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Mascot Inflatable for Xlent

Mascot Inflatable for Xlent

The Adelaide-based family-operated Xlent Disability Services commissioned our services to work on a special project. They requested an inflatable figure around 1-2 meters tall to use at expos as their company mascot, injecting a bit of fun into their advertising campaigns. We were confident we could create an eye-catching mascot inflatable; by using Xlent Disability Services’ branding colours and making it large enough to grab people's attention. 

Introducing the XMan

Xman Ambassador Mascot
Xlent's brand ambassador: Xman

Xlent Disability Services already had their mascot “XMan” complete with pantone branding colours, which provided a huge head start in the concept creation process. The challenge with this particular inflatable however was that there was no design for the back of the mascot. Our team went straight to work and collaborated with XDS to formalise the back view of the mascot, which was the last step before moving onto the 3D drawings. The client was thrilled with the design; a credit to our teams experience and expertise. 

Xman Mascot Inflatable Concept
The client's concept for the back view of the mascot

The XMan In 3D

After receiving a big thumbs up from our 2D designs, our creative team created the XMan mascot inflatable using CAD software and applying the approved artwork onto the design. This was made a breeze using the Pantone Matching System (PMS), ensuring we could use the same branding colours to the inflatable mascot, and extend that onto the back of the mascot also, resulting in a flawless design. The finished 3D design was made to 2m tall and made from polyester, which we recommended to assist with ease of set up, pack up, and transportation for all team members.

Xman Mascot Inflatable 3D
3D Renders of the mascot inflatable

There was also a provision for a built-in base with a zip to be included on the mascot inflatable; this was at our suggestion for better stability and an easier set up. Allowing for easy access to add weights within the mascot unit itself, which not only conceals the weights it also eliminates the tripping hazard ropes can cause. The base also provides stability to the mascot, again eliminating the need for ropes to secure the mascot while in use, a win all round which was well received by the client!

Bringing The XMan Mascot Inflatable To Life

The XMan mascot inflatable was made of cost-effective polyester, a material much easier to work with compared to PVC. As there were no colour samples needed for this mascot, we got straight onto the production for the XMan mascot. Production was simple and straightforward: printing, cutting, and sewing to create the amazing XMan to life. 2-3 weeks later and the final product was finished and ready for our quality control and testing procedures.

Xman Inflatable Indoors
Xman doing a test run

We made sure every detail of the mascot inflatable was immaculate before delivering the unit to our client for it’s first event in South Australia, Australia.

XMan Mascot Inflatable In Action

Our client was thrilled with XMan, but don’t take it from us. Take it from the abundance of photographs they sent our way, showing the XMan mascot inflatable in action at the expo. Everyone had big smiles and shared comments of how much fun the new addition to their expo stall was!

Xman Mascot Inflatable at Expo

The mascot inflatable is nice and easy to use - only taking 5-minutes to inflate and comes with an internal blower attached to the inflatable base. Once the blower was connected to a power source, the client could sit back and relax while the XMan independently set up itself. 

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