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Inflatable Logo: Havaianas

Inflatable Logo: Havaianas

Event management company Our Friends Electric contacted us about a need for one of their customers. They are an outsourced marketing company and required an inflatable logo for their customer, Havaianas. 

Previously Havaianas had used a small fibreglass replica, but wanted a larger inflatable logo that would be easy to transport and have high visual impact for promotional events & parties.

The inflatable logo would be in the shape of the word Havaianas and have internal LED lighting that could be turned on or off as needed. 

We’ve made inflatables of all shapes and sizes. Everything from larger-than-life inflatable fruit to picture walls to inflatable cartoon characters. But 1.5m high, light up inflatable letters was a new and exciting challenge that we could not wait to get started on!

Custom Inflatable Letters – The Concept

The customer presented us with the logo and said, “I want this, but as an inflatable.” 

It had to be easy to move, quick to set up and work well in various lighting conditions. The inflatable letters also had to be easy to read, and maintain the distinctive and recognisable shape of the Havaianas font. 

Havaianas logo
The infamous Havaianas logo

We were confident our team could deliver what they needed and proud to be asked to create something for an internationally recognised brand (we don’t even need to say that Havaianas make flip-flops, do we?)

Each design we create is bespoke and customised to the client’s brief. We don’t have “off the shelf” inflatable letters, and considering the unique Havaianas font, something pre-made would not work.

We create each inflatable design from scratch. That makes it possible for us to take a logo or drawing in 2D and transform it into a 3D inflatable that is true to the original artwork. 

We did our best to meet all the client requirements and communicated clearly and frequently throughout the design and production process.

Inflatable Letters 3D Artwork
3D artwork is important for getting the shape and dimensions right

After studying the logo and considering the client’s requirements, our expert design team suggested a white base that connected red letters. 

This allowed the inflatable logo to use only one blower. One blower means a lighter inflatable and quick set up. 

We connected the dot in the “I” with clear pvc and carried the tail of the third “a” onto the base to ensure brand recognition and font style. We went with a bold red color to be consistent with the Havaianas logo. 

Considering the marketing use of the inflatable logo, our design team suggested a white base with red letters to really catch the eye of consumers. White letters with a red base would not have had the same impact and readability. 

Once the client signed off on the design, it was time for our production team to take over.

From Drawing to Reality

The production team went above and beyond to meet the needs of the client. They cut, fabricated and tested the inflatable letters – as they normally do. But this time they also inserted internal LED lighting that could be turned on and off as desired. 

Testing Inflatable Logo
Testing the inflatable logo

The lights were placed to optimise illumination with the care and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from our production team. 

Inflatable Letters with lights
Lights, camera, action!

Our clients wanted something large and bright and they got it! The completed inflatable logo was 7m wide and 1.5m tall. We could not wait to see it in use!

Light Up the Night; Inflatable Logo Goes Live

The finished inflatable letters looked better than we had imagined. It was delivered to New South Wales, Australia in time for the client to throw a party with the inflatable.We deliver custom inflatables, just like this one, Australia wide, every week.

It had a high visual impact whether using only the internal LED lights or when combined with external lights. The client loved the ability to change the look of the inflatable to match the event. It truly is a multi-purpose inflatable that can be reused over and over again. 

Inflatable Logo In use
The inflatable letters really set the scene

The client was very pleased that it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up and is easy to transport as originally requested. These inflatable letters is as practical as it is attractive!

If you have a logo you think would look great as a light up inflatable, give us a call. We’d love to help you make that a reality. We have made creative and unique inflatables for businesses, schools, charity events and more across all of Australia. Our experienced team can guide you through the many options available in the world of inflatables. Contact us today to get our experts working on your creative idea!

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