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Mt Buller Cycling Inflatable Archway Finish Line

Mt Buller Cycling Inflatable Archway Finish Line

When Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club put in an order for an inflatable archway finish line, we could not wait to get started on it as we have heard nothing but positive reviews about the club’s contribution to the local community. 

The club offers a variety of cycling activities from road riding, mountain biking, and recreational riding. Club races are open to all—their handicap race format promotes access to everyone regardless of their cycling abilities. 

Needless to say, the races held by the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club are very popular in Melbourne. There are 20 exciting road racecourses to explore all year round and their mountain bike race activity called Dirt is the highlight of the summer.

They were ready to take their events to the next level by adding a large promotional inflatable archway finish line. 

In the Beginning…

Every great inflatable archway finish line begins with an idea in our client’s head, which is why an open line of communication between our team and the client is crucial to ensure our visions are aligned. 

Only then we can do justice to the idea while we bring it to life. The Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club wanted an archway not only to welcome the racers back after their ride, but also to see them off at the beginning of the race with a bang.

Races are held all year long except for days where the weather disagrees with the club’s plans, and as their sponsor list changes from year to year, the client required the inflatable archway finish line to adjust with these changes. 

We took into consideration the client’s needs as we began the creative process.

The Creative Process

Our design team felt ecstatic to begin the creative process and come up with a memorable inflatable archway finish line that aligned well with the client’s concept. 2D drawings were sent to the client for approval. 

Mansfield Inflatable Archway Finish Line

The arch had an internal width of 4m and height of 3m, which in general is what we consider a small size, along with our recommendation of using banners with Velcro backing on the arch to make room for branding flexibility. The banners at the top of the arch were removable, as the event name could change in future, as well as sponsorship banners to be placed on the legs.

A special, notable feature of this inflatable archway finish line is its angled corners, which gave it a sharp and cool outlook to be admired by all participants of the race. After we received the green light, 3D images were drawn for the manufacturing team to work from.

The Arch is Ready But The Magic Continues

First, we ordered colour swatches based on the design to ensure the colours of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club banners were nothing short of perfect. 

The fabric was then printed and cut with a machine before the cuts were sewed to make the inflatable archway finish line. 

PVC was the approved material to make the arch which was a smart choice considering the durability of the material. To avoid tear and wear from ink scratching, the base arch is simply black, unprinted PVC. 

Before the final product was delivered to the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club in Melbourne, our team conducted quality checks on the finish line archway and took documentations of the trial set-up. 

Racing in Mansfield

We understand the organisers have a lot of things to carry out for the race, so we made our inflatable archway finish line practically effortless to set up! 

The small size contributed to the fact that it only took 5 minutes to have it standing tall and proud to welcome cyclists at the start of the race, but it is also a constant air inflatable with a running blower that makes the archway both lightweight and compact and very, very easy to use. 

The client could not be more satisfied with the result and the archway quickly became a central part of the races held by the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club. Riders took off from underneath it determined to return to it as soon as possible, sometimes with the hope of earning a medal for their tremendous effort.

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