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Custom Inflatable Cube

Custom Inflatable Cube

Binge drinking has been a significant problem in Australia, especially among young adults and teenagers. With over 2 decades of experience in facilitating meaningful engagement between the Australian Government and the public, Sydney-based Horizon Communication Group contacted us about replicating a custom inflatable cube to promote their now-idle “Be the Influence” initiative.

We could not be more thrilled to have been able to assist in such an important venture to help the youth of our country have happy and healthy lives!

To target this particular audience and their parents, the cube tent was set up outside of festivals and sporting events to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drinking too much, especially on an under-developed brain, and to provide resources for those struggling with alcohol abuse and overuse issues.

Testing the Custom Inflatable Cube

Challenge Accepted

The previous inflatable marquee got wet and had developed mould. It needed to be replaced immediately, and the client entrusted our company with the task of delivering a speedy, quality product. There was just one little hiccup, though. We weren’t provided with any specifications or measurements, so we were flying mostly blind. With such a tight deadline, we had very little to go on and less time to do it in! We didn’t even have time to prepare a 3-D mock-up! 

However, we absolutely love what we do here, and this just presented us with a puzzle to solve. So we got to work. Who doesn’t love a little improvisation every now and then?

Keeping Good on a Promise

The one thing we did receive as reference were pictures of the old custom inflatable cube, and we were asked to replicate it as closely as possible. We also compiled meticulous notes from phone and email conversations with HCG (the client) so we knew exactly what we were expected to provide.

Although it was quite challenging coming up with a structure from scratch, luckily, we did have 2 things in our favour. First, this particular design was quite familiar to us anyway. Secondly, what our general business practices call for, we are very used to keeping in close contact with our clients to confirm we are adequately bringing their ideas to life. We suppose that’s what years of experience gets you.

Staying Relevant

With the nature of what this custom inflatable cube was used for, there were two key questions that would lead either to success or disappointment that had to be addressed. Would younger people, or their parents, pay attention to this custom inflatable cube if they happened to walk by it, and would it feel welcoming and inviting enough that teens and young adults might actually interact with it?

At Inflatable Anything, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. To take care of these 2 potential problems, we decided to go for a more comforting, nostalgic feel with a colour scheme and attention-grabbing name placement you can’t ignore even if you tried. Plus, what kid-at-heart can resist an inflatable?

With sewn polyester in a fun, whimsical pillowed texture on all four walls, and windows to let air pass through the interior, we ensured there could be no hesitation seeking solace in this cool inflatable tent! 

Custom Inflatable Cube Inside

Simply the Best

At 4 meters high and 9 meters long, we had to make sure we only included our very best features in this inflatable tent. 

Along with the attractive, whimsical details on the exterior, this unit also has some important safety features that we would not feel comfortable leaving out of any of our units, but especially ones specifically trying to engage with younger people.

As you can see, the pillowed texture runs on both sides, in case of any mishaps whilst inside the structure. We ended up making this inflatable quite spacious as well, at 6 meters wide. The best part, however, is the emergency door at the very back of the custom inflatable cube that allows for a speedy exit if the need arises. As always, each inflatable comes with an Australian Standards engineering certification.

Cause for Celebration

Inflatable Cube at Event

Even with all the hurdles thrown our way on this project, the custom inflatable cube we created to help address the problem of binge drinking exceeded their expectations. It drew in plenty of crowds, included all of our best features, was delivered promptly, and was used over and over again with fantastic results!

So what’s stopping you? Give us this coveted opportunity to bring your cause directly to the people who need it most!

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