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Two Bays Inflatable Finish Arch

Two Bays Inflatable Finish Arch

The Two Bays Trail Run inflatable finish arch is one of the more intricate and uniquely shaped arches that we’ve ever made. 

When we were contacted by the customer for an inflatable finish line arch price, they discussed how they were really interested in using one for their event. They wanted to make the arch a showpiece for their event, creating an ideal “photo opportunity” that would make the event a highlight for years to come.

After looking at their website, our creative juices were flowing and together we came up with an awesome new concept.

Inflatable Finish Arch: The Concept

The Two Bays Trail Run is an event held on the Mornington Peninsula in near Melbourne, Victoria. It’s a 28km/56km run across the Mornington Peninsula from Dromana to Cape Schanck. A key feature of their logo is a bluejay bird, so they wanted to incorporate the concept of the bird into the arch.

Two-Bays Inflatable Arch Concept
Two-Bays Inflatable Arch Concept

The initial sketch exceeded expectations, and we knew it was something that we had to bring to life.

Special Request - Removable Banners 

Another request with the inflatable finish arch, beyond just the wing motif built into the structure, was that the organisers wanted to ensure the future-proofing of the arch by creating removable signage for sponsors. 

From year to year, it’s generally common for sponsors to change. If the sponsors were to be printed directly onto the surface of the arch, it wouldn’t be able to be re-used should the sponsors change the following year. This would make it a rather costly endeavour to continually replace, and a waste of an opportunity for future events.

Luckily, we have a solution for this problem, which was to print the sponsors onto Velcro banners. This allows them to attach and detach the banners from the unit and have them replaced in time.

Safe to say, the customer was excited about this idea, and went ahead with our suggestion. 

Bringing The Inflatable Finish Arch To Life On The PC

Once the customer decided to proceed with the order and arranged the deposit we went to work on creating the 3D model of their inflatable finish arch.

The first step was to create the basic shape of the unit, and have that signed off. The customer was happy with the structure, and we moved ahead to apply the artwork to the unit. 

Although the customer had a good idea of what they wanted the artwork to look like, they did not have the technical skills to do their own artwork. In these cases, our artwork team stepped in and worked with them to create the exact design they wanted to see on the arch. 

This artwork was approved and then applied to it. 

Two Bays Arch 3D Mock
Two Bays Arch 3D Mock Up

Manufacturing Begins

The typical manufacturing process of an inflatable finish arch takes 2-3 weeks. For this particular project however, we allowed 4-5 weeks for manufacturing as it was more complex than a standard arch. 

Fortunately, our amazing manufacturing team was actually able to pull it together faster than expected. This project only took the originally budgeted 3 weeks to produce, and came out superb!

Two Bays Arch Close Up
Two Bays Inflatable Finish Arch Close Up

The arch was set up for quality control and review, which it passed, after this point it was ready to supply to the customer for their upcoming event. 

The Inflatable Finish Arch In Use

The inflatable archway was delivered 2 weeks before the event and everything was included for the customer to use the arch for their event. 

Prior to their event, they set up at the arch as a “test run” and did this with our team on the phone. 

It was extremely satisfying hearing the customer on the phone as they were doing the set up telling us how much they were impressed by the final product and how easy it was to set up. 

This is what our team lives for and we’re glad to have been part of such a great project. As always, we delivered the project on budget, on time, and on brand. 

Two Bays Arch In Use
Two Bays Inflatable Finish Arch In Use

We spoke to the customer after their first event and they could not stop raving about how much everyone that competed in the event loved the arch as they ran under it as a finish line, and saw plenty of photos online of people standing in front of the arch promoting the event, and grabbing those selfies. 

All in all, it’s safe to say that our customer was left with a smile from ear to ear and are now actually looking for another arch to compliment their newest event, Wonderland Run.

We get many people calling to ask “Do you have an inflatable arch for sale?”. We do not stock these as we find everyone has different specifications for their event and for their branding.

The main benefit of custom making an arch rather than having an inflatable arch for sale off-the-shelf, is that you open up to a world of exciting options, and we have been fortunate to see these in use around our awesome country!

If you would like to start the process and get an inflatable finish line arch price, contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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