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Custom Inflatable Mascot For Subaru

Custom Inflatable Mascot For Subaru

As one of the best-known car dealerships in Perth, Western Australia, City Subaru regularly organizes PR events to attract and engage new customers.

When they contacted us to discuss ideas for a new custom inflatable mascot, aka SUBIDO, we knew that this was going to be an exciting project.

The Client’s Concept

First, they wanted to know if we could use their existing mascot design, and create a huge, attention-grabbling 3D custom inflatable mascot that they could use at multiple events to promote their business. As this is just the kind of challenge our designers’ love- we couldn’t wait to get down to work!

To kick off, we needed to understand what they had in mind, what they wanted to achieve, and any constraints. Detailed discussions began and they were very clear:

  • Their original 2-D design was to be used as the basis for their 3D inflatable.
  • It had to be big enough to attract attention
  • It had to be attractive from every angle (the 2D drawing didn’t have a back or a tail!)
  • SUBIDO also had to have one foot resting on a crash helmet

Also he had to be able to sit in the back of an open truck, so he would be visible at any kind of event.

Safety was also critical for this client, and it had to be easy to use under the unrelenting heat of the Australian sun.

From 2D to 3D

Every one of our projects is a bespoke, custom made & printed inflatable. We don’t use any generic templates as a starting point. Rather, we create the design from zero, carefully interpreting the client’s brief.  

Using our extensive experience we can suggest features or constraints that they may not have thought of, and ensure that safety is always high on the list of priorities.

Custom Dog Inflatable Mascot

Based on our conversations, the team got straight down to work on detailed 2D drawings. They checked that the client was comfortable with the recommended dimensions of the custom inflatable mascot

This custom inflatable incorporated a lot of detail, but if you want something to create an impression, then size matters. We agreed a height of 3.5m so that SUBIDO would be large enough to be visible in a variety of settings, but still easy enough to inflate, operate, and secure.

The clients were also happy to accept our recommendation that we used an external blower as a means of regulating air pressure. This ensured that changing ambient temperatures wouldn’t be an issue.  This method is ultra-simple to operate – just open the inflatable, connect the blower and turn it on. When it comes to deflating, we included a hidden zip- to ensure the air would escape in seconds.

They loved what we produced, but everyone agreed that the design was missing one key detail: as a dog, SUBIDO needed a tail of a suitable thickness and length! The perfect appendage was agreed on and added without delay!

Custom Dog Inflatable Mascot 3D Design

Once the client had approved the final design and given the go-ahead, we used our CAD software to create realistic 3D images in full colour. Now they were really able to visualise how their custom inflatable mascot would look from every angle. It’s at this point in every project that the excitement really builds as everyone involved waits with baited breath to see the finished product take shape.

Taking Shape

Before the printing, cutting and stitching could start, the team had to ensure that the final colour of the custom inflatable mascot would be a perfect match for City Subaru’s brand colours. 

They created print samples, for the client to see and approve - a perfect copy!

Finished Inflatable Dog Mascot

Without delay, our manufacturing team sprang into action, and as always went above and beyond to ensure that the end product was immaculate in every detail. 

The team then got down to work creating the custom inflatable mascot, including all the tie downs and the internal structure. 

As with every project, it was then inflated and subjected to a number of stringent tests to ensure that the final product adhered to the client’s agreed brief in every detail. If it had varied even in the smallest degree, we would have let the client know, and, if required, gone back to the drawing board.  

A Job Well Done!

However, this custom inflatable mascot was perfect in every detail, and the appearance was exactly what the client had been looking forward to seeing.

We packed and dispatched it without delay. The client was delighted to see that we’d transformed their original concept into huge, brightly-coloured reality.

City Subaru Inflatable Dog Mascot

Since then, SUBIDO has become an indispensable part of City Subaru’s events team and attracts attention and admiration whenever he appears!

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