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QPL's Inflatable Batting Cage

QPL's Inflatable Batting Cage

An interactive game is always a fun addition to a group event. Inflatables aren’t just decorative — they can be part of the action! In addition to inflatable batting cages, we’ve done bowling, golf, slip-n-slides, and tents for housing all kinds of different games and activities.

The contribution of an inflatable game or activity is also a great way for a business to sponsor local community group events, providing a source of entertainment while also boosting their brand presence in the community. That’s exactly what QPL Rural Real Estate was looking to do when they contacted us.

QPL is a family owned, regional based agency located in New South Wales that handles real estate, livestock and machinery sales. They wanted an inflatable that could be used at various different events over the summer and beyond. Initially they weren’t sure exactly what type of inflatable they were looking for, but that was no problem for us. Whether a client has a very specific request, or is looking to us for ideas and inspiration, we’re always up to the task!

Coming Up with a Plan

Inflatable Batting Cage 2D Artwork

When QPL contacted us, they knew they wanted something that would be a source of entertainment, not just an advertisement. Since giving back to the community is one of their core values, this was of the utmost importance to them. After discussing various options with us, they decided on an inflatable batting cage. The back panel of the cage contains a large hole through which kids (or adults) attempt to hit or throw a ball. It’s something they’d be able to reuse for all sorts of different events. With this in mind, they opted to use detachable Velcro banners on the outside frame, providing an easy way to customise the inflatable for different events or sponsors.

We drew up a simple, 3m X 3m design plan, essentially a cube minus the front and bottom panels. See-through netting on the sides of the cage would ensure safety, airflow and visibility. Keeping versatility and reuse in mind, we designed the back panel to be completely removable. This way, alternate panels can easily be printed to suit any occasion or event, and be changed out as needed.

Using our computer software to create a 3D model of this ultra-customisable inflatable batting cage, we were able to show the client exactly what the end result would look like. They gave us the thumbs-up and we were ready to move on to production.

A New Mascot, Maybe?

Inflatable Batting Cage 3D Artwork

In keeping with QPL's established branding, the main colours for the inflatable batting cage were pink and navy. The company’s logo was placed on both sides of the front frame, and lettering along the top frame proclaims QPL "proud sponsors of this event". The message is repeated on the back wall underneath the target hole for the ball, so it would be pretty hard to miss. At the same time, it's not intrusive or overdone. When it comes to brand presence, that’s exactly the balance you want for a community event.

For the main image on the back panel, where the target hole is located, our art team worked with QPL to create a fun anthropomorphic house character in their signature pink and navy colour scheme. It’s cute and definitely has kid appeal, while still fitting with the company’s purpose and image. And the target hole? The house's wide open mouth!

Pretty cute, right?

We used full surface printing to apply all the artwork. This is typically our preferred method because it results in a clear and vibrant image. At this point everything was looking great, and we couldn’t wait to get the inflatable batting cage put together so we (and the client) could see it fully inflated and ready for action!

Kid-Proof Construction

Due to the interactive nature of the inflatable batting cage, it would have to be able to stand up to kids, bats, and balls — not to mention weather. When it came to choosing the material, PVC was the obvious choice. Its durability is unmatched, and it can easily be wiped clean, making it ideal for an inflatable that’s going to be used over and over at different types of events.

An external blower was going to be used to keep the batting cage inflated, which meant sewing was the method of choice for assembly. Inflatables made from sewn PVC panels, like all inflatables operated with constant blowers, regulate airflow and maintain a constant internal pressure throughout the day, regardless of temperature or other factors. This ‘set it and forget it’ nature means they are low maintenance and perfect for longer events, and for outdoor events where temperature and weather is unpredictable. 

The Fun and Games Begin!

Inflatable Batting Cage Finished

QPL was scheduled to be at many different events over the coming months. They wanted this inflatable batting cage to be ready for their July 2022 event, and we had it done with plenty of time to spare. We heard it was a hit — pun intended!

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