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Custom Printed Beach Balls

Custom Printed Beach Balls

At Inflatable Anything, we aim to equip our customers with a product that will create a positive experience for their audience; whether it's for education or brand awareness. In our experience as a company specialising in inflatables, custom printed beach balls have become one of the most popular staples in our portfolio. Versatile in size and design, these balls can be made to suit any function or unique activation.

When the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association contacted us for some of their own beach balls, we were delighted to take on this project. The Victorian Department of Education teamed up with the VAEAI to present schools with a unique learning opportunity. The aim of this partnership was to help create a different way for children to understand and learn about Aboriginal culture. The idea was for the custom printed beach balls to be used in various childcare centres across Victoria. 

First ordering over 3000 beachballs with us last year, they asked for a further 200 for this year. Since the order was basically the same, it was a quick and easy process for us.

The cultural diversity of the First Nations people is vast, with almost 200 languages still spoken to this day. Each language represents their culture specific to each region, within many pockets across Australia. 

Designing the Ball 

Custom Printed Beach Balls 2D Artwork

The specifics of these custom printed beach balls were only centred around a couple of languages, with the artwork focusing on handprints and footprints; symbols that are often synonymous with unity, while using the colours of the First Nations flag. 

The specifications of these custom printed beach balls were as follows: 

  • Total amount = 200 x 40 cm diameter balls (each ball is made up of six printed panels) 
  • 100% PVC welded
  • Weight = 500 g per ball

Ensuring that the design of the beach balls met and fulfilled the original brief, was one of the most important aspects for the design team. 

Having a complete understanding of what the custom printed beach balls were being used for, was the first step in the design process. Each one was representing a different language in the Aboriginal community – so we wanted to make sure we had the correct wording, colours, and images. 

Once they were happy with the design, we were able to put the concept into the latest CAD software. The software does a great job of indicating how the inflatables will turn out. As soon as they were approved, we were able to produce them and make sure that the creation of the custom printed beach balls was impactful, safe and easy to read – as they were for children after all. 

Custom Printed Beach Balls Completed

The beach balls were printed on large sheets of PVC, then cut into their individual panels, and subsequently seam welded to join them together. Seam welding is great for waterproofing vinyl materials and ensuring the fabric is well bonded together.

The Joy of Custom Beach Balls

The great thing about seam welded beach balls, is that they can remain inflated for long periods of times. However, if needed the balls can be topped up to ensure the integrity of it's shape. 

Custom Printed Beach Balls Hero

As you can see from the design, these balls represent the nature of the Earth, the Aboriginal flag, and the languages they chose to highlight. It was such a privilege for us to be a part of such an impactful project that is helping educate and bring awareness to the diversity of our many indigenous cultures here in Australia.

Interested in Custom Printed Beach Balls

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