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FINPOS Inflatable Dome Tent

FINPOS Inflatable Dome Tent

Whether a business is a small and locally-owned corner shop or an international corporation, it’s important to reach out and try to draw in the clients you want to serve. For New South Wales-based FINPOS Accountants, they wanted to draw in engagement with a branded inflatable dome tent at an upcoming local festival. 

Though the festival wasn’t the biggest affair or the best way to gain wide exposure for the client, that mostly did not matter. Their services have a much more narrow focus. Seeking engagement and possibly clients of their own at this venue was a brilliant idea that we were happy to be a part of.

Inflatable Anything is quite passionate about helping fellow businesses, especially when their practice is to pay it forward even further. We were ecstatic to get started on this energising project!

Taking Inventory

The festival was to take place outdoors, so the client thought it would be a great idea to offer a reprieve from the elements in the form of a covered, open air inflatable dome tent. We have plenty of experience with creating large walk-in inflatables, but this particular project presented a few obstacles we couldn’t wait to tackle!

Inflatable Dome Tent Artwork

The final dimensions the client decided on for this unit were 2.5 metres high by 5 metres wide, with an internal depth of close to 4 metres. The exterior of the structure, meaning the sides and the covering, were to be a separate piece to make the inflatable dome tent more accommodating for the conditions of the event. However, the most important aspect of this branded dome was the internal structure, which obviously had to be big enough and stable enough for interested parties to walk into.

The final consideration we had to wrack our brains over was the fact that, when enclosing the inflatable dome tent, the air pressure inside of it would build up, possibly considerably. The client could easily just open up the structure, of course, but without direct knowledge of the air pressure within they could unknowingly compromise the safety of festival-goers. For added assurance, we included an automatic release pressure valve to both monitor and dispel this build up as needed.

Filling Out the Paperwork

Inflatable Dome Tent 3D Artwork

To match their branding scheme, the client requested the inflatable dome tent be in their signature colours white and purple, but because their focus was more on adaptability, the side panels with their logo was to be detachable.

With every unit, we use computer-aided design software to impose the artwork into a size that works for the dimensions of the project. Possessing high-quality equipment is actually why it is so easy for our team to create large replica inflatables. Once we had the client’s logo where they wanted it, we had to make sure to also include the options to detach or reverse these side panels by adding strips of Velcro. 

Which Program to Choose?

Both of the material options we offer, polyvinyl chloride and polyester, are top quality with amazing features that make them perfect for inflatables, depending on the unit’s purpose and location. Since we can think of this inflatable dome tent as encompassing 2 separate pieces, it only made sense to use both materials as well.

Inflatable Dome Tent Inside
Internal tent structure

The internal structure of this open air inflatable above all had to be strong enough that it wouldn’t collapse. Though both PVC and polyester fit this bill well, the former has a slight advantage. Whereas polyester melts and takes quite a while to dry when heated, polyvinyl chloride tolerates the process often and quite well. When you weld the seams of this polymer’s panels together, compressed air can stay locked in place with a seal for hours, which was ultimately the perfect solution for this half of the inflatable dome tent.

As far as the outside of this unit, since the local festival was to be outdoors, we knew 2 very important considerations would take precedence. Though PVC is weather-resistant, polyester does a better job at withstanding ultraviolet rays specifically, and typically takes much longer to fade. Along with this quality, the polymer’s fibres are bonded closely to each other. This fact accounts for a good portion of the material’s superior quality, but for this specific project, as with all focusing on getting the branding just right, we decided on it because of how vivid and precise you can get an image to appear on polyester.

Hoping for a Good Return

Since this inflatable dome tent presented quite a few challenges, it took a bit longer than usual to get the exact design approved, but once we did, it was a piece of cake to run it through manufacturing, quality control, and preparing it to ship. FINPOS was quite happy with the interesting and adaptable unit.

We gleefully await to hear from you on how we can best help your business today!

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