided and came up with a 3D model to navigate how to bring this particular idea to life.

From there, we send the artwork to our digital printer, which uses the CMYK four colour matching technique as the standard for most of our projects. Cyan, magenta, yellow and “key” (or black) can be used in combination to achieve a wide variety of colours, in a typically higher-quality image overall. However, first, we had to decide which material would work best for the attention-grabbing 3D logo inflatable arch.

Unfortunately Sometimes You Have to Choose

Here at Inflatable Anything, we only offer the best options for our units. When it comes to choosing a material to construct an inflatable, we offer both polyester and polyvinyl chloride because they hold up so well to regular use. Honestly, the 2 polymers possess many similar qualities, however they both offer a certain few unique solutions depending on environmental factors and client needs.

For example, just about all of our inflatable props are made using PVC panels. The material is very strong and resistant to abrasion, and is also fire-retardant. Props typically need to be unencumbered by a constant external blower, so the fact that the seams of polyvinyl chloride panels can be welded together without needing to cool off is perfect for holding a unit in shape well enough that it only has to be inflated and sealed off once every few hours.

3D Logo Inflatable Arch Testing

Polyester, which is the option we chose for this 3D logo inflatable arch, is more UV-, stretch-, mould-, and mildew-resistant than many other fabrics, making it a great choice for any outdoor event. The polymer is also quite durable, with the ability to hold a greater detailed structure, which is what the client really wanted for the logo. His priority above the quality of the shape of the logo, though, was the grade of the print. Polyester fibres have very little space in between them, meaning the inks are very unlikely to bleed, and this added to the calibre of the inks we used really made his logo stand out.

What a great first impression!

A 3D Inflatable Logo Arch Come to Life!

Here at Inflatable Anything, we take great pride in doing our very best to ensure every project exceeds expectations, but this 3D logo inflatable arch called for special attention. We spent so much time perfecting the design for this unit that we just barely had time to construct it, put it through quality control, and ship it out before the first Bikes and Bulls show, but it was a great success!

It always brings us joy to be a part of an event meant to entertain the masses. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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