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Billabong Caravans - Inflatable Business Arch

Billabong Caravans - Inflatable Business Arch

Imagine there is a family who desperately wants to get out among Mother Nature, so they decide to attend an event at a convention centre, and what do they see but a demo advertising the perfect product to fill their need for safe adventure? Billabong Caravans was looking for an inflatable business arch to use at such events as well as for in-store and local sponsored events.

Here at Inflatable Anything, we look forward to doing our part to help businesses connect with their target audiences in creative and organic ways. We couldn’t wait to get to work on this project!

What’s the Itinerary?

This inflatable business arch did not call for anything elaborate. The purpose of the unit was largely to advertise the different products they offered, so functionality was more of a priority. As we have created many arches in the past, this inflatable was to be a standard square corner arch in a single, pleasant colour. Mirrored on both sides of the unit to increase visibility would be areas to attach easily interchangeable Velcro banners for different affairs, this time advertising their current line of camper vans

It was a very straight-forward idea, easily transferred onto our computer-assisted design software and quickly approved by the caravan manufacturer.

Inflatable Business Arch Artwork

The Beauty of Nature, from a Window

This unit with internal dimensions of 3.2 metres high by 5 metres wide was humble and simple, so much so that there wasn’t much in the way of designing the inflatable business arch that needed to be done.  We came to the agreement that the actual inflatable arch itself would be a light blue colour, achieved by the CMYK matching process. 

Also using this four colour process were the real stars of the show: the detachable banners. The CMYK process uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) mixed together in various ways to achieve just about any colour you can think of. CMYK ink in a digital printer, though technically applied in layers to form these combinations, is printed on the surface of the actual material of the unit all at the same time. Luckily for the client, we know exactly how to use these superior methods to print this direct heat averse material. 

Overall, the most important aspect of the inflatable business arch that we had to worry about was getting the top 2 banners/ logos for the business just right, which was fairly easy given our business practices and our level of experience.

Setting Up Camp

Here at Inflatable Anything, we offer only the very best solutions to our clients, so the 2 materials from which to choose to construct custom inflatable units are also the 2 most durable: polyvinyl chloride and polyester.

PVC is a versatile material used in all different kinds of applications, from pipes to fashion. Inflatable Anything gives this material our seal of approval because it is resistant to shock, abrasion, and biological elements, and it has good mechanical strength. Many times, to add to this inherent toughness, we will weld the seams of polyvinyl chloride together, for example when we are commissioned to construct a sealed off inflatable prop. However, for this project, the client insisted on sewing the panels of the inflatable business arch because it would then better regulate the air continuously flowing inside of it.

Polyester, on the other hand, retains its shape well, is resistant to wrinkling and ultraviolet damage, and is easy to wash. However, the biggest reason most people choose this material for their bespoke units is its print quality. The tiny little fibres within all polyester fabric are very close together, giving the material quite a solid foundation to work with. Printing on this foundation results in no blown out colours, no bleeding, just a sharp and crisp image. That is why most, and these, detachable Velcro banners were made using the polymer. 

Inflatable Business Arch In Action

Nice Trip, See Ya Next Fall

There was quite a tight deadline for this inflatable business arch, but we were able to express manufacture it to Billabong Caravans. Once the unit passed through our quality control protocols with flying colours, it shipped just in time to feature in the first event.  

Here at Inflatable Anything, we greatly enjoy helping businesses big and small across Australia find new ways to connect with people. Call us today to let us know how we can help you!

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