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Fortisip - Custom Shape Inflatable Bottle

Fortisip - Custom Shape Inflatable Bottle

Even international brands have to stay on top of their marketing if they want to stay competitive, in a way maybe even more so than smaller trademarks! On behalf of therapeutic food brand Nutricia, Spark Up decided to take advantage of a strategy that had some success elsewhere. They requested a custom shape inflatable bottle to enhance engagement with their Fortisip health drink line at trade shows and exhibitions.

This kind of marketing strategy is brilliant because it generally encourages more direct interaction with a brand than, say, a marquee or a billboard. Having a physical embodiment of a brand or product, especially at an already exciting event, can file that business away with the memory of it, and encourage people to seek you out the next time they’re in the market to purchase a related good or service.

We were so incredibly honoured every time we’re approached by a big, established brand such as this one, and we couldn’t wait to dig our claws into the project!

What’s on the Menu?

Custom Shape Inflatable Bottle Label artwork

The client is just 1 branch of this international brand, and they were very impressed by other branches overseas pulling off similar branding efforts. They wanted to test whether the marketing strategy would boast equal results here in Australia, and we were more than happy to help them out! Here at Inflatable Anything, we have many years of experience making inflatable replicas, so the project wasn’t too far-fetched for us. 

Any time we work on a unit meant to directly reflect a business’s branding, we take special care to make sure it’s perfect. The main focus for this custom shape inflatable bottle was going to fall on the hourglass shape and the detail of the label and cap. Though, instead of an exact copy of the label, the client wanted the front of it to wrap all the way around the product so they could achieve good visibility from all angles at these events.

Planning to Upgrade

As stated, this Fortisip custom shape inflatable bottle was above all meant to be a product replica of their strawberry health beverage. We have blown up real-life products so many times in the past that it was hardly even a request, with the quality equipment we have on hand. All we really had to do was feed the artwork into our computer-assisted designing software and resize it in a way that would look appealing. The hardest part was actually making sure that the repeated front label details lined up and were suitable for the unit.

To facilitate this small accommodation, we used a full surface print, meaning the fabric was laid out on a flat surface and the full unobstructed image was printed onto it. This method ensures a clean, precise look, unencumbered by an awkward print that doesn’t line up aesthetically. To further make sure the label looked it’s absolute best, on the digital printer we utilised the best-quality four colour process of ink matching, laid down all at once. By putting all this effort into the printing process, not only were the colours of the label vivid and realistic, but the modified and repeated design was guaranteed to achieve exactly what the client wanted.

Meal Prep

Custom Shape Inflatable Bottle 3D

Out of the 2 material options we offer, it was very clear from the start which way we had to go. The client made it very clear that they didn’t want a disruptive and off-putting blower in their display, so it was either internal- or no blower. But when they insisted that the label be wrapped around a realistic and sturdy hourglass, we knew this custom shape inflatable bottle had to be constructed using PVC. 

When heat is applied to polyester, the polymer usually catches on fire and melts. On the other hand, PVC is practically made to tolerate this bonding method, and welding the seams of polyvinyl chloride panels is a pretty standard practice. Doing so actually enabled us to satisfactorily meet 2 requirements for the unit. First up, welded seams mean you can fill the inflatable with compressed air, seal it off, and it will retain its shape perfectly for hours. Secondly, the welding can result in an inflatable without visible seams. Therefore there would be no obstacles in the fabric itself hampering a full surface print.

Polyvinyl chloride is also a very durable material overall, even without welded seams. It is resistant to most biological elements, is resistant to chemicals, and can be very easily transported, whether it be to a new event location or a storage facility.

Measuring Health Progress

Although getting the label just right to exceed Nutricia's needs took a bit more work than initially expected, we finalised the design, production, and quality control way ahead of schedule. Before we knew it, we shipped the custom shape inflatable bottle off, to be received a full week before the event. 

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