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Inflatable Michelin Tyre

Inflatable Michelin Tyre

Our team at Inflatable Anything always gets excited when we receive a request for a product replica because these inflatables are usually fun, creative, and challenging to do! Over the years we have designed and created diverse product replica inflatables. Each one has brought its own challenges and given us the opportunity to satisfy the custom requirements of our clients. 

When Imprint Promotional Merchandise approached us to create a product replica inflatable of a Michelin tyre, we knew we had an enormous task on our hands – but one that we felt confident to take-on. Our client was on-selling the product replica inflatable to Michelin as a way for them to promote their most popular range of heavy machinery tyres at tradeshows and events throughout Australia. 

Rolling Out 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre Artwork

The initial starting point for this project was an image of a real-life tyre which we translated into a 2-D artwork. This is usually the first point in the process that we use to integrate the custom requirements of a client, which here included drawing up a design element that made it possible for onlookers to view the interior of the tyre. 

This added detail would provide a discussion point between the salesperson and a prospective customer at an event or promotion. This kind of engagement around a product is exactly why product replica inflatables are so popular today and why our clients keep coming back to us for more. 

Dressing Up 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre 3D

In most of our product replica inflatable projects, we create a 3-D model before manufacturing begins. Unique dimensions and shape of the product can be viewed and assessed from all angles, and the client has an opportunity to refine details. 

In this case, the client was also specific that the colour of the product replica inflatable should perfectly match that of the original tyre. That is when we rely on a process of colour sampling to ensure consistency. It is easy to think of a tyre as a uniform black colour, but in fact there are lots of textures and details that need to be taken into consideration. These include the tyre tread patterns, the brand logo, and the name of the tyre. 

At Inflatable Anything, we pride ourselves on paying attention to these finer details. They contribute towards our vision to breathe life into a product replica inflatable that will always exceed a client’s expectations.

Rounding Off

To get a circular-shaped product to hold its shape when it is inflated is no easy task. Over the years we have gained experience with how different inflatable shapes behave so we have some nifty tricks up our sleeves. 

For this product replica inflatable, we placed “pull points” on the inside to maintain its flat-surface shape, otherwise it would have behaved more like a donut – which is not good for appearances or functionality in any tyre business! The inflatable was manufactured with three concentric rings that “pull” the shape into a flat surface, offering a much more realistic replication of the giant tyre. 

Packing a Punch

One of the reasons why product replica inflatables are so popular nowadays is that they offer an easier and more cost-effective alternative to transporting a real-life product to a promotional event, especially in the case of products that are either supersized and heavy, or fragile and awkward to handle. 

Product Replica Inflatable Tyre in Action

The lightweight product replica inflatable that we created for our client of a supersized tyre that is normally used by heavy machinery was most certainly a better option for them. They wanted to take the product replica to business and promotional events across Australia. Being able to set up the inflatable in less than 10 minutes means that our client can spend more time doing what they came to do at an event – which is to promote their product. 

Up to Speed

No matter the shape or size of the product you are looking to promote, we are ready to start a conversation with you about your ideal product replica inflatable. At Inflatable Anything we believe that when imagination, ingenuity, quality materials and solid manufacturing processes are brought together, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Contact our friendly team to get the process started today!

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