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Australian Brewery Inflatable Beer Can

Australian Brewery Inflatable Beer Can

The award winning Australian Brewery and Hotel in New South Wales, Australia contacted us looking for a way to stand out at outdoor festivals. They wanted festival attendees to be able to identify and locate them from a distance easily. 

The idea was to capture people’s attention and draw them in for a closer look. We knew a brightly coloured, larger than life inflatable beer can was the way to go and the perfect way to bring attention to their creative craft beers. 

We’ve learned from experience that replicating products into giant inflatables is a great way to inject fun and excitement into any event. And honestly, if you saw a 5m tall beer can at a festival on a hot summer day, wouldn’t that tempt you to grab a cold one with a mate?

Scaling Up From a Beer Can

Australian Brewery decided to use their signature Pale Ale can as the model for their inflatable. The goal was to replicate the original aluminium can as closely as possible. It was important to catch all the detail on the labels and to maintain a metallic look. Impact is achieved by maintaining a high level of realism. 

Our art team got right work creating a design to meet the client’s requirements. We created two designs for their review - one for the inflatable itself in the shape and structure, and another relating to the printing on the can.

The first one showed the detail on the label that will be replicated on the inflatable. We utilised the actual label to create the print design for the inflatable beer can. By utilising a colour matching technology known as the pantone colour matching system, after some colour sampling we were able to closely achieve a colour that matched both their unique green colour, and the metallic look of the can.

The second diagram showed the dimensions of the finished inflatable and the pop top that would be printed on the top of the inflatable beer can for authenticity. Can you imagine it with a plain top? We felt that would ruin the effect of the inflatable and that the attention to detail is what would draw festival attendees in for a closer look. 

The client signed off on the artwork and our excellent production team was ready to take charge. We knew they would be up to the challenge of creating this 5m high beer can!

Creating a 5m Inflatable Beer Can

Our team started work on the inflatable based on the design and artwork. Every surface of the inflatable was printed for a high impact effect from every angle. From experience, we find this is vital for outdoor events where attendees may be approaching from any side of the inflatable. 

The manufacturing team also added in a solid base to give the inflatable beer can stability. Stability is an important factor to consider when creating large inflatables that will be used in outdoor settings. 

Another feature of the design and construction was that it’s always important for inflatables to be able to be secured properly when being used outdoors. Wind is a genuine concern for inflatables as they are easily blown away if not secured properly. 

Our team incorporated an appropriate amount of tie down points - allowing for the unit to be secured safely when being used. Our experienced team always worked with clients to help decide on options like power source and wind resistant designs that will ensure safety while still meeting your marketing and aesthetic goals. 

Finally, the unit was designed to use a constant air system where it required a blower to function at all time to keep it inflated. The main benefit of this system was that the inflatable can was extremely easy to use, and anyone could set it up without prior experience with inflatables, so long as they were able to secure it properly. 

Another Satisfied Customer

The inflatable can was delivered to the client for use in New South Wales, Australia and the customer was impressed that it took only 5 minutes to set up. 

They were thrilled how the printing on the inflatable beer can exactly matched the real beer can label. 

They are able to easily take down and pack up the inflatable at the end of the festival. It transported easily and was simple to store in it’s bag after use. This made it easy for the client to load up the inflatable and set it up at the next event. 

This ease of transport and use made this inflatable beer can a marketing tool for the client that could be used over and over again for years, providing a high return on their initial investment. 

Are you thinking of buying a custom inflatable? Inflatables are ideal for marketing at festivals and other outdoor events. They can be viewed from a distance and stand out from the advertising noise of posters and banners. 

Because of their large size, they are often visible in media articles about the festival. They invite selfies and social media posts, ensuring that your marketing will reach well beyond the festival attendees. 

If you think an inflatable might be right for your next festival or outdoor event, please contact us. Our experts are standing by and always excited to talk about new projects. Giant apple? Giant milk container? If you can imagine it, we can build it!

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