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Promotional Inflatables

Promotional Inflatables

Making an impact is the key to success these days. 

Part of making an impact is being unique, and there is no better way to do that than with a custom inflatable. Whether that’s an event, a show, a company, or anything else; a custom inflatable can help with your promotional needs. 

The great key to making that impact is the fact that all of our inflatables are custom. Whatever crazy idea you can imagine, we can bring to life for you, and for a reasonable price too. 

Our team is always here to chat to you about your promotional inflatable, and we can advise you realistically how easily we can bring your idea to life and help you make the impact you need to make. 

Custom Made For You

Every single inflatable that we make is completely custom. 

There are no designs that we have pre-made as set inflatables that we manufacture; each project is considered on it’s own, and built only for you

Giant Inflatable Bunny

While our previous projects are often used as inspiration, we never replicate your design for anyone else, so rest assured you’ll be the only one that has the inflatable you have contracted us to bring to life. 

The first step you need to do is to think about what you’re looking to create, and to then finalise your concept. What is it you are trying to achieve? 

Once you communicate that concept to us, we will advise you on how realistic it is to bring that inflatable to life while keeping your budget in mind.

In nearly all cases, we have been able to bring our clients concepts to life without much modification from the original brief. 

3 Unique Promotions

To get those idea juices flowing, we have three examples of projects we’ve worked on in the past, and you can see more at our Portfolio page. 

Product Replica Promotional Inflatables

We partnered with the City Of Ryde to create a giant inflatable apple for their event the “Granny Smith Festival”. 

The idea of the festival was to celebrate the local growers in NSW that were growing Granny Smith apples and part of that involved throwing a festival to celebrate the apple harvest. 

Granny Smith Parade Inflatable

Part of that promotional event was to have a giant inflatable apple made that was going to be the centrepiece of the festival and also carried around on a truck during a parade to really embody the festival. 

They had seen an inflatable apple made for Goulburn Valley and had the idea to recreate their own apple for their event. The brief was simple and straightforward; the apple needed to be green in colour and they wanted to include smaller details, such as the stalk and the leaf of the apple too.

How cool was that?

Company Mascot Promotional Mascots

We were approached by the team over at Lacteeze because they were looking for a way to make an impact at an upcoming trade show they were attending. 

Lacteeze Ice Cream at Trade Show

The thought was that having a large inflatable ice cream replica of their mascot would be a good way to attract attention to their trade show stand, along with providing a photo opportunity for them to post on their social media accounts. 

They contacted us to discuss the idea and straight away we knew that we would be able to help them take their concept and bring it to life as an inflatable.

Everything with this project ran smoothly, and we were able to deliver their custom inflatable to them in time for their trade show. The inflatable was well received and helped them achieve the engagement they were looking for. 

A Photo Backdrop Wall

Edith Cowan University is one of the largest and most renowned universities located in Western Australia. 

Their marketing team contacted us looking for a custom made inflatable photo wall to advertise their World Ready Campaign, a reflection of their growing world class research outputs and reputation. 

Custom Made Inflatable Photo Wall

For their annual Open Days, they were struggling to find a consistent and effective approach to set up for their events. We discussed using something that was simple to install and could be used both indoors and outdoors when the weather was not suitable. 

The idea of a blow up photo wall was being thrown around, though after using alternatives to these in the past, the need for something with a much bigger “Wow-Factor” was needed. The motive behind the image printed depicts the “start of their journey at ECU, and beyond. 

They contacted us to discuss options available, including details such as size, print limitations, and ease of setup. After a short conversation, it was clear an inflatable media wall solution would not only be perfect to fill the space, but also provide a large enough background for larger group photos, with the ability to re-use it for future O-weeks and events.

Speak To The Experts

Have a custom project yourself that you’re thinking of bringing to life?

Speak to the experts today and we will advise you on how we can help you bring that concept to life through an inflatable. 

Even if you’re not ready to commit, we are happy to just have a one-on-one chat! We love inflatables, and we’d love to be able to broaden your mind to new and exciting possibilities for your next promotional event.

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How It All Works

We don’t have anything already made – every inflatable that we build is custom to you, and your needs. So below is an overview of the standard process that it takes to bring an inflatable to life.


Decide exactly what you want to build and how you want to use it.


Contact Us to discuss what's possible and get us to provide you with a quotation.


Approve your quotation to go ahead and we'll get started on your inflatables design.


We get to work and start bringing your idea to life in our state of the art facility.

Get Inspired

Here is a small selection of past concepts we’ve brought to life.

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