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Sports Event Inflatables

Sports Event Inflatables

Inflatables are a great cost effective way to create an inflatable for your sporting event, which can be used for many years. 

They are extremely easy to make in a large scale, and can be either made to be a promotional inflatable, a display inflatable, or even as a practice tool like a batting net/cage.

There is great versatility in what you can have produced, as every single inflatable we make is completely custom and bespoke to each customer meaning that whatever you can imagine - we can bring to life - with the only limitation being your imagination. 

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Start Finish Line Arches

Probably our most common item that we get asked for when it comes to sporting events is an inflatable that is to be used as a start finish line archway. 

We have literally made hundreds and hundreds of these, and have many anything from units as small as a few meters wide, to 10m+ wide. 

Oceanway Fun Run Inflatable
Cycling Ride Inflatable Sports Arch

There are a variety of different designs that can be created too. We can make simple single leg inflatable arches, double leg arches, or even custom shape and design arches that incorporate special elements like unique shapes, or logos, if you like. 

As the complexity of the arch increases, as well as the size, the cost of the arch will too, but realistically a standard inflatable arch will work out to cost anywhere in the range of 00 - 00 so long as no extremely unique design elements or restrictions are requested. 

Any size you need

We have made arches that are only just large enough to have two people walk through together at the same time. 

On the flip side of the coin, we’ve also made sport event inflatable arches that are 10 meters wide or more and made to span an entire multi lane road. 

Obviously as you go for a larger arch, the requirements around it’s use become more and more involved, but they don’t actually get any more difficult to use in general. The only impact that a larger arch will have is that it will require more ballast and more people to set up - but in general the procedure is the same

Unite Your Team

If an arch is not exactly what you’re after, and you’re looking for a way to unite your team with an inflatable, an inflatable sports tunnel is a great item to consider. 

We can create the tunnel in any size you need, and we can also include any variety of custom elements too. 

Sports Tunnel Inflatable With Magpie
Sports Tunnel Inflatable With Magpie

For example here, this client was a sporting team whose mascot was a magpie. So what they decided to do was to create a tunnel for players to run through onto the field, but at the same time throw up a giant magpie on the top of the tunnel. 

This would give the players a real sense of comradery as they were running onto the field and pump them up before their game. 

We have to agree with their choice with the final tunnel turning out a lot better than just a plain tunnel, and being much more engaging for the players to run onto the field then just no tunnel at all. 

Custom Made To Spec

Every inflatable that we make is custom made to specifications and ensign based on your needs as a client. 

The best thing to do is start by speaking to us about your general concept. For example, you might say “we are looking to create a batting net for our players to do target practice in”. 

Inflatable Batting Net
Inflatable Batting Net Sports Event Inflatable

From this point we would advise you on the feasibility of completing the project as an inflatable, and also discuss aspects like your budget, or any other limitation you may have like weight, size, transportability, etc. 

But from there we would move to create a concept design, for you to review and approve, and then work on completing any of the custom artwork that you might have wanted to include on your inflatable. 

But regardless, there are no limitations as to what’s possible - only your imagination. 

Promote Your Sponsors

Inflatables are also a great way to promote your sponsors and help them really make that impact they’re looking for at your sport events. 

A custom sports event inflatable is a unique way to make a massive impact whether that is just banners on a mascot or replica, or if that’s a full complete custom inflatable made just for your sponsor and it embodies their company or brand entirely. 

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How It All Works

We don’t have anything already made – every inflatable that we build is custom to you, and your needs. So below is an overview of the standard process that it takes to bring an inflatable to life.


Decide exactly what you want to build and how you want to use it.


Contact Us to discuss what's possible and get us to provide you with a quotation.


Approve your quotation to go ahead and we'll get started on your inflatables design.


We get to work and start bringing your idea to life in our state of the art facility.

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