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Coastlive 97.3 Outdoor Inflatable Arch

Coastlive 97.3 Outdoor Inflatable Arch

At InflatableAnything, we can’t resist the challenge of turning a great outdoor inflatable arch concept into a visually stunning reality!  So when we were contacted by the team at Coastlive Radio from Mandurah, Western Australia, we were immediately excited to understand exactly what they were looking for so we could work out exactly how we were going to deliver an outdoor inflatable arch that they’d love.

They were looking for an inflatable arch to use at outdoor radio shows and local events when they are supporting the organizers.  

Therefore it would need to be big enough to attract the attention of audiences of different sizes, and draw in crowds of onlookers.  It would have to be simple and quick to erect, and easy to deflate. As they would be using it in various locations and it would need to be convenient to pack and transport. 

Coastlive already had a pop-up marquee to use as a focal point at events, but they really wanted a custom inflatable which would really make a statement – a wow factor

Because of this, arch size would be an important consideration. In crowded spaces, an arch has to tower above the spectators, so it will remain visible to everyone. It needs to act as a magnet, so that passers-by and people at a distance are drawn towards the action.

A striking design of outdoor inflatable arch, with printing which would support and promote their branding, was the key.

Leveraging our Experience

After some great discussions with the client to ensure that we were absolutely aligned in terms of the priorities, we set to work creating the initial design. With such a clear brief we were able to develop a concept that we were sure they’d love. We’d previously designed several huge inflatable arches, so we understood the factors that need to be considered. 

We recommended a height of 3m, with an internal width of 6m. It wasn’t the biggest outdoor inflatable arch size we’ve ever worked on, but we knew from experience as well as the client’s description of where it would be used, that this size would give the visibility required, and be the right proportions to frame a spacious stage area. 

Outdoor Inflatable Arch Finished Production

The arch was designed to highlight Coastlive’s logo and other branding. We also included 2 large removable panels which could be attached to the outdoor inflatable arch with Velcro.  This meant that they could be printed with event specific information, or sponsor’s details.  In the event of changes being needed for future events, the only costs involved would be the reprinting of the panels. 

It was clear that the arch would be used frequently. Therefore the construction material had to be tough and durable. We recommended 100% PVC for its durability.

Initial Designs

Our initial 2D drawings were created without delay, and presented for feedback.

One factor which we always consider when designing our inflatables, is safety. The outdoor inflatable arch would most likely be sued in varying weather conditions, including high winds.  So, to ensure that it would remain safe and stable, our engineering team incorporated metal D-ring tie-downs into the design.

Tie Down Points On Outdoor Inflatable Arch

Once the client confirmed that they were fully satisfied with our design, we got their go-ahead

From there, our designers created detailed 3D images of the outdoor inflatable arch, so that it could be viewed from all sides. This is the moment when clients really get to see, in all its glory, how their dream will turn into reality and the excitement really kicks in. 

Creation of the Arch

The final design was passed to the manufacturing team to get to work.  As always, they made sure every detail was right. 

Colour-testing was carried out to ensure that the printing was consistent with the client’s own branding: we achieved a perfect match.

D-Rings On Outdoor Inflatable Arch

Then the cutting and stitching process was completed.

Before shipping, we carry out checks on every part of any inflatable.  We earned our reputation through this attention to detail, and each aspect of the design and construction met our exacting standards.  In case of any deviations from what was agreed, no matter how trivial, we would have informed them. 

As the Coastlive outdoor inflatable arch was perfect in every detail, it was delivered without delay!  

Expectations exceeded!

Any support the client needed when inflating it for the first time was provided by our team, but no issues were encountered. 

Event Outdoor Inflatable Arch

We’re delighted to report that this versatile and eye-catching arch has since been the talking point at a number of local events, and the client reported that we did, indeed, create the wow factor they had been looking for!

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