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SP Beers Unique Inflatable Arch

SP Beers Unique Inflatable Arch

We were really excited when SP Brewery contacted us to discuss a unique inflatable arch. SP Brewery are a beer company located in Papua New Guinea that has produced Papua New Guinea’s favorite beer for the last sixty years. 

They needed to help create the perfect entrance into upcoming events as well as highlight their brand with a sporting team they sponsor, the SP Hunters rugby team.

Our client wanted to bring their beer bottle to life within the arch creating a level of high visual impact, perfect for brand promotion at highly anticipated events.

This was a really interesting concept our team combining two types of inflatables and we couldn’t wait to get started on a bespoke design for them.

The Concept

The creation process for this project was really fun. Here at InflatableAnything we are accustomed to all sorts of requests. We have made a huge range of inflatable arches for a wide range of businesses, but creating an inflatable arch for SP Brewery has been pretty unique and incredible. 

Our design team often use samples of the product to work from to help provide some inspiration and make the design as accurate as possible so we worked off an image of the SP Lager 330 ml Beer bottle. We decided the best way to bring it to life would be to replicate the beer bottle on either side of the arch using them as the standing legs of the arch.

This meant the legs were wider than a standard inflatable archway, but this was effective when creating the look of two beer bottle ‘stubbies’. We have previously created a number of inflatable bottles such as champagne and even milk cartons, but to incorporate bottles into an arch was a completely new challenge. 

SP Beers Unique Inflatable Arch Concept

The Finishing Touches

In order to make the design look as realistic as possible the brown bottles were made complete with green bottle caps. The SP Larger logo mimicked the beer bottle image perfectly, the green and yellow really stood out promoting SP Brewery flawlessly.

We even included the product information to give the label the real finishing touch, adding in the alcohol content and company information that can be found on a real bottle of SP Lager beer.

The bottle necks were then linked by a green arch which was adorned with the SP Hunters logo, the name of a local Rugby team in Papua New Guinea. The design really came together and looked exactly like the real bottle.

Manufacturing Features

Our team did a great job ensuring that the custom inflatable arch was relatively compact and light. So it was easy to set up and takedown at events like rugby games as well as making it easier to transport.

We decided in order to keep the arch safe that metal D Rings would be attached on the bottom of the beer bottle legs would help to tie down and secure the arch. In all, it takes around five minutes to set up. The base of the legs also has a zipper flap to help release the air.

SP Beer Leg Zipper

By deflating the legs, it becomes very simple and quick to pack away which is so important at sponsorship events where everything happens so fast paced. 

Quality Control and Delivery

Once this unique inflatable arch passed tested quality control measures, we couldn’t wait to send it off to Papua New Guinea! 

At SP Brewery, they have since used the arch at a wide range of outdoor sponsorship events, including at rugby games for the SP Hunters. The players entered stadiums through the arch creating a dramatic and impactful entrance as well as highlighting SP Brewery as their sponsors.  The realistic glass beer bottle design received great feedback and because we used the highest quality materials available. The inflatable arch has moved from event to event and remained as good as new. 

If you would like us to recreate your product into a one off custom designed inflatable, our team is always available to chat with you. We can help when it comes to the brainstorming process to ensure we create a concept that is completely unique for your business or event. Contact us today and our team will set up a consultation!

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